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Help! New to this!


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Hi everyone! After having lurked for a bit, I thought I'd better come forward, so I can hopefully chat with and get to know all you fellow sneeze-lovers! Same old story, I've had the fetish as long as I can remember (literally, as in I used to annoy my sister by having to rewind snow-white to watch the Sneezy dwarf ridiculous amounts of times when I was little), I'd say I'm straight but then I like both male and female sneezes.

Myself, I'd say I sneeze often-ish, like twice a day maybe, but not to extreme allergic proportions. I'm interested to find out though, if it's not too intrusive a question, how peoples on here find the fetish affects being in a relationship with a non-fetishist? Myself, I'd say it's not a problem in itself, but it can be frustrating not sharing the same tastes at times. Anyone else?



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A very warm welcom to the forum :)

I'd say sometimes I find myself thinking how it would be if my partner would share my same fetish as I tend to be sneezier then ever in this last period and he really doesn't pay any attention at all and it frustrates me sometimes but then I guess I'm only being a little greedy and just chill out and enjoy my fetish.


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Thanks "MissyLovesSneezes" lol, yeah I find it annoying when I'm sneezing loads but it's a bit of a waste on myself as I don't even like my own!

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