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I'm on my 4th hanky of the day. This cold is wet!


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Hi all

I've got a cold and cough at the moment and I'm still using hankies as they don't leave my nose as sore as tissues when I'm honking all day. Im on my 4th hanky of the day at the moment. If I'm at home I generally only use a hanky 3 or 4 times and then get a clean one. I do carry pocket packs if I'm out as otherwise I'd need about 5 or 6 hankies in my coat pockets to make sure.

I don't mind using hankies normally but with this cold it's hard to blow my nose in a dry bit of the hanky although I'm not opening it right up, generally only a quarter.

My blows for any of you that are interested have been really loud and snotty honks. I've been blowing one nostril at a time at first. Usually 3 or 4 blows pr nostril then a couple of 2 nostril blows. All the blows have been honking, I usually only honk loudly when I blow both nostrils together but I guess this cold has got me more congested so the honks are more likely.

I'm amazed how many people I've been seeing lately with bad colds who gently blow their noses into tiny tissues. If I blow my nose I have to blow till it's empty (too much info I know).

Do any other hanky users use lots of hankies per day when they have a cold or do you all switch to tissues?

Enough rambling for now.


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I personally dislike tissues (especially when not at home) and only when i have a cold do i buy a box with aloe vera(the only type that dont give me allergies) for use at home only,

when out and alot of the time at home too (before buying the tissues, after they run out, etc.) i use only hankies..

speaking of which i really need to buy a load more before next winter, my collection of 5 took a real beating in my last cold :/

get better soon ;) and good on you for using hankies :)

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Yes, get well soon.

I have to admit then when I have a cold, I revert to tissues for noseblowing, and only Kleenex Ultrasoft. I still use handkerchiefs during a cold, but to catch sneezes and to wipe a wet nose.

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