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I'll preface this observation by saying that I have no problem saying "bless you" to people, and I've been doing it for so many years now that I sometimes say it without even thinking.

This observation happened in a cafe where I study a little while ago. A party of four people came in, consisting of three women in their 20's and one man in his 20's. It was pretty noisy and crowded in the cafe, and the four people sat down at the table next to mine. Our tables were about three feet apart.

Shortly after coming in, one of the women in the group began to sneeze. She didn't seem sick or allergic, but she just ended up sneezing frequently during the four hours we were all there. This woman had long black hair and wore cute glasses.

Her first sneeze happened about five minutes after the group sat down. Her back was facing toward me, and she then turned her head to the side and sneezed, covering her nose and mouth with her left arm. It was a full sneeze and emphatic but not loud and all one pitch - huchoo! She turned back to the table. The sneeze was so quick that none of her group took notice, as they were busy looking over menus. She jumped right back into the conversation. Of course, I had taken notice and had to stop myself from saying "bless you" because there was no point in the noisy cafe.

She and the man in the group went to the counter and ordered. Then, they were milling around a table right next to the one with the rest of their party, and the man was gathering silverware. Perhaps about 10 minutes had passed. The man had his back to her, and she sneezed again, quick and simple, but into her right hand - huchoo! Again, no one noticed.

After another 20 minutes or so passed, all of the party was seated around the table again and their drinks had come. The sneezing woman was seated and looking at her laptop. She swiveled quickly in her chair as she had before so that I could see her profile, covered quickly with her arm and sneezed twice, not rapid fire, but quickly in a row - huchoo, huchoo. She then turned back to her laptop, and exclaimed something in reference to the sneezes, but I don't remember what.

It seemed again that none of her group had taken any notice until her friend across from her looked up, smiled brightly, and said, "Bless you!" The woman laughed a little and replied, "Thank you"

As it got later and later, the cafe cleared out. As it approached 11, it was just me and this group of four friends. The friends had spread out so that the sneezing woman was now seated at a separate small table next to the original table.

Remarkably, the woman hadn't sneezed in a couple of hours, despite having sneezed so much before. I wasn't expecting anything else from her, but then suddenly, as she sat reading, she sneezed - huchoo - into her hand again, quite audible in the now empty cafe, and quickly bowing her head to cover the sneeze. She raised her head, and without thinking, I softly told her, "bless you." She looked over at me and giggled and told me, "thank you," cheerfully and slightly surprised. Then, after our exchange the other woman (not the one who had previously blessed her) looked up and loudly said, "Bless you" with a big grin on her face. The sneezing woman laughed a little again and looked back and forth between me and her friend and said, "thank you, thank you. I feel like I should take a bow."

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