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Confirmed: first cold of 2013


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Started getting that "sick" feeling in my throat a couple of days ago and figured I was getting something. Then it went away, so I thought, huh, that was weird. Yesterday I started coughing, and my sore throat was back with a vengeance, but still no congestion or runny nose.

That came today. And I had a dinner party. Happy happy joy joy.

Thankfully, my mum helped me out with dinner and most of the entertaining while I tried not to cough and sneeze on everyone/-thing. An all around interesting day.

Now I'm going to silently expire on my sofa.

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Thanks. This cold is messy beyond belief though :/ I have this annoying wheeze in my chest that makes me cough A LOT, which means my voice is pretty weak right now. And I'm incredibly sneezy - wet, harsh sneezes that are impossible to stifle, even if I wanted to!

I'm really stuffed up too, which means I can't say anything with m:s and n:s in it without sounding really ridiculous. I've therefore been avoiding answering my phone all day because I'd probably need a translator to make myself understood *lol*

And the blowing.... Guh! Let's just say I could pull santa's sleigh without any problem....

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