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Sneezes at work (male and female)


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It seemed like everyone at work was sneezing today! It made for some great observations.

The first was from one the nurses I work with. She's a dark, lovely Latin with dark, flowing hair. I've noticed that she often sneezes in the morning. She sneezes in quick fits of 5 or 6. They are very dainty, just coughs really. They sound something like, "keicht! Keicht!" Sorry, hard for me to spell those.

The next is from one of my fellow male nurses. He is a huge guy. About 6'4" and about 260 with not much fat on him. He has a full beard and a great pointy nose. When he sneezes, I swear it rattles the entire section I work in . He has extremely powerful sneezes. Although I think he screams and exaggerates a bit. He has great gasping, hitching buildups, "Heeh-haaaah, hic, heeeeh." This is following by 3 or 4 ear-shattering sneezes with buildups in between. His sneeze sound varies, sometimes it's a classic, "AAAAAAACHOOOOOOOO!!!!!"Other times its a one syllable roar that sounds a bit overdone, "AAAAAAAAAAAASSSCHHH!!!!" I may have to do a separate observation on him sometime. His sneezes are very entertaining.

The last was my favorite by far. Today we had a vendor sitting in on one of our procedures. She is one of my favorites, a very cool girl who knows her stuff. She is very tall, almost 6 ft, with shoulder length brown hair in a ponytail. She has a nicely proportioned body, nothing too big or too small, with a cute button nose. She was wearing a surgical mask at the time, which kinda made it even better. Anyway, about halfway through our procedure she suddenly turned her head to the side and sneezed two very intense half-stifles while holding her nose through the mask. These were the type of stifles that are louder than many people's sneezes. About the only thing she held in was the final release. It sounded something like "HEEAAAAP-CHNTTTT!!!" All I could think was, "how would those babies sound if she let them loose?" She said, "oh wow, bless me!" She looked a little dazed. Unfortunately, I was unable to really enjoy her sneezes as I was working at the time. It was still a great thing to see.

Happy sneezes!

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