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I hope you all enjoy this quick little story I wrote.

Story begins here:

Fortesque cemetery, burial sight of the war hero Sir Daniel Fortesque, the man who defeated Zarok before succumbing to his wounds. Like any great evil it doesn't just die with age, it just grows stronger. Zarok has returned once again to raise an army of undead to conquer Gallowmere.

“If it isn't Sir Daniel Fortesque, the man who fell at the first arrow on the first charge. Welcome back to the land of the living.” A stone gargoyle head spoke to the one eyed and no lower jawed skeleton. “Me thinks you have gained one more chance to join your fellow comrades in the hall of heroes thanks to Zarok and his unfocussed resurrection spell. Me hopes you succeed. To awaken the other statues just touch our noses, just remember not all of our kind will help and some don't like to be awakened.”

Sir Daniel Fortesque shrugged his skeletal shoulders and moved onward, entering a large room with a blocked passage straight ahead. In the center was a statue the same height as himself, it appeared to be in the shape of a wolf man. A sword was held in the statues hand, his sword.

Sir Daniel tried to pry his sword free, a hand covered the wolfs snout and nose as he pushed and pulled. “I want my sword.”

The statue came to life and pushed Daniel off of him before letting out a mighty sneeze, “HeX'tCHOO!” that echoed loudly inside the crypt. “Who dares to interrupt my slumber?”

“I dare.” Sir Daniel moaned from his hiding place behind a fallen stone pillar.

“If it isn't Sir Daniel Fortesque, my old friend and rival. I'm sorry you couldn't become part of the hall of heroes, but it appears that you have a second chance? The wizard is back and he has amassed an undead army. Destroy the wizard and take your rightful place within the hall along side me and your comrades. Take back your sword and vanquish your foe, I'll be waiting for you in the hall of heroes to hear your tale.”

“I'll do my best.” Sir Daniel moaned with a smile on his jaw less face.

“I know you will, my friend. Farewell and good luck.”

The door out opened and Sir Daniel charged forward with his sword held high, ready to do what he failed to do the first time, defeat Zarok and bring peace to the world.

End of story.

I may add more to this. I haven't decided yet.

Please comment and tell me what you think?

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