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Bucket List Thread


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Post your lifelong bucket list here! :D

Mine is kinda long, and kinda misplaced, so...I'll post mine later...

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  • Hug Tom Hiddleston in real life
  • Learn to make clockwork toys and mechanical watches
  • Learn to sail / get a boat and sail it on trips
  • Have at least one of my (published) novels be a huge success

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Have at least one of my (published) novels be a huge success

Ooh, so you're a writer :D

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1. Go to Egypt and watch the setting sun on top of the pyrmaids

2. Go to a renassiance fair.

3. Meet Tom Felton

4. Open my own Art Therapy clinc

5. Go Snowboarding

6. Go to Japan to experience their tea ceromony

7. Go to haunted house...(lizze borden breakfast house..etc) and stay there for the night

8. Stay in a graveyard for the night.

9. Visit Washington Irving's grave in sleepy Hollow.

10. Publish a few poetry, illustration and Art Therapy books

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  • Get married (very soon :D)
  • Move to Salem Mass
  • Meet ChilledChaos, Seananners, CaptainSparklez and JonTron in real life.
  • Become an online reviewer/gamer
  • Go to Disneyworld (never been there before .-.)
  • Meet my online biffles
  • Go to Europe, primarily Italy, London and Germany
  • Reconnect with first, old, online friend in Sweden
  • Have a family
  • Own every game console and a pro gaming computer
  • Go to Japan, mainly the village that inspired Hinamizawa in Higurashi
  • Go skydiving with husband (after convincing myself to do so)
  • Write a novel
  • Draw a comic series
  • Go scuba diving
  • Go to Australia/New Zealand
  • Learn how to play an instrument other than piano
  • Have a traditional Holiday season, from Halloween to New Year's, and do everything everyone else does.
  • Own a flower shop
  • Complete my ftm transition

...Wow, that was a long one...o.o;

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  • Do all the craft projects I've been dying to do but never seem to find the time to... (I freaking LOVE crafts...).. maybe even make my own craft room
  • Perform something in front of people to overcome the fear I've had ever since I was bullied for a performance I did as a kid
  • Go to Hokkaido to try some of the famous crab and experience some advanced technology called "insulation"
  • Go to Korea
  • Learn at least 2 more languages (Chinese, and my mother's mother tongue)
  • Hopefully get married...
  • Start my own business
  • Meet someone famous I admire (probably an artist)

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