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Hey guys! I am a HUGE fan of the Hunger Games books and I recently saw Catching Fire (which was AMAZING by the way!!!!) Anyways, I realized there are not a lot of stories on here about the Hunger Games, especially about Gale! So I decided to write one of my own! It has been forever since I read the books so I may not have the style down or Katniss and Gale exactly in character, but I hope you all like it!

This takes place before any of the games happen and there are no spoilers for any of the books… Enjoy!

We were sitting in our usual spot. The sun was just starting to come up, beginning to paint the sky with beautiful streaks of oranges and yellows, and the world was silent. Well, almost silent. Gale was ranting on about the Capital like normal. I had long gotten use to his rants and learned it was best to just let him vent. Suddenly he stopped and coughed into his elbow.

“Don’t get so worked up that you choke!” I teased.

“Ha ha real funny, Catnip.” He said, pushing me over.

“Come on,” I said “We better get going before the sun comes up if we want to catch anything decent.” I picked up my bow and stood up. Gale rose beside me and we headed off into the woods.

We were walking through the woods when I heard a weird noise behind me. I turned around and looked at Gale.

“What was that?” I questioned.

“What was what??” He retorted.

“The noise” I stated impatiently.

Gale opened his mouth to respond, but then his jaw went slack. His eyes glazed over and began to flutter shut. His face wrinkled up and he clamped his thumb and forefinger over his nose. He sneezed and it bent him over.

“That noise!” I said.

“It was just a sneeze, jeez Catnip haven’t you ever heard one before?” He teased me, chuckling. I scoffed and turned around, focusing my mind back on hunting. The game was scarce, Gale’s traps had only picked up a small squirrel and we had only seen a baby deer, which I couldn’t bring myself to shoot. It didn’t help that Gale lagged behind me, dragging his feet. He would cough every so often too which probably scared off a good amount of game.

Finally, I spotted a buck, a nice sized one, too. I froze and stretched my arm back, pulling the string of the arrow with it. I took a deep breath in, aimed and..

“Hmmmchh!” The noise surprised me and the arrow whizzed just left of the buck. It looked up at us and quickly galloped off into the woods. I turned around and looked at Gale who was slightly blushing.

“Sorry Catnip…” He apologized. All of my anger faded away looking at his apologetic and embarrassed face. He sniffled and discretely rubbed his nose. Then it hit me, the cough this morning and throughout our hunting, his sneezes, and how he had been dragging behind all day…it wasn’t like him. He was sick.

“You’re sick!” I accused.

“Me? No way, you know I don’t get sick.” he scoffed.

I looked at him incredulously. “You’ve been coughing and sneezing all day!”

“It was two sneezes! Ever heard of allergies, Catnip?” He laughed it off. I rolled my eyes. There was no point in arguing with Gale and even if he was sick, he wouldn’t admit it.

He got a mischievous look in his eyes. “I’ll prove it! Race you back to our spot!” He exclaimed, taking off even before he finished his sentence. I laughed, rolled my eyes, and decided to take off after him.

Hope you all liked it! There’s more to come! And feel free to give suggestions!

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