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( Okay, so this story was originally bases on a really cute, up and coming singer named Austin Mahone Psst, here's a picture! http://weheartit.com...a/KaylaByDesign . But since no one knows who he is, I have decided to leave the characters up to your imagination. Enjoy! )

" Huhtschoo!"

I laid in bed, listening to my boyfriend Austin sneezing, which he had done for the millionth time. I wasn't sure if his allergies were bothering or he was getting sick, but he had been sneezing and sniffling the entire night. I looked over at the clock and it said 1:30am.

" Babe." I whispered.

The only response I got was a small sniffle. I sat up and looked at Austin, but all I could see was the black outline of his figure. I reached over and turned on the small bedside table lamp. Austin groaned and buried his face in his pillow. I put my hand on his forehead, only to discover he was burning with fever. I went and grabbed thermometer as well as the bottle of Nyquil. I went back into the room and sat on the edge of the bed.

" Austin," I said, holding up the thermometer. " Open."

He did as he was instructed and I stuck the plastic medical instrument in his mouth. I waited a couple seconds until it emitted a high pitched whine, signifying it had come to a conclusion on his temperature.

“ 101.2” I said out loud, more to myself then to Austin.

I grabbed the bottle of Nyquil and poured some of the nasty looking liquid into the cap.

" Hey sweetie, I need you to sit up." I said quietly.

He mustered his strength together and struggled a little, but slowly pushed himself up to a sitting position. I handed him the cap and he looked at me skeptically.

" Ugh, dat stuff is gross." He said, his voice raspy and congested.

" I know, but it'll make you feel better."

He sat there for a moment before reaching for a tissue and cupping his hands over his nose and mouth.

" Huhtschieww! Hahtschieww!"

His mouth hung open and his eyes stayed half closed as the itch in his nose lingered. After a couple seconds, his breath hitched and his eyes snapped shut.

" Huhtschoo! Hehtschiewww!"

" Bless you." I said as I rubbed his back.

He blew his nose and grabbed the medicine off the nightstand. He hesitated for a moment before drinking it. He coughed a little and placed the cap back on the nightstand.

" Do you need anything?" I asked, brushing his bangs out of his face.

" Stay with me?" He asked.

I laughed and he just gave me an innocent look. I smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

" Don't worry, I'm right here."

He snuggled under the covers, pulling the blankets up to his chin, just enough not to suffocate himself. I looked at him and noticed he was shivering. I got up and went to the hall closet. I searched around for a second before pulling out an old, beige comforter. I went back into the room and spread the blanket over Austin's shivering body. He flashed me a weak smile and I smiled a little. I'm not gonna lie, I was a little skeptical about getting back into bed with him now that I knew he was sick because I didn't want to get sick, but I loved him so I climbed back into the bed. I situated myself into the bed and moved Austin's head onto my chest. He coughed and nuzzled against me.

" I don't feel good." He whined.

" I know baby," I said, running me hand through his hair. " I'm sorry."

He coughed into the crook of his arm and repositioned his head. I stroked his rosy red cheek with my thumb and watched as he began to fall sleep. I smiled, reached over, and turned off the light.

* Comment if you want me to continue*

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" Here." I said, handing Austin a steaming cup of tea. 

" Thanks." He said, his voice barely understandable. 

" No problem." I said as I sat down on the couch. 

We were currently in the living room of our apartment watching a movie. I chose a romantic comedy in hopes to cheer Austin up, but I could tell he felt nothing less than awful. 

" Huhtschieww!" 

Austin sneezed to the side of him, causing some of the liquid in the cup to bounce out of the mug and onto his hand. He handed me the mug and covered his mouth with his hands. 

" Hahtschieww! Huhtschieww!"

He held up a finger to signify he wasn't done. 

" H'xxgnt!"

He pinched his nose shut and was able to stifle a sneeze. He rubbed his red, irritated nose and grabbed the white, ceramic mug out of my hands. 

" Allergies bothering you too?" I asked.

" Huhtschieww!"

He nodded as he sneezed over his  shoulder. 

" Yeah a little." He said, running his hand under his nose that was now running badly. 

I handed him a tissue and got a congested "thanks" before he blew his nose. He sniffled and rested his head on my shoulder. His allergies were typical. He was allergic to pollen as well as dust and for some reason they liked to flare up when he was sick, making him even more miserable. I reached over and put my hand on his forehead, cringing at the heat radiating under my palm.

" Damn Austin, I could fry an egg on your forehead."

He laughed a little, but ended up breaking into a coughing fit. After about 5 seconds, the wet, chesty coughs subsided. He groaned and pulled the covers, that were draped over his shoulders, tighter around him making it almost impossible for any heat to escape. 

As we watched the movie Austin was pretty quiet, just the occasional sniffle here and there. 

Only about 10 minutes into the movie Austin spoke up, throwing me off by his comment. 

" You know, I hate dis movie."

I looked at him and laughed a little.

" Well, why didn't you say something earlier?"

" Because I was holding back a sdeeze." He said innocently. 

I laughed again, but Austin was right. The little talking he did seemed to set off an attack. His breath began to hitch rapidly and he quickly cupped his hands over his mouth. 

" Huh...huh...huh..."

He tried to ward off the sneeze, but that was a fight he soon lost.

" Heh... Hehtschieww! Huhtschieww! Hehtschieww! Hehtschieww!"

He got up, hands still covering his face, and ran into the bathroom. 

" Austin." I called out, but the only response I got was the bathroom door slamming shut.

I knew what he was doing. He always ran and hid in the bathroom when an attack would come. He was always kind of seclusive about his sneezing, claiming that it was "unattractive" when he would sneeze. I thought it was a little ridiculous, but whatever. I walked to the bathroom and stuck my ear to the door.

" Huhtschooo! Hahtschieww! Huhtschieww! Hehtschieww!"

I listened to the sneezes rack his body and after about the 7th or 8th sneeze, I just couldn't stand to listen to it anymore. I opened the door and saw Austin sitting on the floor, his back up against the wall, gave buried in his hands.  He looked up at me, allergic tears streaming down his face. 

" Hehtschieww! Huhtschieww!"

I kneeled down next to him and placed my hand on his back, not failing to notice how blazing hot his skin had become. I felt his muscles expand and contract as his body worked to produce another sneeze, but soon his muscles began to relax as his sinuses died down.

" You know, for some reason, you always deam to make my sdeezes  go away." He said, now completely stuffed up. 

It was sweet, I think. I smiled and kissed his forehead, making a mental note to check his temperature again.

" Well maybe you shouldn't run away every time you need to sneeze then." I said jokingly. 

" But Emily, I hate sdeezing in front of you," It makes me deem so unattractive and I need to look good at all times to measure up to your good looks."  

" Aw." Escaped my lips as I pulled him in for a hug. " You're always attractive. You don't even have to try." 

He smiled, the first genuine smile I had gotten out of him all day. 

" Now come on, let's get you to bed."

I helped him to his feet and we slowly made our way to our bedroom. I laid him down in the bed and grabbed the thermometer off the dresser. I put it in his mouth and after a couple seconds, my inferences about his fever going up were proven true. I bit my lip for a moment, trying to what to do. I looked down at Austin, who was struggling to keep his eyes open at this point. I sighed and tucked him in. I kissed his cheek and smiled at him.

" Feel better baby."

I shut the blinds to make the room darker and walked out of the room.

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AWWW!!! I could picture the whole thing! And I agree: shyness = adorable!!

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Omg! This story is awesome! I just found out about Austin, and may I say? He is cute! ? Love this story!! I think that u are awesome too! Great story continue!!

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I just found this <3 oh my this story is so cuuute. Continue continue

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awww me too ive just found this and i love this bless him want to just give him a big hug x

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( I'm sooo sorry it's so long! I've been so busy lately :( But now......... Here's part three!)

For the next hour and a half, I listened to coughs rack Austin's poor, weak body. The chesty, bone shaking didn't seem to stop and with each round of them, I got more and more anxious. I didn't want to disturb him, but when one fit left him gasping for air, I finally broke down and decided to check on him. I walked into the poorly lit room, moving slowly to make sure I didn't run into anything. I wondered if he had even slept at all, but when I looked him his eyes were closed. I sighed and decided to let him sleep. As I exited the room, I heard Austin quietly call out, " Ebily."

I turned around, a little thrown off by this, but I guess he wasn't asleep after all. I walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed.

" Yeah baby?"

" Cad I get sobe water?" He asked, his voice seriously hoarse am  congested. 

" Sure." I said, getting up from the bed and heading into the small kitchen in our apartment. I grabbed a glass out of the cabinet and filled it up with water before returning back to the room. I handed Austin the glass and he didn't even bother to sit up before gulping the whole thing down in one sip and placing the now empty glass on the nightstand next to all the used tissues that filled not only the proximity of the nightstand, but also the entire bedside trashcan and even some spots on the floor. As I looked at Austin, I not only noticed how unusually pale he was compared to his rosy red cheeks, but I also noticed small beads of sweat forming at the base of his forehead. I peeled back the blankets and realized his whole body was covered in a thin layer of moisture. I touched his skin, but it was cold. I knew this wasn't a good sign, but I wasn't really sure what to do. I was never really good a taking care of people, one of the reasons I didn't take up an occupation in the medical field. As I sat there, contemplating on what to do, I noticed Austin was starting to shake badly. I sighed and placed the blankets back on Austin's shivering body, figuring it was better to let him sweat it out rather than freeze to death. Okay maybe I was being a little over dramatic, but it doesn't hurt to be concerned. 

" Huh'TSCHooo!"

Austin let out a very congested sounding sneeze into his hands and I handed him a tissue. He turned on his side, facing away from me and bringing the tissue to his face.

" Hehtschieww! Eitschieww!"

His body curled up as each sneeze barreled out of his body.

" Hah'tschooo! Heh'TSCHIEWW! HAHTSCHOOO!"

He sniffled thickly and blew his nose, turning his nose even a brighter shade of red. He threw the used tissue into the trashcan  and shivered a little. I pang of sympathy ran through me as I looked at Austin, just seeing how miserable he looked. I swung my legs onto the bed and snuggled down into the soft blankets, moving as close to Austin as I could. I wrapped my arms around his chest and nuzzled my head into his shoulder. I felt him shiver again before relaxing into my embrace. I knew the one thing that could always make Austin feel better, no matter what the situation.

" Austin, do you remember the time we went to Hawaii?"

He moved around a little in my arms, remembering our first vacation together.

" Yeah." 

" Do you remember how we drove  around for an hour trying to find our hotel?" I asked

Austin chuckled a little.

" Yeah and how when we finally got to the hotel, it turns out we booked it for the wrong week."

" But they let us in anyway because they thought we were an adorable couple." I said.

Austin sniffled a little as he recollected on one of our best memories together.

" And we went hiking on a mountain near the hotel And when we reached the top, we sat up there for hours..."

" Talking about us, our future, our hopes and dreams." I said.

" And then you looked at me the way you always do and -"" You told me you loved me for the first time." I said.

" And so did you." Austin said proudly.

" That's a day I'll never forget." I said quietly.

" Me either." He whispered.

The sound of thunder rumbled in the distance as soft drops of rain began to fall against the roof. I could feel Austin starting to fall asleep in my arms, the sound of congestion seeping into each of his breaths. It was the moments like this that made life so important and that was what I loved about Austin. The little things always mattered the most to him and he always did little things to show me that he loved me. I could feel my eyelids starting to get droopy, probably because I didn't get a ton of sleep over the night due to the fact that Austin wouldn't stop sneezing or coughing, but it wasn't his fault. I closed my eyes and wrapping my arms tighter around him, as if to never let him go.

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My jaw is literally touching the ground right now. That. Was. Amazing. I swear you could be a poet. Everything was written so beautifully and it was wonderful. Update as soon as you can! Love it!

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Aaww thanks you guys! You all are too sweet :) I would love to continue, but I honestly don't know where to go with it. Any suggestions???

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