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Aren't you going to bless me?


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This is a very short obs, but one of the more unusual ones I've had. I commented here that blessing strangers in public has become easier for me as I've practiced. But one time I had a stranger actually ask me to bless them.

I was in the largest bookstore in the capitol city of an asian country (being vague here) and was the only non-asian person in sight. As I browsed some English-language books, a young woman near me sneezed. It was a single sneeze, but a very "confident" sounding "het-CHOO!" for the middle of a rather quiet bookstore. Needless to say, it got my attention. I tried to spot her in case she was going to sneeze again, but I did so as surreptitiously as I could both because I didn't want to call attention to my, uh, "interest," and also because as someone who stuck out like a sore thumb everywhere he went, I always tried as hard to be as invisible as I could.

So, imagine my horror when I tried to sneak a peek at the sneezer and saw her staring right at me with a mischievous look. As soon as she caught my eye she asked me (in very good English), "Aren't you going to bless me?"

Where is a dark hole to fall into when you need one?

As it turned out, she was home on vacation from studying English in Canada and we ended up having a wonderful conversation which even led to a few dates. She was bright and attractive and I enjoyed our time together, but our relationship never progressed beyond a friendship (and she never sneezed again around me) so alas, we long ago lost touch. Still, I will always remember her because of how we met over a sneeze!

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@BubbleTea: Thanks! As it turned out, soon after I returned to the States, I met the woman who is now my wife, so I had my Fairy Tale Ending after all! wubsmiley.gif Maybe someday I'll write about *her* sneeze. wink3.gif

@Hankysneeze: I'm glad you liked it!

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