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Difference between rankings?


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I've wondered a few times about rankings and what they all mean. What's the difference between being a VIP Member and an Honoured Member? Or even an Honoured Member and a Full Member? Granted, it makes me feel special to see the word VIP tacked in front of my title, but I don't think that's the only thing they're for LOL Yerp, so if anyone could take a moment or five to entertain this youngun's curiosity, please. :D

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The difference between most rankings is explained pretty well in this thread: http://www.sneezefetishforum.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=34872

For the differences between Full Member, VIP members and Honoured members: as the thread above mentioned these are by Staff invitation only. I believe the priviledges for each rank are slightly different (in allowed attachment size, PM inbox size, that sort of thing).

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That link does explain each level well, but since the full member title is only bestowed upon people by staff invitation why have honored and VIP?

If you have honored and VIP members then shouldn't the full membership level be automated? Or am I the only one confused. Do honored and VIP members have more pull or bonus features then full members or are the extra titles their just to confuse people?

Because I really don't understand the last three ranks.

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The promoted levels of membership generally denote slightly different things but all are related to contribution. Full membership is generally given to those who have made a large number of posts on the forum. VIP members have usually constributed in some other way, either financially, or by being on staff. I believe that temporary VIP membership is automatically conferred on those who contribute financially at present. Honoured members are generally those who are considered to have made some major contribution to the forum, usually over a longer period of time. Hope that covers your additional query Megacycle.

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thanks, vetinari.

I think I somewhat understand now.

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