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New years resolutions?

Do you have them? Have you ever kept one?

Mine is the classic be more active. (I detest the term "lose weight". A lot.) Once upon a time I was a college athlete. Then I had a series of unfortunate events in the form of financial trouble that caused me to change schools and a broken-in-exactly-the-wrong-spot leg that led to two surgeries, a summer in a cast, and almost a year of pretty sedentary life. Which isn't really good when you have a metabolism that runs on running 5k a couple times a week and an appetite for good cheese. You imagine what happened. So anyway, I want to be healthy again. I think I can.

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That sounds like a good one, especially if things are going better now :) I hope it goes well.

I usually make one or two and this year it is to try to actually have a social life, last year I worked so hard at school and barely ever did anything else and there were some rather unpleasant side effects of that which have caused quite a lot of problems for me. So this year I want to keep working hard and doing well at school but I also want to see my friends every now and then on weekends and stuff! Oh yeah, and to convince the school councilor that I actually hate going and it's not gonna help... Shouldn't be too hard to do, I don't think she likes me either!

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My resolutions tend to be really quite self-centred, I'm a little ashamed to admit.

Last year, I resolved to say no and be more assertive. Which I kinda managed... I did turn down shifts at work, I stuck up for myself a bit more, that sort of thing... I don't know how much it changed, but it was helpful... At least, I feel a little less afraid to think of myself, so... I think it worked?

This year, it's to take better care of myself... which isn't going so well, considering that I've had 3 days off from work so far this year... But, hey. There's time! :P And, I managed to lose 4 kilos in,.. maybe 3 months, so I'm going to at least claim part of that for this year :P

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My only resolution this year was to not make any :D, simply because i only end up breaking them, and i also thought, well if i want to change the way i do that, then really i should start at any time. But best of luck to those that have made them for this year :)

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