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A few days ago, I was lucky enough to receive an ob that I've been waiting for for quite a while. I'm teaching at a new school this year, and our guidance counselor happens to be extremely pretty; about 5'5" in height, with long auburn hair, healthy-looking skin, and an utterly gorgeous nose (well-proportioned with a delicate downward curve to it)!

The counselor (hereafter referred to as "S") called me into her office after school the other day in order to discuss some students' grades. When I first entered her office and sat down, I didn't notice any signs of nasal woe other than a box of tissues sitting next to her computer. As we talked, I noticed that S was sniffling with a steadily increasing frequency. She swiped a finger under her nose a few times as well.

Near the end of the meeting, S turned away from me, pulled a tissue from the box on her desk and blew her nose with one hand while writing with the other. She didn't excuse herself or even acknowledge the noseblow, but I didn't mind--it was lovely!

There are still a lot of colds going around the school. If she's come down with something, I'll try to post more obs as I see them!

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