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The Snow Angel (Loki from Avengers) (For SneezyHolmes)


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I had a great time writing this; hope it is to your liking, dear SneezyHolmes. It's written in the Thor movieverse.

And it's really damn long, which is why it's written in different posts/chapters. :lmfao: So enjoy, people. Feedback of any kind is appreciated.


Winter was in full swing on Asgard. Everyone was enjoying the lovely, intricate snowflakes falling from the sky, and marveling at how beautifully they dusted the rooftops. Children laughed and played, and adults looked on with equally bright smiles on their faces.

Everyone was having a wonderful time…everyone, that is, except one.

“HAISCHUH!” Thor groaned in misery and snatched yet another tissue from the box on his bedside table, blowing harshly into it. When he received no relief from the blow, he became angry. Pitching the tissue into the rapidly overflowing garbage, he shoved his face into the corner of his pillow and pulled the covers up to his chattering chin, fuming that the mighty Thor, God of Thunder & Lightning, had caught the nastiest cold of the season.

“How could I be so weagk?” he whimpered, his voice muffled by the pillow. “Doh wod ever dorbally geds dthis ill, ad of course id had dto be mbe who did.” Thor blushed (if his fevered cheeks could become any redder) and reached for another tissue. And just in time, too – a sneeze surprised him and shot out of him like the bolts of lightning he took such pride in conjuring. “HAISCHEUH!” He wiped his raw nose and tried to blow again, and, thank Odin, it worked this time. He filled the tissue and was going for another when he realized he had run out.

He was about to call for more when he felt another sneeze (or three) approaching.

“Oh – oh doh,” he panted. It simply would not do for the Son of the Allfather to sneeze without covering his mouth, and if his anticipations were correct, he’d be scrubbing at the sink for days if he sneezed into his hands.

What to do? Which option to choose? No time to think on the matter; this sneeze was particularly tricky and did not want to wait. No, sir, it did not.

Quivering nose, squinting eyes and all, Thor let out three thunderous, uncovered, and sickeningly embarrassing sneezes: “Hahh…hahha.. HAISHEUH! HAISCHUH! Hahha… HAISCHEUH! Geuhh…” He sniffled and childishly wiped his streaming cherry-like nose with the back of his left hand.

Thor whimpered again and considered the disgusting possibilities of wiping his waterfall of a nose on his shirtsleeve, or possibly even on the bedclothes.

His shirtsleeve being his choice, Thor had raised it halfway to his nose when there was a soft knock on the door.

Thor snuffled noisily and asked, his voice congested and hoarse but his words clear, “Who is id?”

“It is I, Loki, brother,” came the timid reply. “May…may I please come in? I have some things for you.”

Hoping against hope that perhaps his dear brother had come to restore his negated supply of tissues, Thor allowed Loki to enter. “By all beads, cob id, Brodther.”

The door opened, and Loki’s head peeked in before the rest of him followed. “Good afternoon, Thor,” Loki greeted his brother. “How is your cold?”

Thor meant to reply with words other than “Heauh… HEAISCHUH!” But the infernal germs in his nose had had other ideas.

“Bless you,” Loki said with a wry grin. “So you have not recovered any since I last saw you, then?”

“I have dot,” Thor confirmed sadly.

Loki approached the bed, but Thor waved him back. “Brodther, believe be whed I say id would be daidgerous for you do be dear be ad presedt.”

“I mean only to bring gifts,” Loki replied, and from inside the coat he wore, he produced a bowl of hot broth, a steaming mug of tea, and, to Thor’s visible delight, a new box of tissues.

“The tea and the broth are from Mother and Sif, but since I am fortunate enough to hear your thundering sneezes every time I pass your door, I deduced that you would be in an alarming need of more tissues,” Loki informed his brother.

“Thadk you, Lokgi,” Thor breathed, ever grateful.

Suddenly, once again a sadistic sneeze crept up on him from behind. Seeing the look on Thor’s face, Loki moved quick as lightning: he set the broth and tea down on the bedside table, tore a tissue from the box, and pressed it to his poor brother’s face as Thor let out a powerful “HEYASCHEUH!”

“Bless you, Thor,” Loki said, smiling down at his sick brother. “Blow for me.”

Thor’s cheeks turned tomato-red as he emptied what was left of his sinuses into the blessed tissue that his brother held for him.

“There is no need to feel shame, brother,” Loki remarked softly. “I am here to help you.”

Thor sniffled and answered, “Thadk you.”

“You are very welcome.” Loki laid his hand on his brother’s damp head and strode for the door.

Thor stopped him by calling, “Brodther!”

Loki paused and turned back. “Yes, Thor?”

“Whed you leave, you bust clead your hads,” Thor instructed. “Thad way, you will dot cadtch this idferdal cold.”

“I will, Brother. Thank you for your concern.” Loki smiled at his brother and shut the door behind him

Thor burrowed down deep into his bedcovers and had just enough time to think about how special his younger brother Loki was to him before sleep overcame him.


Loki made his way down the hall away from Thor’s bedroom, and was almost to his own when he suddenly remembered that he had left his favorite book in the sitting room.

When he had retrieved it and was on his way back to his bedroom to read it, he thought about his visit with his ill brother. There had been something Thor wanted him to do, wasn’t there? No matter; most likely nothing of dire importance. Loki scratched an itch under his nose and entered his room, eager to resume his reading.

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Here's chapter 2~ Short one. Kinda.


Queen Frigga raced down the hallway to Loki’s bedroom, worry written all over his face. How could he possibly have forgotten? Thank the Allfather Thor was better; he slept like death, there would be no hope of waking him.

She threw open the door and ran to her sleeping son, shaking his shoulder. “Loki, wake, my son! You must be at the –”

“HESSHIH! Snf…geh…” Loki moaned, turning in his sheets to face his mother.

“Oh, no,” Frigga cooed, smoothing Loki’s hair back from where it had fallen into his face. “Have you gone and caught your brother’s cold, you silly Trickster?”

“Yeeess,” Loki whined, sniveling pitifully.

Frigga tutted sympathetically and kissed her son’s feverish forehead. “I will inform your father that you will not be attending. Feel better, my dear.”

“HESSHEIH! Thadk you, Bother,” Loki said plaintively.

“You’re very welcome, my son,” Frigga replied, and smiled at her poor, sick so before shutting the door behind her.

Frigga was almost to the throne room when she recalled something very important that she had forgotten to do. She crossed the hall to the lavatory where she gave her face and hands an extremely thorough cleaning. After she was finished, she resumed her original mission of speaking to her husband.


“Yes, Odin,” Frigga said, leaving the throne room. When she was clear of the door, she fell back against the wall and let out a rare expletive. “Faen i helvete!”

Odin had just forbidden her from visiting her sick son, in fear of her catching their cold.

“But what to do now?” she thought out loud. “They need me. There is no one else that would want to help them, much less could help them. Unless –”

“Are you all right, my queen?”

A kind voice interrupted Frigga’s troubled thoughts. She turned to her right to see Eira Delvich, a new servant girl that Odin had just hired. Frigga instantly smiled at the sight of her, because she had recalled her last stolen, private encounter with her youngest son…the one in which Loki had cried on her shoulder, the one in which he had admitted his strong feelings for this servant girl: what should he do, Mother; princes do not court mere servant girls; oh, Mother, the shame of it…

“Your Majesty?” Eira’s face was distraught. “Are you ill?”

“Not ill, no,” Frigga assured her. “Just slightly troubled.”

“Is there something I can do?” Eira asked.

“I believe there is,” Frigga replied, putting an arm around the girl’s shoulders and leading her down the hall. “My son Loki is ill, and my husband has just forbidden me from visiting him lest I become sick as well. Would you do me the enormous favor of looking after him?”

“It would be my pleasure, my queen,” Eira answered, touching her left shoulder with her right hand in the customary Asgardian gesture of respect. “Which room is his?”

“Behind that door there,” Frigga told her, pointing.

“Thank you, Your Majesty,” Eira said, dipping into a curtsy before sweeping off to watch over the sick prince.

“You are very welcome indeed,” Frigga said to no one in particular, an idealistic grin on her face.

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Chapter 3. Not so short. :D


“HESSCHIH!” Loki sniffled painfully and looked to his bedside table for a hanky, but it was devoid of any such supplies to clean up his runny nose. Devoid of anything, really, except his book.

How could I possibly have been such a halfwit to forget that Thor had told me to clean my hands? Loki thought to himself, rage flushing his already fevered cheeks.

He was still growling wordlessly to himself, the building phlegm in his throat rattling with each sound he made, when there was a nervous knock on his door.

“Who is id?” Loki liked to think he ‘answered,’ but the more appropriate word would be ‘moaned,’ or more so, ‘rasped.’

“It is Eira Delvich, your servant, Prince Loki,” came a quiet voice. The door opened a fraction and Loki glimpsed a pale, raven-haired head through the crack. “The Queen bade me come here as she no longer can.”

“Whad – HAISSHIH! Snvf. Whad do you bead?” Loki sniffled.

“The Allfather has forbidden her to look after you lest she should fall ill as well,” the girl called Eira answered timidly. “She then asked me to take over her duties.”

Damn! Loki thought frantically. Mother must have sent her specifically because of what I told her. Why, oh why did I – oh, no… “Hehh… HESSHIH! HAASSCHIH!”

“Bless you, Prince Loki,” Eira said, almost silently.

“Thadk you,” Loki replied stiffly. “You doh, id would be bedder if I could see all of you ad dot jusd your eyes,” he continued, hoping the kindness he meant would show through the confounded congestion. “Id’s a bid frighdig, really.”

“I’m sorry,” Eira said, giggling shyly as she entered fully into the room.

Loki’s heart fluttered as he admired the entirety of her: the snow-white skin that reflected the Asgardian meaning of her name, the eyes that had the same color as his hated Jotun skin, the thick, silky hair that had the same color as his, the plain servant garb that she wore that still managed to accent the perfect curves she possessed…

“I’b sorry thad I caddot be of ady good cobpady ad presedt,” Loki apologized.

“It’s all right,” Eira told him. “I’m sorry that you have been required to accept my company and not your mother’s. Perhaps soon I can arrange for your brother to be able to visit, as he has already recovered.”

“He has?” Loki’s face lit up. Thor had always been able to cheer him up when he was ill as a child.

“Yes, he has,” Eira confirmed, leaning on the right post of Loki’s bed’s footboard. “I will see if I can get him to come and see you.”

“Thad would be very welcob,” Loki said, smiling genuinely before he could stop himself.

Eira sent the same smile back at him, and Loki’s stomach flipped. He felt his cheeks grow hotter.

“Now, we must do something about that fever of yours,” Eira told him.

Yes, my blush went unnoticed, Loki thought triumphantly. He did not see the twinkle in her eye as she went to the lavatory to retrieve some cool cloths, and she passed Frigga in the hall, who handed her a stack of clean hankies with a wink.

She returned in record time, pausing as she approached the sick prince. “May…may I?” she asked, her head dropping forward in timidity.

“You bay,” Loki answered. When she looked up, she saw the same smile from before.

As Eira began to gently caress Loki’s face with the cloth, Loki asked, “Have you ever thoughd aboud courding?”

“My mind is most often occupied with my duties as a servant,” Eira replied. Loki detected a poorly hidden tone of sadness in her tone. “The thought of having a mate usually does not crop up very often.”

“Perhabs the thoughd is surbressed od purbose?” Loki suggested, smiling what Frigga had always his “God of Mischief smile.”

Eira laughed sarcastically. “Prince Loki, no one wants to court a servant girl. I resigned myself to that fact long ago.”

Loki paused before he spoke, and sadly, the pause cost him his chance to speak. He whipped his head to the side away from Eira and released a powerful “Hahh… HAISSHIH!”

“Bless you, Prince Loki,” Eira told him, taking another cloth from the pile to clean Loki’s nose. Loki blushed fiercely as she mopped up the wetness around his nostrils and septum.

“Do not feel shame, my prince,” Eira heard herself say. “I am only here to help.”

Loki was shocked into a sneezing fit when he gasped at her words: he had said almost the exact words to Thor when he had held a tissue for him.


“My goodness, bless you, Prince Loki!” Eira exclaimed, offering him a hanky this time to wipe his own nose.

When he was finished blowing his sinuses to pieces, he said to her, “You bay call be Lokgi, withoud dthe – Snf. – dthe Prince pard.”

“All right then, ‘Loki Without The Prince Part,’” Eira joked, laughing happily. “I mean, all right then, Loki.”

Loki tried to speak again, but he found his throat constricted. He resorted to a simple smile, and Eira returned it, replacing the cool cloth with a clean one.

She placed the cloth on his forehead and told him, “I’m going to leave now. I’ll see if I can find Thor and bring him to visit you, all right?”

“Thadk you,” Loki said.

Just as she was opening the door to leave, Loki said, before he could talk himself out of it, “Eira?”

“Yes?” Eira turned back to face him.

“I…” Loki paused. “I thidk you’re…very beaudiful. I hobe thad wasd’t do forward of be do say.”

Eira blushed, a slight strawberry color rising in her snowy cheeks. “Not too forward at all, my prince,” she answered softly. “Thank you very much.”

Loki smiled at her, and she smiled back and shut the door behind her.

Loki breathed an enormous sigh of relief and fell back on his pillows, grinning as he fell into sleep, dreaming of the beautiful servant girl, Eira Delvich.

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And chapter 4, last one


“Prince Thor?” Eira called, entering the library where Frigga said he would be.

“Yes?” Thor’s blond head emerged from behind a chair back. “Oh! If it isn’t Eira Delvich. Nice to see you again.”

“And you as well, Prince Thor,” Eira returned his greeting with a bow. “I bring a request from your brother.”

Thor’s face fell as Eira mentioned Loki; he had been quite sad, as he had been the one to infect his brother. “How is he?”

“He is not well,” Eira confessed. “He asked to see you, though, and I told him I would bring you to visit him.”

“You are the kindest servant that Father has ever hired!” Thor boomed happily, clapping Eira on the shoulder with no thought to the fact that she would probably topple to the ground, which she did. “Oh, my, I’m sorry; I forgot myself. Well, now, let us go! My brother awaits!”

Thor grabbed Eira’s hand and bounded out of the room, laughing a hearty chuckle that Eira echoed, trying her hardest to keep up with the boyish god as he raced through the halls with the servant girl at his heels.

They reached Loki’s bedroom door breathing heavily and giggling softly in case the Trickster had fallen asleep. “Shhh,” Eira warned as she cracked open the door. “Oh, he’s fallen asleep, Prince Thor.” She looked at Thor for an idea on what to do. “Should we enter?”

“We will enter,” Thor announced quietly.

Eira opened the door as silent as she possibly could, and the two of them entered the bedroom. Eira went to sit in a nearby chair as Thor approached his brother’s bedside, laying a hand on Loki’s forehead where the cool cloth had slipped off, landing on the mattress next to him.

“My dear brother, I am so very sorry for infecting you,” Thor whispered, a sad puppy-dog expression on his face. “Please forgive me.”

Eira smiled sadly at the Thunder God. How sweet of him to feel so for his ill brother. Such love passed between the two men that she had never experienced in all her life, and it was an honor for her to be near someone who had the great opportunity of feeling it.

“Prince Thor, don’t be so sad,” Eira said, standing and putting a comforting hand on Thor’s shoulder. “He’ll be all right soon enough.”

Thor turned to her and smiled. “I know. I just feel bad that he forgot to clean his hands.” They laughed simultaneously. “And please, call me Thor,” Thor added, winking at Eira.

“Loki told me the same,” Eira said. “I will.”

Suddenly, Loki stirred, and let out a weak “HESSHIH!”

“Bless you, brother,” Thor said, carding a hand through Loki’s damp hair. “I am here.”

“Thor,” Loki rasped, smiling at the sight of his older brother. “You cambe.”

“Of course I came,” Thor said with a chuckle. “How could I let my little brother suffer alone?”

“Dot alode,” Loki corrected him, pointing at Eira. “Eira cambe whed Bother could dot.”

“I know this,” Thor said. “She is very generous.”

Loki didn’t reply, but Thor saw the look on his face. He was surprised to see the look that Frigga had often given Odin – a look of bona fide love.

“Eira, would you give my brother and I a moment of solitude?” Thor requested.

“Of course,” Eira said, and bobbed a curtsy before leaving the room.

Thor made sure that she was far down the hall before shutting the door. He immediately turned to his brother and said, in a matter-of-fact tone, “You love her.”

Loki recognized that Thor was not asking a question, so he replied, “Yes.”

Thor smiled. “My brother has finally found love. I thought this day would never come.”

“I thoughd the sambe,” Loki admitted. “Yed I dod’t dow if she loves be bacgk.”

“Well, perhaps she will when you are well again and your voice does not sound as if you have been locked in an igloo for many months,” Thor joked.

Loki meant to fire back a witty remark, but the sneezes came first. “HASHIH! HAASHIH! HAASHEUH! HISHEUH! Hehhehih…HESHEUH! HEESHEUUH! HAAKSHIEUH! Snvvff…Thorrr…” Loki whined pitifully. He turned to face the opposite wall, his entire face beet-red (not with fever; the chills phase was arriving), and his eyes shining with tears of shame.

“Oh, my poor brother,” Thor breathed, his voice positively dripping with empathy. “I got you ill. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. My dear brother.”

Thor got into bed next to Loki and made sure Loki was tucked in nice and tight. He hugged him tightly and kissed his damp, shivering neck. “Feel better,” he whispered.

Loki sniffled and mewled like a kitten; his brother was so kind. “I love you, Thor,” he moaned, trying to sound like he meant it.

“I love you too, Loki,” Thor told him. “Sleep now. Dream of your Eira.”

Loki grinned, even though Thor could not see it. He felt Thor get off the bed and he heard the door click silently shut behind him as he left.

I will, he thought, and he drifted off to sleep.


Loki half-awoke moments later as he heard the door open again. “It is all right, my queen,” he heard Eira’s voice whisper. “I will watch over him until he wakes. You can trust me.”

Frigga’s voice followed: “I trust you, my dear. Now go and see to my son.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” A pause, and then the door sweeping shut silent as a mouse.

Loki heard the quiet creak of the chair behind him as Eira sat in it, and he listened to her murmur.

“Loki, you might as well stop hiding it; I see your feelings for me, in your eyes, I hear them in your tone. I was amazed that actually someone, let alone a Prince of Asgard, had feelings for me. I thought I would be alone forever. Then the Realms blessed me with your mother being forbidden to see you, and that the task of caring for you then fell to me. I couldn’t have been happier… You need not worry anymore…I feel the same. … And you would know this if you could only hear me. I will never leave your side, my prince. … Listen to me, I sound like a child writing a love letter to a man she’ll never meet. How foolish of you, Eira Delvich. He’s asleep, and he cannot hear you. Stop talking now, foolish girl.”

Loki turned over and smiled at her. “Pblease dod’t stobp talkgig. Dever stobp talkgig.”

Eira blushed furiously. “You could hear me?”

“Every word.”

Eira laughed with embarrassment. “Wow. I’m sorry, I did not mean to sound like such a schoolgirl.”

“You souded likge the adgels do be. You are ad adgel, a sdow adgel.”

A lone tear fell down her face as she smiled at him.

“Sidce I ab a Pbridce of Asgard, I issue ad order: You are forbidded dto leave be.”

Eira laughed through her happy tears. “Your wish is my command, my prince.”


Hope everybody liked it, especially you, SneezyHolmes :)


Sorry, lmao, I really wanted to type that :lol1:

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Hehe. :wub:

I loved this lots. Mmm, Loki. :heart:

bye. :)

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sweet.gif I. Love. You. Well no i'm gonna have to make you a billion and one pieces of art <3
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I. Love. You. Well no i'm gonna have to make you a billion and one pieces of art <3

Lmao i dare you to draw this and not squeal "LOKI'D!!!!"

I'm so glad you found it finally and i'm happy you like my writing :heart: you're welcome!!

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You're so welcome; you've made me really happy with your praise. Honestly, I thought this was total dumpage, but I guess not :) thanks alot, SH.


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Oh great.. I had stuff to do today, you know! I'm now I can't because I'm a puddle of sick Loki goo.

I love you! Amazing story! :D

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You're so welcome; you've made me really happy with your praise. Honestly, I thought this was total dumpage, but I guess not smile.png thanks alot, SH.


No prob deary! :D You've been an awesome RP buddy and just in general a great friend. <3 I'm doing your art, i swear. things have gotten hectic here at home so it's been kinda put to the back of my mind so please forgive me </3

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Thanks everyone for the feedback; I'm glad you all liked this. As soon as I have time I'm thinking about doing another - who should I torture, Thor or Loki? .....Or both?

No prob deary! :D You've been an awesome RP buddy and just in general a great friend. <3 I'm doing your art, i swear. things have gotten hectic here at home so it's been kinda put to the back of my mind so please forgive me </3

Aw, thanks, you too. :hug:

And no rush, I totally get it. No biggie. Just let me know when you're done so I can catch up on my fangirling. :blush:

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Thanks everyone for the feedback; I'm glad you all liked this. As soon as I have time I'm thinking about doing another - who should I torture, Thor or Loki? .....Or both?

No prob deary! biggrin.png You've been an awesome RP buddy and just in general a great friend. <3 I'm doing your art, i swear. things have gotten hectic here at home so it's been kinda put to the back of my mind so please forgive me </3

Aw, thanks, you too. hug.gif

And no rush, I totally get it. No biggie. Just let me know when you're done so I can catch up on my fangirling. blush.png

Both >u> and lol i'll be sure to tell you~

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My choice would be Loki all the way, but I wouldn't mind a bit of Thor sneezing too! :)

I might get some time tomorrow between brunch, church, and Biology homework, and if I do, I will start it. Loki will, of course, be my victim. I'm not so sure about Thor; what do you think??

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For me just Loki is fine! Do you think you could maybe... Put in a part where he has to hold back a sneeze? Out of maybe embarrassment or the likes. (and fails! *evil grin*)

If not that's cool! Can't wait to read it! :D

*goes back to rainbow land, and tortures Loki with feathers*

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For me just Loki is fine! Do you think you could maybe... Put in a part where he has to hold back a sneeze? Out of maybe embarrassment or the likes. (and fails! *evil grin*)

If not that's cool! Can't wait to read it! :D

*goes back to rainbow land, and tortures Loki with feathers*

Oh, YES. :drools: Beautiful idea! I will certainly do this...as soon as i have TIME, god darn it. I swear, somebody up there is effing with Midgardian time so I can't write this thing. Grrrr...

*joins you in rainbow land with a secret stash of pepper, mwahahah*

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