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What Just Happened!?(:


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Um wow. Just wow. An amazing thing happened Monday at our youth lock in for New Years. I had arrived at around 9pm and had went up to practice some piano. A short while later, T walkes in with his big coat and his guitar in his hands. I watched the way his silky blonde hair flipped as he walked. He cam yp, set hid guitar down and took off his coat. He looked at me and said hi. He came and sat by me on the piano bench, while I was in the middle of playing something. He sat a couple seconds, watching my hands and then suddenly turned the piano off. Me, being utterly confused, turned towards me and not realizing what was about to happen. He lifted his hands and sliwly carressed my cheeks. He moved closer and slowly embraced his lips on mine, kissing me softly. What!!?? Where did that come from!?(: oh butterflies butterflies bitterflies. I kissed him back. He slowly pulled away and looked into my eyes. I started to feel my face get hot and probably as red as a tomato.

"M. Breaking up with you was the stupidest thing that I have ever done. And then when I saw you and D together.. ya know.. it hurt. Even though it has been 2 yeaes. Seeing.you laugh and smile and kiss him. It hurt me like hell"

He started to to tear up.

"I don't ever want to lose you again..."

I was sitring there.. astonished. Where was everybody? Good thing they were downstairs. But wt the moment, all i could do was hug him, with joy. I opened my arms and its like he knew. He let me fall into his arms, burying his face into my soft hair. We sat there, embracing eqch other in warmness until I felt his breathing get irregular. He gasped a couple tines until letting out a stifle down my back. -Htscxh!!- luckilybhe didnt hesitate to pull away, probably because we both have the fetish. Him still holding me, i whispered in his ear "bless you" He pulled away slightly this time and bent dowb a little, pinching his nose and letting out half stifle the best he could. I couldnt resist a little giggle. " bless you" I saod again. He moved his lips towards my ear, breating out his sweet sent. Feeling it all the way down my neck gave me chills. He lightly nibbled on my ear and paused to whisper in my ear,"i love you"

He paused, turned away, covered his mouth and sneezed very wetly. -hassheww!-

"Man Im sorry..."

"Its ok(: ill be right back k? Stay here."

I ran ito the storage room, knowing T would get like this because of his allergies( which is weirs cuz its winter haha) and stored a box of tissies in the cupboard. I ran back out, releasing a tissue. I could hear T sneeze a couple more times. I sat back down, handing him the tissue just in time for him to let oit 2 more wet and spitty sneezes. I could feel the spray each time. He lowered the tissue and sniffled.

"Im done"

He brought the tissue back up and blew his nose, sniffing a bit after that.

Oir Pastor wlked in and called us, telling evrybody they needed to be downstairs.

I looked at T, who was still staring at me the whole time. I movedin a little bit and kissed his cheek.

"I love you too."

I went downstairs, leaving T to his tissues to join the rest of the group in a minute.

What really just happened!!? I dont know but I am jumping with joy!!!! :)

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That's so sweet! :)

...and how amazing that you both have the fetish! I wish that I was lucky enough to run into someone (preferably a male someone) who also shared my peculiar whim...

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