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The Cold That Wouldn't Quit (M, Secret Santa for Sitruuna)


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Here is a Secret Santa Story for Sitruuna, I am so so sorry that this is so late! I really hope that you enjoy it, male sneezes are not my preferences at all but I tried my absolute best to write something good for you!

Secret Santa Story for Sitruuna

Original Character

The Cold That Wouldn't Quit

Zack Anton sat on the edge of his bed, slightly rubbing the pink and irritated rims of his nostrils with a fresh, cotton tissue, allowing this poor, sneezy nose to bask in the temporary relief. He could feel that his internal body temperature had risen, as faint beads of sweat felt cool on his warm forehead. How could he have gotten sick? He had always been rather careful, even though he had a slight affinity towards that teasing tickle that would urge his nostrils a bit too far on sneezy occasions. Still, he attempted to continue with his night. He had always considered himself to be a night owl, after all, as he enjoyed the heavy cover of darkness that allowed the sky to fill with beautiful sparkles and mysterious, looming clouds. This night, though, he could not concentrate solely on the night.

The toned, muscular young man brushed his shaggy black hair from his brow, with his fever it was only proving to make him uncomfortably warm.

He lowered the cotton tissue, which was now ridden with the remnants of his sneezy nostrils, and almost instantly felt a slight tease in the depths of his nostrils. At first he tried to nurture it, to allow the teasing tickle to manifest into a torturous tickle, itching him and urging him to the point to a sneezy climax. But...the tickle would not worsen. He decided to try and ignore it for the time being as he walked to his scrappy leather couch and decided to slip a movie into his Playstation 3 to take his mind off of his being sick.

The cold, brisk autunm night drew on as tissue after tissue was thrown into the general area of the trash can. The tickle did not subside-- or worsen. It just stayed there, tantilizingly, making him concentrate on nothing other than sneezing. It was truly a shame too, as the beautiful night was one that he could truly enjoy, because it was his favorite time of the year. “Damn nose...can't you just sneeze?” It was then that he got an idea he looked to the tissue in his hand, then crosseyed at his nose, and then to the tissue again. He paused his movie-- one about baseball-- and hurriedly twirled the soft tissue between his index finger and his thumb until it formed a soft pillar that rose to a tickly point, a tool that could be used for nothing other than coaxing out a tickle.

He rubbed his finger under his nose, leaving a trail of glistening liquid that was all to evident of his cold. “Alright now, this ends now...” He muttered as he slowly inserted that tickly instrument into his right nostril, which reacted almost automatically with a flaring lurch that caused mucus to slightly drip onto the wavering tissue. “Haaaah....” He began with a breathy and manly inhale.

The tickle was intense, but would not be enough to make him sneeze. He then started to twirl the tissue between his fingers, causing the tip of the tissue-- which was slightly bent-- to gently itch and sway against the sensitive and twitching walls of his nostrils. “Ha...hhhaa....Heee-ptch! He-ptch!! HEEEE-PTCHH!!” The powerful sneeze sent him doubling over, his finger under his nose and the tissue falling to the ground. “That felt...awesome.” He said to himself as he sniffled and grabbed a fresh tissue, coughing slightly. He pressed play to continue his movie and try to enjoy the night.

Zack sat on his favorite leather couch, comfortable and attentive, believing that his nose was finally finished with its itchy sneezing fit. But little did he know, as he blew his stuffed nose into a tissue and tossed it into the garbage pale, a tickle was brewing in the back of his stuffed, sneezy nostrils.

“Ah....my...d-dose...” The lean and muscular man said as he held up a limp finger, trying to protective his stuffed nose from the cold that was causing a stirring irritation deep within.

He slightly rose from his leather couch in his skin-tight boxers, seemingly trying to control what was brewing in his nostrils. He rose a tissue to his nose, rubbing with a slight furious demeanor but failing to relieve anything. It was coming, he knew it. His nose was slightly twitcing as he wiped yet another cold-caused dripping from his nostril with a limp finger. “Aaah...” He winced as his bottom lip quivered and he puffed out his masculine chest, his left nostril flaring desperately.

Zack's pale to pink skin shone through the autumn moonlight piercing through the dimly lit room, illuminating an ill man in a battle with his stuffy nose. “Hahhaaa...” The sneeze built as a teasing tickle swirled and swayed deep within his irritated and stuffy nostrils. He could feel the shivers from his fever build to a firm chill, causing his body to shudder along with the building tickle in his stuffy nostrils. He reached behind him for a tissue. But, the box was empty. Oh boy... He thought to himself as he could feel his stuffed nose give a strong lurch in response to the torturous and tantalizing tickle that completely overtook his sickly and stuffy nostrils.

“Heee...hahhaaaa....” Zack leaned back slightly as he held his hand over his nose as a final attempt to suppress what was inevitable. “Heeee....heee-pttsshhh!” Zack suppressed his first sneeze almost unconsciously, but could not even bear to stifle the sneezes that were about to come.

“Heeee-pttccchh!!! Heeee---ptccchhh!!! Hee-ptch! He-pttcchh!!!” The fit of sneeze came on after an another, assaulting his vulnerable nose with a flurry of itches and tickles that kept his nose constantly tickled. “He-ptcchhh!” And with a final lurch, his nose released the remaining tickles in a forceful and enormous sneeze. “Heeeee...hahahaeeee...HEEEEEEE-PPPTTTTTTCCCHHHHH!!!!”

With that final sneeze, Zack stumbled backwards, his calves hitting into the couch bottom as he flopped onto his favorite piece of furniture helplessly. He looked at his hands, covered in the remnants of his sneezy fit, and suppressed his nose as he walked to the kitchen to retrieve more tissues to comfort his sickly and sneezy nostrils. As he sat onto the couch to continue his movie, all he could think about was his next sneezes. The suspense was killing him, but soon enough, he drifted off to sleep, peaceful and able to finally enjoy his night and relax.

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Oh cool~

I actually though that yeah, maybe this year I might not be getting my SS thingie. xD

But here you are with it~

Hehe, shaggy, black hai~

He looked at his hands, covered in the remnants of his sneezy fit, and suppressed his nose as he walked to the kitchen to retrieve more tissues

nom :heart:

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