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The iDOLM@STER 2 - Hibiki (F)

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So... I was playing iM@S2 on my ps3 and I came across an event in which Hibiki, one of the many idols the player can produce, has a stuck sneeze that cannot get out. The player is supposed to rub across her nose to help get it out, though I messed up on this part and I've been trying to restart it but with no success, sadly.

If anyone happens to own the game and one of those recorders that go on a ps3 (or if they have the 360 version, the Xbox 360 instead of ps3), it'd be great if they could record it. Of course, this game will likely never see the light of day outside of a Japanese release, so I understand it's rather difficult to get ahold of.

As for requirements for said event: Hibiki must be in the unit, leader status is not necessary

Unit must be in the Top 50 on Dotop TV

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