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I've seen how their has been topics on how cool it would be if there was a sneezing Olympics. I know that there is also a few other stories on this forum like this one. Tell me if there is anything that you want to see added and if you want me to continue.

The rules of the 25 sneeze sprint is the 8 contestants may induce themselves with anything they want and you have to try and be the fastest to 25 sneezes. The contestants can induce with anything they want and even change what they are inducing with. There is 2 heats of 4 contestants and the top 2 fastest from each heat to 25 sneezes move on to the final.

Heat 1

Brazil - Jessica

Great Britain - Alexandra

Spain - Isabella

America - Emily

Heat 2

Japan - Yuna

Canada - Chloe

France - Sarah

Netherlands - Anna

It was time for heat 1 and the 4 women walked out with their box of inducing tools in their hands. The official came out with his starting gun.

"On your marks, get set...... GO!!!" The official fired the blank up into the air.

Immediately the ladies tore of the lids of their boxes and took out their inducing tools. Jessica took out a pepper shaker. Alexandra and Isabella grabbed a feather. Emily grabbed a tissue and started to roll a tissue. While the other girls were busy tickling their noses and folding their tissues, Jessica went to work. She started out with a triple, "HeSHIEWW! CHIEWW! CHIEWWW!" Then paused and sneezed another pair. "ETCHIEWW! HehESHIEW!" Isabella was able to coax out only one sneeze, "Heh-chuh!" Meanwhile, Alexandra and Emily were still sneeze-less.

Jessica was still able to make good use out of the pepper. She erupted with another fit of powerful sneezes. "HehSHIEWW! SHIEWW! ESHIEWWW! ESHIEWWW! Heh...HeSHIEWW! HETSHIEWW!" Jessica was already at 11 sneezes while the rest of them were at a total of 1. Finally both Alexandra and Emily got started. Alexandra started a triple, "Etchoooo! Choooo! Hehtchooo!" Emily had a double, "Heh-atchooo! Atchooo!" Alexandra had another triple, "Etchoooo! Etchoooo! Choooo!" And after her nostrils were flaring for quite a bit Emily got out one more sneeze, "hehhhhh....atchoooo!" Isabella had another double. "Heh-chuh!" Etchuh!"

Alexandra then sprang into first place with a long sneezing fit. The itch by the feather spread across her nose and all came out. "Hehtchooo! Etchoooo! Chooo! Chooooo! Etchoooo! Choooo! Etchoooo! Hehtchooo! Hehtchooo! Chooooo! Choooo! Etchooooo! Choooo! Chooooo! Etchooooo!" After a magnificent 15 sneeze fit she was at 21 and only needed 4 more to advance. Isabella started catching up with a fit of her own, "heh-chuh! Chuh! Etchuh! Heh-chuh! Chuh!" Emily also came roaring back with some sneezes. "Atchoooo! Atchoooo! Heh-atchoooo! Atchooooo! Atchoooo! Heh-hehhhhh- atchooooo!"

Jessica was the first to change inducing tools as she changed to as she exchanged her pepper shaker for a feather since the pepper started to not have an effect anymore on her nose. The change showed immediately as she let out some really forceful sneezes for somebody that has a fairly small nose. "HESHIEWWW! ESHIEWWW! ESHIEWWW! SHIEWWWW!"

Sneeze Count so far:

Jessica: 15

Alexandra: 21

Isabella: 8

Emily: 9

Finally, the rolled up tissue in Emily's nose hit a sneezy spot. The results were immediate. She had no time to prepare for the fit that came upon her. "Atchoooo! Chooooo! Atchoooo! Atchoooo! Chooooo! Chooooo! Atchooooo!" Heh..... Heh-Atchoooo!" The tissue however was not able to be used and since the tissue sometimes took too long to work she brought out the pepper shaker. She hadn't even taken a sniff yet but right after she sprinkled the pepper on her hand she sneezed twice. "Atchoooo! Atchooooo!" Then once she sniffed the pepper she sneezed even more. "Atchooooo! Choooooo! Chooooooo! Atchoooo! Hehhhh...ahhhhh...haaaaahhh...." But she lost the next sneeze and for now was stuck at 23, 2 shy of 25.

After rebuilding the strong itch in her nose, Alexandra had another volley of sneezes. "Etchoooo! Hetchoooo! Choooooo! Etchoooo!" Alexandra was now at 25 sneezes and secured one of the spots for the finals. However, her nose was not done yet. "Etchoooo! Choooo! Chooooo! Etchoooo! Hetchoooo! Hetchooooo!"

This left only one spot in the finals for the remaining 3 contests. Emily was the closest to 25 at 23 sneezes, followed by Jessica who had 15, and Isabella was last with 8.

Jessica finally got out the long, overdue itch in her nose. "ESHIEWWW! SHIEWWW! HESHIEWWW! SHIEWWW!" Isabella sneezed out her own double, "heh-chuh! Etchuh!" Jessica sneezed out another three, "HESHIEWWW! HESHIEWWW! ESHIEWWW!" Followed by one more by Isabella. "Heh-chuh!"

Emily knew she had to hurry up as Jessica was coming up fast as Jessica was only down to her by one now. Emily felt only a small tickle in her nose and she closed her eyes trying to focus and make it come out. Somehow she was able too get out one sneeze. "Atchoooooo!" However, it was still not good enough to win as she still needed 1 more sneeze to advance.

Jessica decided that the best way for her to get a quick triple was to go back to the pepper. Jessica sprinkled some on to her hand and took a whiff. Nothing. She inhaled the pepper again and this time was a completely different result. Her eyelids fluttered her nostrils flared and finally was able to let the magic happen. "HESHIEWWW! ESHIEWWW! Heh-hehhhhh- HESHIEWWW!" Jesicca won and all Emily could do was stand and watch as she couldn't even get a small tickle going in her nose, Isabella couldn't get a tickle going in her nose for most of the match as she didn't sneeze much.

Final for Heat 1

Alexandra - 1st advance

Jessica - 2nd advance

Emily - 24 sneezes

Isabella - 11 sneezes

Now it was time for heat 2 to start. The next 4 ladies from heat 2 walked out with their inducing tool box. The official came out also and the event was about to start.

"On your mark, get set........ GO!" The official fired a blank.

The contestants tore open their boxes. Yuna and Anna took out pepper shakers. Chloe pulled out a feather. Sarah grabbed a few blades of grass which she used because she's allergic to grass. The first sneezes of the match were from Yuna and it wasn't just one or two. "Heh-CHIII! ITCHIII! Etchiiii! Chiiiiii! Heh-Chiiii! Etchiiiii! Heh-CHIIII!" Anna let out one thunderous sneeze. "HESHEWWW!" Chloe let out a double, "Etchoooo! Heshooooo!" And Sarah appeared like she was going to sneeze but she seemed to be holding it back to let the itch in her nose build stronger.

Meanwhile, the pepper took no mercy on Yuna's nose. " ETCHIII! Chiiii! Heh-chiiiii! CHIIII! CHIII! Heh-CHIIII!" Finally the powerful itch in Sarah's nose became too powerful and she had to let it go. She half-stifles alot of her sneezes because it usually results in longer fits for her. "Heh-nggxtch! Nggxtch! Nggxtch! Heh-nggxtch! NggxtCHOO! NggxtCHOO! Heh-nggxtCHOO! Heh-nggxtCHOO!" NGGXTCHOO! NGGXTCHOO! HEH-ESSHEWWW! ESSHEWWW! HERRESHEWW! ESSHEWWWW!" Each sneeze kept becoming more powerful for Sarah as she couldn't stifle anymore at the end. She still seemed to have not gotten it all out still as she still was rubbing and twitching her nose.

Anna let out two more of her thunderous sneezes, "HESHEWWW!!! HESHEWWWWW!!!" Chloe also had a small fit if her own, "Heshoooo! Eshooooo! Eshoooooo! Eshoooooo! Heh-hehhhhhh.... Eshoooooooo!" Sarah let out three more half stifles. "Heh-Nggxtch! Nggxtch! NggxtCHOO!" Meanwhile, Yuna was having no more luck with the pepper.

Sneeze Count so far:

Yuna - 13

Chloe - 7

Sarah - 17

Anna - 3

Anna started a comeback with a bit of a fit. "HESHEWWW! ERRESHEWW! ESHEWWW! HESHEWWW! HESHEWWW!" Sarah also extended her let with a triple. "Heh-nggxtch! Nggxtch! Nggxtch!" Chloe also joined in with her own sneezes. "Heshoooo! Heshoooo! Heshoooo! Eshoooooo! Heshooooo! Eshoooooo!"

Yuna was still not getting a good tickle with the pepper so she grabbed an inducing tool which had not yet been used by anybody yet, a flower. She sniffed in the grains of pollen from the flower and in result her nose became really itchy. However, even though it created a bad itch it was not creating a sneeze. For a while, nobody was sneezing until Sarah broke the silence. "NggxtCHOO! Nggxtch! Nggxtch! Heh-NGGXTCHOO! Heh-ehhhhhh...heh-ERRESSCHOOO!" She was able to get off that last, and final 25th sneeze to advance to the finals. After her 25th sneeze she took out a tissue and blew her nose loudly too get out the rest of the itch that her sneezes didn't get out.

The other 3 contestants were competing for the 4th and final spot in the finals and none of them were that close yet to 25. Yuna and Chloe were the closest with 13 sneezes a piece and Anna had 8. Yuna and Anna were currently having trouble sneezing and Chloe took advantage of this. "Eshooooo! Heshoooo! Eshooooo! Eshooooo! Heshooooo! Eshoooooo! Heh-eshoooooo!" Chloe took a long sniff and went back to work tickling her nose with a feather and was able to get out 2 more sneezes. "Eshoooooo! Heshooooo!"

Yuna and Anna were still struggling to sneeze. Finally Yuna broke the drought but with only one sneeze. "HESHIIII!" Anna finally got of a decent fit of her own. "HESHEWWW!"ESSHEWWW! HESHEWWW! HESHEWWW! ESSHEWWW! HESHEWWW!" However, neither of them were that close to catching Chloe. She was still getting out sneezes. "Heshooooo! Heshooooo!" Now she only needed 1 more sneeze to advance as she was at 24. Her eyes fluttered, nose flared, and breathing hitched. She felt like the feather now had complete control of her nose and also felt like her nose was vibrating rapidly back and forth. Finally she let out her biggest sneeze of the match, "HESHOOOOO!" Chloe rubbed her nose and smiled as she secured the 4th and final spot of the finals.

Results of Heat 2:

Sarah - Advances to finals

Chloe - Advances to finals

Yuna - 14 sneezes

Anna - 14 sneezes

The finals for the Female 25 Sneeze Sprint looks like this:

Jessica - Brazil

Alexandra - Great Britain

Chloe - Canada

Sarah - France

Tell me if you want me to continue for the finals and maybe other events.

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The Finals - Female 25 sneeze sprint

The day after the 2 heats the final was about to start. The 4 ladies that advanced by getting into the top 2 of their heats walked out with their inducing box for the second time. The official made his way over to get it started.

"On your mark, get set............ GO!"

The 4 of them took out their "Weapons of Choice." They all took out the inducing tools that they started with last game. Jessica and Chloe took out pepper, Alexandra grabbed a feather, and Sarah used some blades of grass. It took a while for the first sneezes to come up but the finally did, from Jessica. "HESHEWWW! ESHEWWW! ISHEWWWW!" Followed up by 2 from Chloe. "Heshooooo! Heshoooooo!" Also a triple came from Lexa. "Etchooooo! Hehtchoooo! Etchoooooo!" Another 3 came from Chloe, "Heshoooooo! Eshooooo! Heshooooo!" And another triple by Alexandra. "Etchooooo! Hetchooooo! Etchooooo!"

The only one so far that was not able to sneeze was Sarah. The grass so far wasn't being very effective on Sarah's allergic nose. However, Chloe started jumping ahead to make it hard for Sarah to catch up from such a hole she dug herself in as she had a mini fit, "Heshoooo! Eshooooo! Eshoooooo! Heh-eshooooo!" Jessica also sneezed a double. "HESHIEWWW! ESHIEWWW!"

Finally, Alexandra had a huge fit. The feather made her lose complete control of her nose, after a lot of flaring from her nostrils and lots of squinting her nose finally gave. "Hetchooooo! Etchooooo! Choooooo! Choooooo! Hetchoooo! Choooooo! Etchoooooo! Heh-etchooooo!" Sarah finally sneezed for the first time all match and it was a triple. "Heh-Nggxt! Nggxtch! NggxtCH! Heh-ahhhhh" She seemed to still have a massive itch in her nose as her eyes were still tearing and she seemed like she was going to have more than just a triple but the next sneeze was not yet ready to come out. Meanwhile, Chloe was still going strong with a triple of her own. "Heshooooo! Eshoooooooo! Chooooooo!"

Jessica gave up on the pepper and grabbed a rolled up tissue. It seemed to have an effect as it triggered the rest of the pepper still in her nose and resulted in a triple. "HESHIEWW! ESHIEWWW! ESHIEWWW!" Chloe also was consistently sneezing now as she had another double, "Heh-ishoooooo! Heshoooooo!" Jennifer was able to get out 1 more sneeze, "HESHIEWWW!" As was Chloe. "Heh-hehhheshooooooo!"

Sneeze Count so far:

Jessica - 9

Alexandra - 14

Chloe - 15

Sarah - 3

Alexandra then grabbed an inducing tool that had not yet bet used yet in any of the competitions so far, she grabbed a bottle. She ended up spraying a lot of perfume onto her hands. She brought up one of her hands and lightly pressed it to the tip if her nose and took a sniff. The effects showed immediately. Her dark eyes became nearly shut, her slightly larger nose was twitching madly, she tilted her head back along with her long, blond hair. However, as she was waiting for the climax of the sneeze Sarah took the floor with her own fit. "Heh-Nggxt! Nggxtch! Nggxtch! NggxtCHOO! Nggxtch! Heh-Nggxt!" However midway through her fit, Alexandra finally started sneezing too. "Etchoooooo! Hetchooooo! Etchooooo!" Then they started going back and forth sneezing. First Sarah, "Heh-Nggxtchooo! Nggxt! Nggxtch! NggxtCHOO!" Then Alexandra, "Etchoooo! Etchoooo! Heh-etchoooo!" Back to Sarah, "Nggxt! NGGXT! NggxtCH!" And once more to Alexandria, "Heh-etchooooo! Heh-hehhhhh-etchooooo!" Jennifer joined in with her own fit as she found a sneezy spot in her nose. "HESHIEWWW! ESHIEWWW! HESHIEWWW! HESHIEWWW! ESHIEWWW!" Chloe kept up with another double, "heshoooooo! Eshoooooo!" And Jennifer erupted with a triple. "HESHIEWWW! SHIEWWW! HESHIEWWW!"

The scoreboard looked like this now: Alexandra was in first with 22 sneezes and needed only 3 more to win the gold, she was followed up by Chloe and Jessica who are tied for second with 17 sneezes, and Sarah was closing the gap with 15 sneezes of her own.

The competitors knew they had to hurry up as Alexandra looked like she had a building tickle in her nose. Sarah was the first one that started to catch up with a triple. "Heh-Nggxt! Nggxt! NGGXT!" Chloe had a double, "heshooooo! Eshoooooo!" Then Sarah had yet another triple. "NGGXT! NGGXT! NggxtCHOO!" Finally the tickle built up enough for Alexandra to sneeze and sneeze she did. Alexandra's nose erupted with a loud, "ETCHOOOO!" She paused and one more sneeze came out. "Heh-HETCHOOO!" Sarah kept her comeback going with a triple, "Heh-NGGXT! NGGXTCHOO! NGGXTCHOO!" Now Sarah and Alexandra both only needed 1 more sneeze to reach 25 sneezes and the gold medal. However, Chloe came back with a triple of her own. "Heshooooooo! Heshooooooo! Eshoooooo!" Now she only needed 3 more sneezes to win. Jessica was having no luck inducing with the tissue anymore as her nose just seemed to not be able to sneeze anymore. She switched backed to pepper but that didn't do anything either.

For a while nobody could seem to get a sneeze going. All Alexandra and Sarah needed was 1 more sneeze for a gold medal but even though their noses were itchy they couldn't sneeze. Finally Chloe took charge, "Heshooooooo! HESHOOOO! HEHHHH-hehhhh...ahhhh...." But the final sneeze escaped her. Now just like Alexandra and Sarah she was stuck at 24. Jessica finally got going with a double, "HESHIEWWW! HESHIEWWW!" But she was still only at 19. Then Sarah's breathing started hitching. "Hehhhhhhh.....ahhhh.." She tilted her head back, nostrils flaring widely. Then finally a sneeze came but not from Sarah. It was from Alexandra. "NNNCHHHHUHHH!" It was a wired sounding sneeze because it snuck up on her while her hand was pressed against her nose sniffing the perfume. Alexandra had won and gotten the gold. Now the 3 contestants left were going for a silver and a bronze. It didn't take long to see who got silver as Chloe sneezed a double even though she only needed 1. "Heshooooo! Eshoooooo!" Now the bronze medal was between Sarah who was at 24 and only needed 1 more and Jessica who was at 19 and needed 6 sneezes. Jessica got out a double, "HESHIEWWW! SHIEWWW!" But Sarah was able to sneak out one more sneeze to take the bronze. "Nggxtch!" The contest was now over and the 4 ladies shook hands despite sneezing into them.

The final results are:

1) Alexandra - Great Britain/ Gold

2) Chloe - Canada/ Silver

3) Sarah - France/ Bronze

Maybe if y'all want me to I can make a series out of this with like a bunch of different events.

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Awesome, what a great idea. I might have to write a 'Cold Olympics' for those that would enjoy it.

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2016 Sneezing Olympics - Female stifle contest (Part 1)

Rules: The contestants will be induced by a feather from an official inducer. The contestant will try and stifle as quietly as they can and the sound will be recorded on a decibel recorder and you try and get the lowest amount of decibels. You could not use your hands to stifle or rub your nose during the competition. However, you may not sneeze until one minute has passed since the inducer started tickling your nose. If you do sneeze prior to one minute the sneeze will still be recorded but you will be behind somebody that may have sneezed louder but was able to sneeze after the one minute. Also after the sneeze, if you sneeze again within 10 seconds of the sneeze you have to use the louder sneeze. Your round does not end until you go 10 seconds sneeze free, so it's possible to have to take your loudest sneeze of say 15-20 sneezes instead of just 1. There is only one round.


Canada - Kelly

United States - Riley

*France - Sarah

United States - Kate

*Great Britain - Alexandra

*Spain - Isabella

Italy - Carla

Spain - Maria

*Contestant from 25 sneeze sprint

The first one in the order to go was Kelly. She made her way into the chair were the official would induce her with a feather. The official with the feather stood ready right next to her. Finally they started with a second officials count. "On your marks, get set, GO!" The feather started moving back in forth on the edge of Kelly's nostrils. She felt a small tickle in her nose but not enough to build up a sneeze. It was half way through and she doing pretty good. She didn't have a big enough tickle in her nose that threatend her to sneeze before the one minute but she did have enough of a tickle were she knew she eventually could sneeze which is what you wanted. However, with 15 seconds before one minute was over it was no small tickle anymore. She was fighting the urge to sneeze and trying to delay it until the one minute passed but her nose would not let her without a fight. Her nostrils started turning red and were flaring rapidly. She shut her eyes trying to concentrate on not letting the sneeze out yet and tried to control her breathing, which started hitching. "Hehhhhhhhhhh....huhhhhhhhhh" Finally the buzzer rang signaling one minute rang and she wasted no time to get the sneeze out. "Heh-mmmmppphhhhhhh!" The sneeze came out recorded at 32.05 decibels which was fairly loud for a stifle because of how badly the sneeze needed to come out. Her nose was not yet done with her as she was not over until she lasted 10 seconds. Her nose was twitching, desperately trying to make the sneeze go away. But with only 3 more seconds to go the sneeze escaped from her quivering nose. "NGGGGschhhh!" This one recorded at 34.25 decibels which was her new score unless she still had another sneeze. She didn't until with one second left her nostrils were starting to flare up but it was not nearly in time for her to have to sneeze. She finally did well after the buzzer sounded, "Hesshhhhiewww!"

Now Riley took her seat and was ready to begin. The countdown started and off the inducer went trying to make Riley sneeze with the feather. Already half way through the first minute and she didn't even seem like there was a tickle at all. Only until under 10 seconds left in the minute and she finally showed her first signs of feeling a tickle in her nose when her blinking became more rapid. The buzzer went off signaling one minute, however Riley still had not yet had a tickle became strong enough in her nose to make her sneeze. The tickle in her nose finally became stronger at the 1:30 mark. Her eyes watered up and her nostrils flared on occasion. Her nose started showing a shade of red. She bobbed her head and gave a quiet stifle. "Ngggxxxx!" The deciblel recorder showed 23.57. She brought her head back up and seemed to still have a tickle in her nose but not strong enough to force another sneeze. She made it through the ten seconds with a threat of another sneeze. Riley as relieved as she was able to now rub away that annoying tickle in her nose.

Up next was Sarah as she wanted to get her second medal of the Olympics. There was only a small list of people that ever won a medal in both the sneeze sprint and the stifle contest. Her quest for this began as the countdown started. Her nose was not bothered by the feather at all as she easily made it through the first minute. It was nearing two minutes now and her nose was still not giving into the feather as now she was worried that she might not get in a sneeze before the 3 minute mark. At about just over 2 min a few sniffles were finally heard. All of the sudden her nose turned from barely feeling a tickle to desperately needing to get out the irritants in her nose. Sarah geared up for the sneeze, closed her eyes, and let it out. "Heh-nggxttt!" She was in first place for now at 21.76 decibels. However, that was only if she could last the next ten seconds without sneezing which looked challenging for her. She was prone to getting sneezing fits and it looked as if she were getting one at the worst possible time. They were great for her sneeze sprint but not in handy for this competition. Sarah's nose gave way to another sneeze, "ngggxtttt!" But it only cost her .15 decibels as it only raised her score to 21.91. However, her nose was not satisfied yet. She was in a constant battle with her nose but was only able to hold off for 8 seconds as the sneeze finally forced its way out. "NggxtttCHH!" This sneezed cost her the lead and she was now at 28.01 decibels. The damage was still not yet done. Only three seconds later, another helpless sneeze came out of Sarah's nose. "Heh-NggxtttttCHHH!" This one read 28.92 as this was just making things worse. Sarah did not need to sneeze anymore but the damage had been done.

Kate was the next one up and found her way to the seat as the countdown began. The feather tickling started as soon as the word 'go' was said and so did the burning itch in Kate's nose. From second 1 the itch was unbearable as her nose chose a bad day to be ultra-super sensitive. Her nose was twitching and eyelashes were fluttering before she even made it to 10 seconds. She lasted for a little bit, however she was only able to make it to 23 seconds before her nose gave up on her. The itch in her nose was so bad she couldn't even stifle it. "Heh-SHIEWWW! ESHIEWWW! HEHSHIEWWWWW! The third sneeze was the loudest at 63.06 decibels. She got out her sneezes and lasted the next ten seconds without sneezing. However, she did sneeze one more time after the ten seconds while rubbing her nose. She paused her rubbing and cupped her hands and sneeze harshly and wet into them. "HEHSHEWWWWWW!!!" She walked away disappointed with her performance.

It was now time for a quick pause in the action as this is what the leaderboard looked like so far:

1. United States - Riley 23.57 dB

2. France - Sarah 28.92 dB

3. Canada - Kelly 34.25 dB

4. United States - Kate 63.06 dB/ under 1 min

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I've been busy so it took me a while to get to this, but I finally did :)

Part 2

It was now time for Alexandra to begin. She was looking to become the first ever Olympic competitor to get back to back gold medals in the sneeze sprint and the stifle contest. The feather did have an effect on her nose as she was sniffling quite a bit, but it was not enough to make her have to sneeze. She made it to 30 seconds still in pretty good shape but the condition of her nose was slowly descending. Her nose became itchier and became harder to hold back. With ten seconds left before one minute she seemed as if she were losing the battle as she desperately needed to sneeze. However, with good willpower and discipline she was able to contain it as the one minute marker passed and now she could let the sneeze out. Alexandra's eyes closed, mouth opened, and nostrils widened. The sneeze did not come out though as it it went away. For a second the tickle seemed to disappear but it quickly came back. Her breathing hitched and she geared up to try and stifle it as much as possible. "Hehhhhh...hehhhhhhh-nggtschhhhh!" The sneeze recorded at 22.03 decibels which put her in first place. She looked as if she was going to sneeze again but she was able to stop it just before she sneezed again. She slowly started building up and she didn't know if she would make it as she felt a fit coming. Luckily for her she just made it to ten seconds and she wasted no time getting her sneezes out. "Hetchoooooo! Etchoooooo! Choooooooo! Etchoooooo! Choooooooo! Hetchoooooo! Hetchooooo! Hetchooooooo!" She rubbed her nose before she could sneeze any more.

Next was Isabella. As she began it took a lot of concentration to keep the tickle down in her nose, but she was able to do it as she went by the first 40 seconds without being in real danger of letting the sneeze go. Now with only 20 seconds to go before she could let her sneezes out, it was becoming more of a challenge. Her nostrils were flaring and her breathing started becoming uncontrollable. She desperately had to resist the urge to give her nose a big rub. The next 20 seconds felt like 20 minutes to her but she was able to make it as the buzzer sounded signaling 1 minute was up. She didn't waste much time as at the 1:03 mark the unbearable itch came out of her nostrils. Isabella doesn't stifle any of her sneezes as she is good at just sneezing quietly. "Hehhchooooo!" The sneeze recorded at 23.19 dB. She was out of the gold medal now, but if she held out of sneezing for the next 10 seconds she could still get a silver medal. However that was not the case. Isabella reared her head back, paused for a few seconds, as it seemed as if she lost the itch all of the sudden, but then the overdue tickle came out, just a little louder than the first sneeze at 26.88. This time it seemed as if she could last the next 10 seconds easy but with only 2 seconds to go she shut her eyes and breathed in heavily. Luckily for her this time the sneeze escaped her and she was still in place to get a bronze medal.

Carla was the next contestant to go. As soon as the time started, Carla felt a sharp tickle all throughout her nose. By the time 10 seconds was reached, her eyes were already watering up and her sensitive nose was buzzing like crazy. Carla had always had trouble making it not sneezing for a minute because of her overly sensitive nose, but when she makes it past a minute she usually wins because she can sneeze so quietly. However, it seemed as if she wouldn't make it to one minute as her mouth opened and her nostrils flared, but fortunately for Carla, the sneeze didn't come out, as now it was just torturing her poor nostrils. She now made it to 40 seconds and the sneeze was now on the brink of its release. She started bringing her cupped hands up to her nose, but quickly brought them back down knowing she would be disqualified if she did that. "Hehhhhhhuhhhhhhh..." You could hear her soft breathing hitching as she desperately tried to keep the irritant inside her nose for 10 more seconds as she was now at 50 seconds. But at 52 seconds, her nose got the best of her and these premature sneezes crushed her hopes of a medal. "Heghntch! Egntchhh! Ntchhuh! Hehnttchhhh!" The loudest of her sneezes was 22.99 dB which would have put her in second place had the sneeze been after the one minute. Since it was not, this put her in second to last, only ahead of Katie.

Finally, the last contestant was up and it was Maria. She needed under 22.03 for a gold, under 23.57 for silver, and 26.88 for bronze. The time started and Maria started getting induced. This time it was the complete opposite as what happened to Carla. By the time it was 30 seconds, Maria showed no signs of a need to sneeze as it didn't seem like there was even the slightest tickle in her nose. Now at one minute, she was free to sneeze but still had no chance to as the tickle in her nose was almost nonexistent. Then all of the sudden it was 2 minutes and there still was only a slight tickle in her nose. Maria was now in danger of the 3 minute rule which states if you don't sneeze within 3 minutes, it is a disqualification. The rule is rarely broken because usually nobody makes it even close to 3 minutes. At 2:30 Maria's nose finally started breaking down a bit more, but still not enough to sneeze. 15 seconds later she tried sniffling to make a stronger tickle in her nose which was fairly effective. Maria fully concentrated on trying to get the sneeze out and somehow she was able to before the 3 minutes. "HehNgggxtttttttt!" The sneeze came out louder than Maria hoped for because she was mainly concentrated on getting the sneeze out. It was recorded at 30.41 dB which would not get her a medal. That score would not get any higher as it got out the small tickle in her nose.

The final results are:

Alexandra - Great Britain/ Gold

Riley - United States/ Silver

Isabella - Spain/ Bronze

I have something in mind for my next event but let me know if you have an idea.

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Funny that u just happened to post. I was just thinking an hour ago about reviving this topic because I enjoyed writing it. :)

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I love this idea! You should definitely continue. I'd personally like to see some male events, and some allergy related ones. Some ideas for allergy events include 'who can get the most sneezes from just one sniff of the allergen,' one where allergic contestants have to stay in a room full of their allergen for as long as they can, one where an allergen is hidden and they have to use their sneezes as a sort of measure of hot/cold and whoever finds it in the least time wins, and one where they go down a line of allergens, and the person who sneezes at the most things wins, one where they have to read(a predetermined paragraph) as many words as they can, as clearly as they can, while in the presence of an allergen.

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2016 Sneezing Olympics - Hold Back contest (Part 1)

Rules: Two contestants face each other in head to head matchups on who can hold back their sneeze the longest. Each will be induced by an official inducer and whoever sneezes first loses. You can not pinch your nose as that would be a disqualification. It is a best of 3 series so you have to beat the other person twice in order to move on in the bracket format.

Example: player a and player b are going head to head. Player a sneezes first so player b is up 1-0. A new round starts and now b sneezes first so now it's 1-1 and next round decides the game. The next round b sneezes first so player a wins and would face the winner of the next game.


*Alexandra - Great Britain


Sydney - Australia

*Emily - USA


*Sarah - France

Hannah - Germany


*Riley - USA

*Kelly - Canada


Lauren - Brazil

The first game was between Alexandra and Sydney. Alexandra was trying to become the first ever person to win gold in all three of the events. They made their way to their seats as the inducers got into position. "Ready! Set! GO!" Each inducer pulled out their feathers and began tickling the girls' noses. Alexandra's nose seemed to be flaring from the start while Sydney seemed to be fine. However, not long after, Sydney eyes shut and she breathed in. "Huhhhhhhhhhhhh......." She was stuck in that position for a few seconds and it looked like she had lost the sneeze. But then in an instant her head bobbed forward and she let out a volley of sneezes. "HehENNCHHHHHUH! ENCHUHHHH! EHHCHUHH! HEHCHUHHHHH!" Alexandra decided to let out her sneezes now. "Hetchoooo! ETCHOOOOOO!" Finally Sydney let out one last sneeze. "EHHHNNCCHHUHHHH!"

Alexandra 1 - Sydney 0

The next round started after both girls got down rubbing and blowing their noses. "Ready! Set! GO!" Once again Alexandra still looked bothered by the feather from the start but Sydney's nose was being quite bothered also. It seemed that Sydney's nose still itched from before because she didn't even last ten seconds before a pair of sneezes escaped her. "HEHNCHUHHHH! ENNCHUHHHH!" This meant that Alexandra had won 2-0 over Sydney and now was advancing to face the winner of Emily and Sarah.

Emily and Sarah were next go and got themselves ready. The inducers took their positions and were set to go. "Ready, set, GO!" Sarah's nose started twitching and Emily's nose turned a bright shade of red. Sarah started to bring her hand up to her nose as she desperately wanted to rub away the itch, but she stopped because she was not allowed to. Emily's nose finally started to break down as she seemed to have lost control. "Hehhhhhhhhhhhh....ahhhhhhh..." Finally after a few more times of the feather brushing against her red nostrils she started sneezing. "Hah-tchoooooooo! HATCHOOOOOO! ATCHOOOOOOOO! TCHOOOOOOO!" Sarah was then able to get the annoying tickle out of her nose as she let out a powerful half-stifle. "Heh-NGGGXTTTchewww!" She followed that up by rubbing her nose to get out the rest of the tickle since she was allowed to now.

Sarah 1 - Emily 0

The next round started just a few moments later, "Ready, set, GO!" Once again, Emily's nose turned that familiar shade of red again as the feather seemed to be getting the best of her. However, Sarah seemed to not be doing any better. Only a few seconds in her breathing started becoming very uncontrolled and her eyes shut hoping to will away the sneeze, but she couldn't. "Heh-nggxxtttch! Nggxtchh! NGGXTTchhh! Nggxxttchooo! NGGXTTTCHHH! NGGXTTCHOOO!" Sarah paused for a brief moment but she still wasn't done. "HEHNGGXTCHH! HEHHNNGGXTCHH! NGGGXTTCHOOOOOO!" Finally after nine sneezes she was done and now Emily joined in with a triple of her own. "Hehatchooo! Atchoooooo! HESSHHHOOOOOOO!"

Sarah 1 - Emily 1

The third and final round was ready to start. "Ready, set, GO!" Neither girls were really affected by the feather this time as they seemed to have all ready gotten the sneezy-ness out of their noses. They eventually got to a point where it seemed like neither would sneeze and that it would last forever. Just then out of nowhere, a quick sneeze snuck up on Emily before she had time to try and stop it, "Hatchooooooo!" It only was one quick sneeze but that meant she was eliminated and Sarah won 2-1 and would go on to face Alexandra in the next round.

Hannah and Riley were set to face off next. The inducers got ready with their inducing tools. "Ready, set, GO!" Both of them were off to a fairly good start in the beginning as neither showed a sign off weakening. However, after a while they were progressively getting worse. Riley's nose was as red as Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and Hannah was sniffing consistently every second. Riley's nose was the first one to lose its battle with the sneeze, "HECHIEWWW! ECHIEWWW!" Hannah followed that up with her own triple, "Heshooooo! Eshooooo! HETCHHOOO!" Then Riley sneezed once more, "HEH-ATCHIEWW!"

Hannah 1 - Riley 0

The next round started soon after. "Ready, set, GO!" Once again Hannah was off to a strong start as she looked like her nose wasn't even being tickled. Riley, on the other hand, seemed to look like she was about to sneeze at any moment. Her head was slightly tilted back, her eyes squeezed shut, and her nostrils red and flaring. She was able to fight back the sneeze for a while, but Hannah was still going very strong and Riley finally had to let the sneezes go. "HEH-CHIEWWW! ECHHIEWWW!" Riley rubbed her nose and that got out the rest of the tickle as Hannah didn't need have any sneezes to let out. This meant Hannah now won 2-0 and advances to the next round to face the winner of Kelly and Lauren.

Kelly and Lauren were about to kick off the final game of round one. "Ready, set, GO!"

The inducers quickly pulled out their feathers and were tickling the girls' noses at a fast rate. Neither seemed to have been too bothered except Lauren twitched her nose back and forth a few times. After a while, Lauren desperately wished she could be able to stop the oncoming sneeze by pinching her nose, but since she was not able to she had to somehow do it hands free. Kelly was not weakening down and eventually the sharp itch in Lauren's nose took its toll. "Heh-tschoooo! Eh-tschooooo! TSCHOOOOO!" Kelly looked as if she didn't have to sneeze but eventually a single came out. "Heh-NGSCHewwww!" The girls rubbed their noses and prepared for the next round.

Kelly 1 - Lauren 0

The next round began shortly after. "Ready, set, GO!" This time Kelly seemed to be more affected than Lauren. The feathers were causing Kelly to constantly sniff and her eyes were fluttering too. However, she was holding it back very well as she held back as long ad she possibly could. As soon as she was about to let it out though, Lauren unexpectedly let out a double that had just sprung upon her. "Hehtschooo! Heh-EHTSCHOOO!" Then Kelly's sneezes came out. "Heh-NGGGSCH! NGGSCHEWWW! Heh-NGSCHewwww!" Kelly won again so she advanced 2-0 to face Hannah in the next round.

Next Round:

Alexandra - Great Britain


Sarah - France

Hannah - Germany


Kelly - Canada

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This is a terrific idea. I can't wait to see who will finish at the top. It looks like Kelly has the upper-hand.

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Holdback Contest Part 2

The next round was about to start with Alexandra vs Sarah, followed by Hannah vs Kelly. Three out of the four of them would get medals as the loser of the two games would face each other for the 3rd place - bronze medal match. Now Alexandra and Sarah started their match, "Ready, set, GO!" Both started out fairly good as neither one of their noses were bothered. Alexandra started progressively getting worse though as Sarah did not buckle. After awhile Alexandra finally had to let out the sneezes as Sarah was not even letting out a sniff. "Hatchoooo! HATCHOOOO! HESSSHOOOOO! AHEHSSSHHHHOO!" Alexandra seemed like she was done but she started sneezing again, "Heh-HaATCHOOO! HATCHHHHOO!" Sarah only casualy rubbed her nose once and was ready to move onto the next round.

Sarah 1 - Alexandra 0

The next round started after Alexandra emptied her nose of the tickle from the previous round, "Ready, set, GO!" This time both girls had difficulties as Alexandra's nose was still bothering her and Sarah seemed like it was finally time to get the tickle out of her nose. Both were about to sneeze, however Sarah's sneeze came out just a fraction of a second before Alexandra's sneeze, "hehNGGGXTCHHHH!" Then came Alexandra's, "Hatchoooooo!" Sarah sneezed twice more, "NGXXTCHHUHH! HEHNGGXTCHHH!" Followed by a long fit from Alexandra, "Hatchooooo! Hatchooooooo! ATCHOOOOOO! hehTCHOOOO! HETCHOOOOO! ATCHOOOOO! ESHOOOOOOOOOO!" Alexandra looked like she was not done sneezing but her next sneeze went away after a long buildup. Even though it wasn't her best round, she still won and tied the score.

Alexandra 1 - Sarah 1

Finally, it was time for the third and final match between Alexandra and Sarah. "Ready, set, GO!" This time neither seemed as bothered by the tickle but they still seemed to each have a small tickle in their noses. Alexandra's nose was flaring from time to time and Sarah's eyes were fluttering frequently. However, the tickle seemed to be increasing more rapidly in Alexandra's nose than in Sarah's. Then out of nowhere a sneeze almost snuck upon Sarah, "Hehhhhhhh...." Luckily for her, the sneeze didn't come out but the itch in her nose was spread all over and she desperately needed to rub her nose. Even though the itch was unbearable, Sarah still was not sneezing as it was stuck. Finally, Alexandra's nose couldn't hold back the tickle that she had been trying to hold off and she let out a double. "HATCHOOOOOO! Heh-ETCHOOOO!" Sarah was finally able to rub her very itchy nose, the rubbing triggered a fit of her own. "NGGXTCHHHHOOO! Heh-NGGGXTchhhh! NGGXTTchhuh! Nggxxttchh! NGGGXtchuh! HEHNGGXTCHH!" Another rub of her nose stopped anymore sneezes as she was now advancing to the final round to face the winner of Hannah vs Kelly in the first place, gold medal game while Alexandra had to face the loser for a bronze medal.

Sarah 2 - Alexandra 1

The second and final round two game began between Hannah and Kelly, "Ready, set, GO!" Both girls started off really well as neither one would budge. They seemed to be lasting forever until Hannah's nose started turning a light shade of red. After that Hannah started sniffing and it seemed to all be going downhill from there. Kelly still wasn't budging and eventually a small sneeze snuck its way out of Hannah's nose, "Hesshooooo!" After a few loud sniffs Hannah's nose was back to normal and Kelly rubbed underneath her nose with her finger back and forth for a few seconds to alleviate the small tickle in her nose.

Kelly 1 - Hannah 0

The next round began shortly thereafter. "Ready, set, GO!" Once again the two girls got off to a great start as neither seemed bothered at all. Hannah and Kelly each showed no signs of backing down as the feathers seemed nonexistent to them. Just like last round it appeared neither one of them would ever sneeze and that it could go on for days. This time Kelly started weakening as her eyes squinted and was twitching her nose. However, before the tickle in Kelly's nose had time to build up to a sneeze, a pair of sneezes snuck up on Hannah. "Hesshoooo! ESSHOOOOOOO!" Hannah pushed up on the tip of her nose which got rid of the tickle in her nose. Kelly started rubbing underneath her nose again, but this time it sparked a loud sneeze. "NGSCHHHHEWWWWWWWWW!" Kelly advanced to the gold medal game vs Sarah while Hannah settled for the bronze medal game vs Alexandra.

3rd place game - Bronze medal

Hannah - Germany


Alexandra - Great Britain

Finals - Gold Medal game

Sarah - France


Kelly - Canada

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It is so great how you describe the actions of how they're feeling as they try to fight off the sneezes. I can't wait to see how this ends.

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Haven't been on in a while but I finally found some time to continue

Holdback Contest part 3

The bronze medal game between Hannah and Alexandra was set to take place first. The winner would take home a bronze medal while the loser wouldn't get a medal at all. The first round was set to begin, "Ready, set, GO!" Right away Alexandra's eyelashes were fluttering a million times a minute. The tickle from the feather was getting to her nose right away. Hannah also wasn't doing that great either as her mouth hung open and nose was slightly pink. However, Alexandra seemed to be doing much worse. Finally after a long battle, the itch grew too bad and made Alexandra sneeze. "Heh-TCHOOOO! ATCHOOOOO!" Hannah also needed to let out a sneeze, "Hessshhhooooo!" Both girls sniffed loudly and prepared for the next round.

Hannah 1 - Alexandra 0

The round began right after, "Ready, set, GO!" This round the tables had turned. Hannah's nose was very red from the start and was twitching every so often while Alexandra seemed to be completely fine. Hannah tried to hold back the sneeze as long as possible but it looked like there would be no possible way for her to win this round as Alexandra would not back down. Hannah held back the tickle for quite a while but eventually the sneezes prevailed. "HESHOOOOO! HEHSHOOOO! Heh-ESSSHOOOO! Heh-hhhhhhhahh" Hannah looked to have a fourth sneeze but it went away. Alexandra got out the very small tickle in her nose by rubbing it in circles.

Alexandra 1 - Hannah 1

The third and final round started a minute later, "Ready, set, GO!" This time both girls were really feeling the tickle. Hannah's nostrils were flaring and turning red while Alexandra's nose was twitching and her eyes were watering up. However, since it was the deciding round for a medal, both girls fought off the tickle for as long as the possibly could. Hannah seemed like she was going to sneeze first, her head tilted back and she started a long buildup. She appeared to be gearing up for a huge sneeze, "hehhhhhh-EHHHHHahhhhhh...huhhhh...." It seemed to be about to come out as the sneeze seemed to desperately want to come out but it couldn't. However, before Hannah's sneeze came out, Alexandra's tickle in her nose intensified so quickly as the feather hit a sensitive spot in her nose which caught her off guard. By then it was to late for Alexandra to hold it off and she sneezed, "Hatchoooooo! ATCHOOOOOO!" Less than a second later Hannah erupted with a giant sneeze, "HEH-HEEEESSSSSSSHHHHHHOOOOOOOO!" It was very wet as the spray from her sneeze flew everywhere, Hannah seemed like she was gearing up for another massive sneeze, but it went away. She was excited to have won the bronze medal as she beat Alexandra 2-1.

Up next was the gold medal game between Sarah and Kelly. Round 1 started shortly after they were ready, "Ready, set, GO!" Kelly was off to a poor start. Her nose was showing all the signs of a potential sneeze coming. Her nostrils were flaring, and she was sniffing very loudly as the tickle was growing at a rapid pace. Sarah was in perfect form meanwhile and didn't seem bothered at all. Finally Kelly had to give up and let out the sneeze as there was no chance of her winning this round. "Heh-NGGGschhhhhh! NGGSCHHHHHH! Heh-NGGSCHEWWWWW!" Kelly couldn't afford to lose another round as Sarah won the first round.

Sarah 1 - Kelly 0

Round 2 started next as soon as both girls were ready to start, "Ready, set, GO!" Once again Kelly got off to another poor start while Sarah was doing another great job of not having to sneeze. Kelly's nostrils were flaring just like before and she seemed to have been doing worse as it looked like she could sneeze at any moment. Fighting it off as long as she could, Kelly was desperately trying to fend of the sneeze as it would ruin her chances of a gold medal. However, the sneeze seemed to have overtaken her as she reared her heated back, shut her eyes and prepare for the sneeze. But it never came. The sneeze got stuck and Kelly let out a deep breath. The tickle in her nose was not completely gone but she escaped the sneeze for now. Sarah nose started getting worse though and it seemed her nose was even worse than Kelly's was by now. Her breathing hitched as a long buildup came. "Hehhhhhh....Haaaaahhhhehhhhhh..." Sarah seemed to pause as if she was about to sneeze. However before Sarah could sneeze, the tickling sensation in Kelly's nose spread so quickly that she didn't have any time to hold it back. "Nggschewwwww!" Less than half a second later, Sarah's sneezes came out, "Heh-NGGGGXTchoo! HehNGGXTTCHH!" She paused for a quick second then one more sneeze built up in Sarah's nose, "Heh-NGXTTTCHOOO!" Sarah was grinning from ear to ear as she had just won the gold medal over Kelly who had to settle for a silver medal while Hannah took home the bronze.

Gold - Sarah (France)

Silver - Kelly (Canada)

Bronze - Hannah (Germany)

I'll take some ideas for future stories but I've already decided my next one will be a team contest.

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I still think a sneezing while hiding story featuring Princess Peach would be terrific. If you have been thinking about continuing the sneezing while hiding story "The Hideout" story, that would be interesting too. Maybe have one of the cops called for backup also be a lady with dust allergies. That would make it interesting.

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2016 Sneezing Olympics - Loudest Sneeze Contest - Part 1

The next contest was to see who could sneeze the loudest. The rules for this contest is that the contestant whose sneeze records the loudest on the decibel meter wins. Each contestant can induce with whatever tool they wish and the individual was allowed to have 3 sneezes. Only the loudest sneeze out of the 3 sneezes would be counted.


Riley - United States

Macy - Ireland

Taylor - Italy

Alexandra - Great Britain

Kelly - Canada

Lauren - Brazil

Sydney - Australia

Kate - United States

Riley was first in the order so she would go first. Her tool that she wanted to induce with was a feather. She brought the feather to her nose and started tickling the outsides of her nostrils. It didn't take long for her nose to get red and start being very sniffly. Riley a few times looked like she was going to sneeze and her breathing started hitching. "hehhhhhhhhAHHHH-hehhhhhh.....uhhhhhh" However, she was trying to keep it in so the tickle could build up more to result in a louder sneeze. She was able to mantain it for a while but Riley couldn't hold on to it any longer, she had to sneeze. "HAAAAAASSSSHHHHEWWWWWW!" Riley let out a loud sneeze that sent her long, brown hair flying. The sneeze recorded at 68.04 dB. Just as Riley brought the feather up to her nose again to build up another tickle, a sneeze quickly snuck up on her. "EhhhhSHEWWWWW!" This sneeze wasn't nearly as loud as she didn't have time to prepare for it and it recorded at only 42.65 dB. Riley needed to rub her nose and she once again used the feather to build up a new tickle in her nose. It took a while for Riley to find a sensitive spot in her nose but she finally did. "HAAASSSHHHEWWWWW!" It was moderately loud but wasn't as loud as her first sneeze as this one recorded at 60.97 dB. Riley's first sneeze would be the one recorded, because it was the loudest, which meant her final score was 68.04 dB.

Macy was the next one to go. She isn't what someone would picture as a loud sneezer because she was short, skinny, and had a smallish nose. Her inducing tool is perfume. She started off by spraying some of the perfume onto the back of her hand. Then she proceeded to bring that hand right up to the bottom of her nose and she started sniffing. At first, the only effect it was having was that it was making her eyes water. After a few more sniffs, her nose started twitching and she was having trouble holding it in to build a bigger tickle. Macy had a pre-sneeze look as if she were about to sneeze, but she put a finger under her nose to stop it because she knew the tickle wasn't strong enough yet. But once she removed the finger from under her nose the sneeze came back. "HESSSSSHHHHOOOO! ENNGGGGGSSHHHH!" She tried to stop the second sneeze by pinching her nose because she wanted to have an extra chance to build up another tickle, but all that did was muffle and dampen the sound. The first sneeze came out at 59.88 dB, much louder than the half-hearted second sneeze at 38.52 dB. Macy started spraying a lot more perfume on her hand to sniff to try and build another tickle. All it took was one sniff and she almost lost control of her nose again. "Hehhhhhhhh....ahhhhhhhhhhhhh" It took a lot of focus to not sneeze but she was still holding it in trying to build up the tickle as large as possible. Macy even sniffed the perfume again trying to build up even more of a tickle. Somehow she was still not letting her nose release the huge tickle. It felt like a million little tiny feathers tickling the insides of her nasal passages. Macy got greedy and tried sniffing the perfume again, but this time it was to much for her nose and she let out an enormous sneeze. "HEHHHHH-HEHHHHHHHH-HEHHHHHHEESSSHHOOOOOOO!" The sneeze was so loud and you could see a lot of spray come out of her small nose. The sneeze recorded at 75.55 dB, definitely good enough to propel her past Riley and get her into first place.

Taylor took her turn next as she was third in the order. Once again, like Macy, she wasn't the prototypical loud sneezer as she is a small person with a nose on the small side. Her inducing tool of choice is pepper. Taylor stated off by pouring some pepper into her hands, then cupping her hands together and placing her nose into her pepper filled hands. It took quite a while for anything to happen as she was just sitting there trying to sniff the pepper. All that it was doing was making her nose runny and she had to constantly rub her nose. Taylor's nose started turning reddish-pink from all the nose rubbing and constant bothering of the pepper. Finally, the first signs of a tickle started appearing as her eyelashes were fluttering very rapidly. Quickly, Taylor started to sniff in some more pepper to make the tickle happen faster. However, this made the tickle grow to fast and before she knew it she had to sneeze. "HAAASSSSHHOOOOO!" It wasn't loud nor quiet at 57.34 dB. The tickle didn't leave her nose. She was trying to hold it back some more but hear breathing was hitching rapidly. "Hehhhhahhehuhhhhh....." While her breathing was hitching, she was accidentally inhaling pepper through her nose which made the tickle in her nose impossible to hold in. "HAHHHHHH-ASSHHHHHHOOOO!" It was almost the same exact result, only 0.09 dB louder at 57.43. Once again, the sneeze didn't get out all of the tickle out of her nose. This time the tickle wasn't as difficult to hold in but it was still rather hard. After only two more sniffs of pepper, Taylor's nose was just too sensitive and she knew a sneeze would come out at any second. She tried holding it back as long as she could to build it up but the sneeze usually always wins. "HAHHHHHSSSHHHOOOOOOOOO!" This sneeze was a little louder then the first two at 59.95 dB, but this put her in last place out of the 3 people that already went.

Alexandra was next to go. She was somebody who had the perfect fit for a sneezer, a long, athletic body with a nose that wasn't huge but a tad larger than normal. Her inducing tool that she uses is a feather. She started off by tickling on the edge of her round, large nostrils. The feather was having an effect on her nose as she was wiggling it back and forth. Alexandra started sniffing and a very tiny piece of the feather accidentally made its way in her nose. This caused the tickle to intensify greatly as she was now on the verge of sneezing. "Ehhhhhhhhhh.....HAHhhhhhhh" It took great self-control to continue to hold if back for as long as she could. Finally, she reared her head back and let the sneeze fly. "HEHHHTTTCHHHHOOOOOOOO!" This nearly got her into first place with a score of 73.21 dB. She still had a chance to get to first as she had only used up one of her three sneezes so far. Alexandra had to try And build up a whole new tickle this time as her previous sneeze was strong enough to neutralize any remaining tickle. She once again started brushing the feather back and forth. A certain area in her nose started bothering her so she began to rub it with her fist. Appearantly, she rubbed a sensitive spot in her nose as this immediately triggered a sneeze which caught her off guard. "HUHHHCHHHHHHOOO!" This resulted in a second score not very close to her first one at 54.79 dB. Once again Alexandra had to start all over as she had no itch in her nasal passages whatsoever. She started tickling her nostrils once again like the previous two times. After she felt a tickle reappear again, she started tickling the tip of her nose to magnify the tickle in her nose. The burning itch was starting to become to much to contain as her breathing must've hitched at least 18 times. "Hehhhhhhhh-AHHHHHhuhhhhhhhh....." Alexandra reared her head back but the tickle was teasing her as she couldn't get it out. She took the feather once again, and with it flicked her nose twice. This did the trick. "HAHHHH-HUHHHHHETTTTCHHHHHOOOOOOOO!" The volume of the sneeze sounded awfully close to Macy's sneeze that put her in first place. In fact, Alexandra's sneeze was recorded at 75.57 dB, 0.02 dB louder than Macy's sneeze. This meant Alexandra was now in first place by a margin of 0.02, with 4 contestants still left to go.

Current Leaderboard:

1. Alexandra - 75.57 dB

2. Macy - 75.55 dB

3. Riley - 68.04 dB

4. Taylor - 59.95 dB

To Be Continued

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This is so lovely and I'm def gonna have to pick up on this when I have more time.

My only compliant (though that is not the right word by any means) is that it's a bit hard to read/ follow at times. I think some simple editing. line breaks perhaps would fix this.

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