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Let's try again...


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So, I had my girlfriend over the day after boxing day, and she brought her cold with her.

So I 'had' (with great pleasure) to take care of her thumbsupsmileyanim.gif

She had quite a sneeze-filled cold which lead to her nose getting fully congested, which in its turn lead to her asking me to spray her nose with decongestant.

Said and done, one spray in each nostril. RIght after I pulled out the sprayer she went "Oh no!", I starred at her because I got quite shocked by her sudden reaction.

What I saw was truly pleasant; Her eyes were shut, nostrils flaring and her mouth opening quickly, This was all I saw before she let out a very powerful double which seems to have sprayed out all the decongestant, which she noticed as well. After she had recovered she said "Uhm, let's try again, shall we?" said and done, and this time she didn't sneeze out all the decongestant :D

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