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A little Durarara! fancomic


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I've regressed back to the nerd I am. blushing.gif

Here's a little comic starring my favourite Durarara! -character, Izaya Orihara. I like him because he's at the same time very controlled, and crazy impulsive... like, he can control himself if he cares to, and often doesn't.. +, I am often childishly infatuated with characters that regard other people as chess-pieces.

And, I always thought that in addition to remarkably ill-tempered, there's something about the character design that makes him look somewhat sickly. aaevil.gif Yes. I like that.

Now enough blabbering...

poor devil

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Oh, my~

More sexy, messy Durarara art from you~

Beautiful as always :heart:

poor Izaya, if there only was a certain someone who he could give that cold to

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He's like the biggest bastard in the universe. And I love him so much. And he's adorable. That always helps.

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AhjfeyfeyigffeWGYFGEYIPWgryfiewgfyarfegf7yrgyefgyewgfywgyfewgyfewgifwegifewiygfwegiyegeyIPWRGY4UEGFTRHFUAF HOLY SHIT IZAYA YEEEEEEEEEEEEEES~!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :D :D :D

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Ahh, grumpiness... *happy sigh*

"Where the HELL did that fly?" :rofl: Love it. Looove it.

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My love for you still stands. <3 -suffocates Izaya in my bosom-

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Spoo - thanks I looove drippy! biggrin.png

PuddinPop - glad you feel so!

Sitruuna - ahaha tempting me huh? Well you never know...

Spoider - unf sexycute comment blushing.gif thank you. There's something special about a sneeze followed by coughs, it just yells SICK!!!

Vongola Undicesimo - Isn't he though! biggrin.png

retrofan - eeehee! yay.gif my favourite part to draw blushing.gif

Tangerine - haha I love thermometers. <3 Thank you!

TheCakeIsaLie - thank you smile.png

Akahana - I take it that you enjoy the idea of a sick!Izaya just as much as I do biggrin.png

Kshu - thanks!

VoOs - yes I love grumpiness too. Dunno why. Sneezing and swearing... just so lovely somehow blushing.gif

SneezyHolmes - ZOMG that sounds EXACTLY what I want to do to him too. Sick or no sick (preferably sick though) tonguesmiley.gif

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