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Cold becomes worse


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Not sure if anyone else is going to appreciate this, but I might as well share since this exact scenario always been a bit of a "thing" of mine. Though god knows why, it's not pleasant to experience. :)

It's probably the whole; tough nut refuses to admit simple cold which then turns into forcibly-confined to bed scenario.

Some of you have probably seen my recent post in regular obs about my bad new year cold. Up until last night I was feeling much better.

Around 7pm last night I began to feel suddenly very weak, lost my appetite and started to get a bit of a cough. I just put it down to the heatwave where I am.

Dragged myself up for my 7am start, still with a bit of a dry cough but didn't think much of it per se, and certainly thought I'd be able to work through it - to be perfectly honest I'm way too much of a workaholic to enjoy staying home for too long.

I told my co-workers I was feeling worse from my cold again; and they certainly noticed as I couldn't stop coughing. I got a lot of comments about how sick I sounded, and much it would suck to be ill in this weather.

A co-worker from new years day who had sent me home early came in at 10 and asked how I was doing....I said struggling and he advised me to go home. I laughed and said that I don't take sick leave, and I'd live.

I literally couldn't go more than a couple of minutes without a chesty cough into my hand or sleeve. Except when I had to deal with customers....then I was way too embarrassed,

A half and hour later working out the back in the heat I began to feel the first symptoms of something nastier; a tight lump started to form in my chest as I coughed, and I felt weak and feverish (although in the heat the last bit was a wild guess). Co-worker saw this and urged me to go home a few more times but I just kept brushing him off, saying I'd be okay. Despite having put my head in my hands against the basin in the ladies around the same time I just couldn't admit I was still/getting ill.

When I realised I didn't have the energy to do any of my job, I conceeded it was time to leave, and rang up for a dr's appointment.

It was all I could do to grip the steering wheel as I continued to cough on the way home.

Turns out I have pneumonia, complete with stabbing pains to my chest when I cough, fever and utter exhaustion.

There's a reason my new years resolution is to take better care of myself :P

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Stubborn + Sick = Yum.

I'm very sympathetic to your condition. You need a caring cold fetishist to get you tissues and soup and feel your hot forehead. Poor dear, you let your cold get out of control, didn't you? <playful swat on your behind>

Feel better Cauldwell, I'm a big fan and I don't want to miss out on your posts.

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*Giggles* Oh you've got me all figured out, haven't you :laugh2: Stubborn is my middle name.

I do, I do. Too bad I don't know any in real life

Thanks honey, that means a lot

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