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Alright so this is my first fic I ever posted! I felt brave today idk.. well uh I was hit with those Titanic feels so tell me what you think and I'll add more! The characters do not belong to me and this fic is strictly fan made. (lol i don't know if u have to do that but whatever) Anyways enjoy! Ps: My inspiration is due to this amazing fic : http://www.sneezefetishforum.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=46112

“Jack Jack come back!”

Rose screamed pitifully still clutching her lovers white hand that some time ago, had gone stone cold.

"Jack!” She howled once again warm tears-the only warmth in this damn ocean- running down her angled aristocrat features. Her hearth thudded painfully in her chest and she grabbed Jacks hand tighter pulling him onto the same piece of debris she was lying on. To her horror it began to sink and in desperation she ripped off her own lifejacket stuffing it under the raft. The raft wobbled slightly before bobbing back up. More tears ran down her face as she clambered back onto the raft throwing her body’s on top of his.

“No.” she moaned breathing warmth into his body. His lips were blue and she didn’t know if he had a pulse but still she cried out her efforts almost in vain. She was warmer but not by much and damnit she needed Jack. He saved her and he would never stop saving her.

“I love you.” She whispered into his ears. “Please I need someone to show me the stars I need someone to save me from this life I hate so much.” She sobbed pushing his honey colored hair way from his face kissing his cheek. Then something Rose would never forget happened. A pulse. His pulse. It was weak but there and she hugged him tightly and he gasped for air, once, then twice, until his chest was rising and falling dramatically. It was single handily the best thing that ever happened in Rose’s life.

“Thank you!” Rose sobbed exhausted.

“Oi-“ a welsh voice cried out.

“Is there anybody out there heloooooo?”

“Help!” Rose cried out in a small voice. Her vocal cords felt frozen and she summoned as much strength as she could muster.


“Hey there’s people out here two of em!” The officers light shone hope into Rose’s tired eyes. It shone the realization that her and Jack were going to live together forever.

The officers paddled over quickly there faces morphing into that of horror.

“Survivors please come quickly!”

He extended a hand towards Rose but she shook her head.

“Him first.” The officer nodded hositing Jacks almost lifeless body into the rescue boat putting a blanket over his unconscious shivering form. They then hoisted her up and she moved under the blanket with him hugging him tightly.

“Were going to live Jack.” And even though it was a hellish nightmare Rose had never been happier in her entire life.

Few hours later

The rescue ships came more than an hour later. By that time Jack had woken up still shivering violently in shock. His face was pale and his lips were tinged blue but despite that he still wore the biggest grin like he was the happiest person in the world. He was shivering too much to talk but Rose didn’t care. The rescue boat hoisted there small boat onto the large deck. The ships staff looked at them in shock at the disturbingly small numbers of survivors. It was a blur. All Rose remembered was being whisked away still holding Jacks hand, being given relief supplies and a room to spend the night in. The next morning they would be back on land. Jack looked half asleep as he sauntered over to where Rose was sitting placing a blanket around her shoulders. He leaned in for a kiss short and sweet-before he took a seat- and taking Rose into his arms.

“Shh.” He whispered into her hair still shivering himself. She leaned her head in the crook of his neck. He noticed the tears rolling down her face-Rose barely noticed- and he wiped them away with his hand.

“Its ok now Rose. I’m here with you and were going to live together.”

“Jack so many people died in vain the lifeboats weren’t even full!”

“I know Rose” he squeezed her hand gently.

“Were-he-he-Hattchiishh! Hachiish!”

The force of the sneeze too him by surprise and he leaned away from Rose at the last second barely covering. He blinked in surprise his delicate blue green eyes clouding over before another- Hishoo!” He coughed suddenly followed by two more violent wet sneezes. He regained himself a light blush on his cheeks.

“Umb excuse be,” he said looking down discreetly wiping his running nose.

Rose looked up at him. She realized in horror- he was still shivering and the gentleman in him and placed the blanket around her first. She took it off putting it around his shoulders kissing his increasingly pink nose.

“Bno- you take it Rose uh-huh-Hatchissh!” Hatstshii!”

“Bless you love,” Rose said tenderly pushing his fringe back. She stopped in realization at the incredible heat radiating from her beloved forehead.

“Your burning up!” Rose exclaimed. She got to her feet and helped him up. “We need to get you looked at!”

“Imb fine- He-hetchish!” he sneezed violently as it to contradict that statement. Rose wouldn’t let him deny it, and she dragged him off to the onboard doctor.

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