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Okay, first off, there isn't any sneezing in this ob. ): Sorry. I'm sick, but not a cold or flu kind of sick... I don't know if it's considered being sick, but I've been having hypoglycemia attacks 'cause my blood sugar is really low (No, I'm not a diabetic) from not eating enough and working too hard on speech. Anyways, I wasn't sure what the problem was at first. I was practicing with my duo partner on our dance, and his mentality is always "She's fine," if anyone asks if I'm okay, or "You're fine," even if I'm on death's door. XD So, I was basically dying, and he was convinced I was fine, and kept insisting that I was, cuz he always tries to be overly positive. Anyways, a coach walked in & said I looked super pale and made me go outside & drink water, & everyone kept asking my duo partner if I was okay, and he kept saying I was, but I could tell that he was starting to get concerned. He would give me random tasks that he thought would help, like walking around to get my circulation going, drinking water, putting my hands over my head, taking deep breaths, etc, because my hands had turned black. Another coach thought I was gonna pass out so he had me lay down on one of the desks, and he called my mom to pick me up. At this point, I could tell that my duo partner was getting really worried, because he kept staring at me like I was a corpse laying on a coffin or something. My mom said to have me try eating something, cuz she figured I hadn't eaten enough that day, which ended up being the case, so he found my backpack and forced me to eat goldfish. XD Except, by this time, my mouth and hands were numb & I couldn't move them, at all, so this proved to be a difficult task, lol. He also ate a portion of my goldfish. Oh, and I for a little while, talking made me sound like I had numbed my mouth at the dentist and used waaaay too much medication, because I couldn't feel my mouth at all. When my mom came, I literally had to be wheelchaired out of the room, and my duo partner offered to roll me out, but the coach said that he would, so my duo partner carried my backpack & followed me outside, reciting lines from our duo & trying to make me laugh. I thought it was really sweet, because I could tell that he was trying to be strong for me and act like he wasn't as scared as he was, because he didn't want to make me even more scared than I already was. When we got to my car, I thanked him for being so sweet & helpful and I hugged him, and after I got in the car, he wouldn't leave, and kept acting out our dance moves in front of the car. It took him like 7 more minutes to actually leave because he wanted to make sure I was okay. Asdfghjkl I thought it was really sweet. There's more, (Not much more involving him that's worth posting) but some about my crush, if you wanna hear it. I'd type it up right now, but this post is already way too long! Sorry! ):

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aww i hope your feeling better that sounded really scary but your friend sounds like he really cares for you!

hugs! <3

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Yeah, he was being really sweet :3 And yeah it was really scary to me cuz I had never had anything even remotely close to that before. Meh, I'm just gonna post the other part, if you're bored, I apologize, lol. So we had a speech tournament yesterday, and I had a round with my crush, and one of our coaches was spectating, and she asked me if I was feeling better, and I said yeah, and I showed her that my hands weren't as black as they were the night before, and she flipped out, because I guess she hadn't known that my hands had turned black. Oops. My crush then started flipping out, and asked me if I was sure I was okay, and if I had my inhaler, and I then had to briefly explain what had actually happened, and that it was a hypoglycemia attack, not an asthma attack like everyone kept trying to tell me it was. He came up to me after the round was over, and what he said really surprised me. He tapped my arm and said, "I'm just really glad you're feeling better. This whole time, I've just been like, 'don't pass out, don't pass out'... If anything had happened to you..." And then I think he got embarrassed, cuz he trailed off and he wouldn't look at me. I said thanks, and he smiled & mumbled something to me, but I couldn't catch what he said, and then our coach pulled me aside to give me critiques. I thought that was really sweet, cuz he doesn't seem like the type of person to say anything like that. (:

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awww i totally agree with LiveToBeMe he soo is crushing on you wink.png and I'm glad your feeling better!

Daww smile.png I think somebody has a crush on youuuu. Lol. You lucky girl. Your crush sounds like a really sweet person

Asdfghjkl I hope you're right. XD And thanks (: Yeah, he's super sweet. :3

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