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Slight feeling of selfishness...


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Just wondering of anyone else has ever been a teensy bit conflicted between wanting their SO to be healthy, happy, etc and maybe slightly (ahem) wanting them to get a cold. I love my BF and would not want to inflict pain on him, but by the same token, I can't help feeling a tad sneeze - deprived, which is obviously irrational and selfish but ... y'know?

Gaaaaah #fetishproblems (yes, I did just hashtag ... I'm so sorry lol)

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I feel the same way sometimes. Sometimes it's awesome when I realize someone I want to see sneeze is sick, but then I feel bad because I know they're feeling awful right then.

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I feel the exact same way often. I don't want my boyfriend to feel bad or be miserable but I often really want him to get a cold and I love it when he does which makes me feel very selfish :/

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it is selfish but being a sneeze fetish makes me secretly wish that the guy i love falls sick but realizing how bad he would be feeling and consequently how sad and pityful i will be i just wish that he sneezes more often

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When my boyfriend and I were hanging out with someone and they complained about their allergies (usually with no freaking symptoms, THAT drives me crazy) anyway, when someone did this, my boyfriend would (before I told him about the fetish) go on proudly about how he used to be so allergic to everything and just by sheer willpower he's made it all go away. Certainly drove me crazy in the year and a half before he knew xD

But as for a cold, absolutely no way. My boyfriend is one of those people that when he gets sick, he doesn't sneeze. He just stops breathing (yay asthma [sarcasm])

So no, I personally don't wish a cold on him, but if his "terrible allergies" would come back again, well you won't hear complaints from me. :P

But I'm sure we're all guilty of feeling this way, so don't feel too bad about it. :P

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I can see why there are guilty feelings, but logically, as long as you don't deliberately set out to infect him, then there is nothing really to feel bad about. Your wishes and desires are not going to make him more likely to become ill, and if he does, and it means that you are willing to keep seeing him, and indeed perhaps happy to look after him, then that's a positive thing really. I remember once coming across a discussion board where a man was asking how likely he was to catch a cold from his wife, and was proposing cutting himself off from her for the duration of the time she was unwell. Now that to me does seem selfish.

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