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Head Cold Unfortunately No Sneezing (self, F)


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Since Wednesday I've had a sore throat, but that's gone now.

I've had a cough too.

Sadly no sneezing.

I'm way too congested to not be sneezing! So I've induced a few times.

Inducing when I'm all congested kinda hurts my throat so I only did it once. They came out sounding like: HARRSHOO!!! I'm really bad at spelling out sneezes, and it's even more weird spelling out my own sneezes. I don't really pay attention to how they sound.

I hate being not sneezy when I'm sick! Sadly, I'm one of those people who don't sneeze when they are sick.. which is just my luck.... I'm always getting stomach bugs and for the first time ever I get a head cold, NO F-ing Sneezing!! UGH!!! Just a very congested nose...every time I empty my sinuses, it fills back up within seconds. My nose is so sore and tender!

I even woke up early (on a Saturday) because I couldn't breathe!

Why me?! I only want this stupid cold if I'm going to sneeze....

I'll keep you all updated.

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ugh... I have a mountain of used tissues beside me... There's no joke there. It's a pretty big pile...

And the weird thing is, I feel fine. I'm not run down or anything. I'm certainly not going to go run a marathon, but I'm active around the house, I'm not stuck in bed complaining.

I just sneezed a natural double. It was like HE-ARSHOO!!--ARSHOO!! That's' the first natural sneeze since I caught this thing on Wednesday...

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Still rather congested.

Good news, been starting to feel a little sneezy. I sneezed another natural double earlier--but that was it.

Bad news, I'm beginning to feel a tad run down. I took an ibuprofen for a slight headache, probably from all the nose blowing. I hope I'm not getting worse.

I'm alone right now and I induced a little (with a toothpick). I got 3 sneezes and I stopped because my nose was so full. I don't think I'll induce anymore, for tonight that is, I'm way too congested. And I'd rather not do any more nose blowing than absolutely necessary. My nose is so raw and sore, it's very red around my nostrils. And on top of that, my voice sounds pathetic.

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I'm better today.

Still sniffle-ly..

How would you describe your voice?

My voice? It's better today, but yesterday it was really congested sounding, really nasally. like when you plug your nose and talk, I sounded like that naturally...

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