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Brown Eyes Beseech (Edward Scissorhands Short)


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Brown Eyes Beseech

Edward Scissorhands

(Just so you know what’s happening- It wasn’t Peg that found Edward up in the mansion, it was Kim, and she found him for the first time the day before. Late that afternoon Kim told Edward to “Stay here,” because she would be “Right back,” but Peg didn’t allow her to go back out after she came home.)

It was dark now but Edward was still waiting outside on the grass for Kim to come back, shivering in the icy breeze of the winter night. He rested his head on his legs, huddling into a ball, warily hanging his hands over each side. He wasn’t going to go inside because he knew Kim was going to come back. It then slowly started to rain so Edward tried his best to move under the butterfly hedge but it didn’t do much to shelter him. He couldn’t go inside because Kim would come. He didn’t want to disappoint her.

Kim set her alarm to go early in the morning so she could go to see Edward. She knew no one would be up yet so she quickly did her hair, got dressed and climbed out of her window so she wouldn’t wake anyone up by going out the front door. She was almost crying as she ran all the way up to the gates of the mansion. She felt really bad about not going back to see Edward the night before. She opened the gates and slowly walked in, moving up towards the mansion door, when she heard something move behind her. She turned around. She couldn’t see anything. She walked down the path until she came to the butterfly hedge where, underneath it, she found Edward asleep, unrelaxed as he was still shivering. Kim then burst into tears. She bent down to Edward and shook him gently, waking him up, “I’m sorry Edward,” she sobbed. “Come inside, it’s freezing.” Kim helped a severely shivering Edward up. She held her arm around him as the two walked inside together. She sat him down on the bottom step and she sat next to him. “I’m so sorry.” Kim hugged Edward tightly, still crying. “I was waiting for you to come back,” he said. “I’m sorry I didn’t come back, Edward.” Kim let go of Edward and took her jacket off, starting to stop crying. “But you did,” Edward told her. “Here, put this on.” Kim helped Edward put the jacket on. “I’m so sorry, Edward” “It’s okay.” Kim put her arms around Edward and hugged him once again. A look of alarm then came over Edward’s face and he turned his head away from Kim. “Are you okay?” She asked. Edward gasped softly, “H-ishoo!” He sneezed into the sleeve of Kim’s jacket. “Oh, no!” Kim squealed, “You have a cold.” Kim then started to cry again. “Don’t cry,” Edward put his arms around Kim, “Don’t cry.” Kim leaned her head against Edward’s chest, listening to his heartbeat which relaxed her, until Edward drew back from her, sharply inhaling, “Huh-ishh!” Edward sniffed. “I’m sorry,” Kim whispered, closing her eyes.

(This was just supposed to be a short story, but if anyone’s interested I might be able to continue.)

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