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If someone fulfills this request I will die of happiness.


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Hello, again. I've once again become a deprived fangirl desperate for more...erm...material. I usually ask for JB stories, and upon seeing that not too many people are interested in tha,t (which is totally understandable), I've decided to broaden my horizons. It just occured to me that JB artwork would make my life as much as a fic would. And holy crap, I just can't imagine.

So, to the request part, I swear if anybody either writes me a JB fic or draws JB art I will:

a) explode as a result of extreme levels of happiness that cannot be contained in my small, preteen body.

B) praise the earth you walk on forever...once I've finished exploding, of course ;)

No, seriously, though. That would be the BEST THING EVER!!!!

and THANK YOUU in advance to any takers. :D

And to anyone who just read this, you've made my day just by giving this thread the time of day to read, or even a thought :)

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I could possibly write one... I've just been kinda busy lately so it might not be for a little while

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@smalltownbieber I really don't have much to do, so I'll wait as long as need be :) and THANK YOU in advance if you do decide to!

Also, little tidbit of nostalgia here: one of your stories was the first story I'd ever read on here. It was that story (I believe it was "Need You Now") that led me to the forum. So, thank you for that. If it wasn't for you writing that JB story, I would never have even found this place, so I've always had *quite* a bit of respect for ya :) So thanks :)

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I'm not much of a JB fan...But all the kids in homeroom are mad about him, so I've heard a lot of info....I could give this a try....

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Oh haha so I just saw this but I can totally write you a story! Do you have any preference?

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