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You Can't Deny Reality (T.V.)


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Hi There

So, a few weeks ago I came up with an idea for a story, but since I was in the middle of writing my GOT fanfiction I decided to finish it first before I start working on this. I had this image in my mind of a girl finally having to acknowledge the fact that she is sick in front of cameras, like in a prank show or something. I put some thought into it, and here is the result:

Title: You Can't Deny Reality (T.V.)

Author: Likesn


Summary: In the not so far away future, technological advancement, as well as human boredom, led to the development of a new reality show

Part 1- Another Day at The Office:

The T.V. screen features the word "Catchin'" in green, snot- like, letters on a yellow background. Next, it shows what appears to be a studio for any normal T.V. show. In the center of the studio stands a gorgeous women, in her early thirties- tall, wavy long blond hair, stunning blue eyes, porcelain skin. "Hello" she says "Welcome to "Catchin'". I'm your host, Mila Henderson. Before we start, let me introduce you to the concept of the show: In each show we will have a volunteer. Someone close to our volunteer will be one of those people who'"never get sick'. We all know them- they can be sick to the point of dying, but they will never admit being sick. So, we will infect our volunteer with a special cold virus, that has been genetically engineered in our labs. The volunteer will bring us a sample of the victim's DNA, so the virus will be able to infect only the victim, and no one else. We then send our sick volunteer to infect the victim. The next stage for us will be to use our special satellite cameras to document the victim's growing sickness, until we can find the right moment to confront the victim with reality. And now, without further ado let's go straight to our first volunteer and victim".

The scene changes to a black background, and the image of a pretty young woman appears. She's in her late twenties, medium height, shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, cute little freckled nose. "Meet Cindy" says the host's voice. "Cindy is a young secretary in an accountant firm. During her years of working in the firm she had seen practically everyone in it, accountants, secretaries, and anyone else in the building, catch a cold at least ounce. Everyone, except for her fellow secretary Alina". Cindy's picture than changes to that of Alina. Alina looks slightly older than Cindy, tall with a long black hair, ice blue eyes behind glasses, a pale skin and a long sharp nose. "Cindy says Alina is very strict when it comes to her health" the host's voice continues "and always says she 'never get sick'. Now, that is exactly the sentence we like to hear here on "Catchin'", so we're going to help Cindy prove to Alina that she's only human, and that it's O.K. to have a cold ounce in a while.

I'm terribly sorry that I have to leave you guys hanging, but I really have to go. I'll try to finish this part ASAP, but it might take a few days. Please be patient and let me know what you think in the meantime.

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O.K. I somehow managed to get some unexpected extra free time, so here's the rest of part 1:

"Alright Cindy, first we need you to take this vial and inhale it's substance. You brought us a sample of Alina's DNA, that you took from her desk, and we used it to make a virus especially for her" says Mila as she hands a Cindy a small vial. Cindy takes the vial, opens the cap and sniffs gently. The effect is almost instantaneous and- "Ha Ha Haa Tchoo!" Cindy sneezes a single gentle sneeze into the back of her hand. Gesundheit! Wow! I guess our virus really does work fast" says Mila. Cindy's nose is already starting to get a slight shade of pink, and she is sniffling audibly. "*sniff* So what should I do dow *sniff*" she says, wiping her tickling nose with the back of her hand. "Now you should go home and get some rest, but not too much though- we wouldn't wan't you to get all better before you get a chance to infect Alina. I wouldn't worry too much though- the virus we gave you should do the trick" says MIla. "Yeah do kiddig. I'b already feelig Ha Ishoo! *sniff* pretty sick. Would you be able to cure be after I idfect Alida?" asks Cindy. "Unfortunately, though science has progressed much in the last few decades, there is still no cure for the common cold. You will have to fight it on your own, but we won't leave you empty handed- ounce Alina is infected, a package will be sent to your home. This package will contain a supply of soft tissues, orange juice and instant chicken soup, to help you get better quickly. Now, off you go" says Mila. "Ha Itchoo! Oh!" Cindy sneezes one final time before leaving.

The next scene takes place the morning after. Cindy's workplace is seen on the screen, and Alina is sitting at her desk, the first to arrive at work- as usual, when Cindy walks in. Cindy's nose is already bright red, her face is pale, her hair is messy and she is holding a pile of crumpled tissues, sneezing into it as she goes through the door- "Hi Tchoo"! "Bless you Cindy. Are you sick?" asks Alina. "I'b a little udder the weather, yes" says Cindy before giving her nose a few wet gurgling blows. "Well, you sound awful, and if you don't mind me saying- you don't look too good as well. Maybe you should go home, before you get anyone else sick. You know how fast cols spread around here" says Alina. "You bead you're worried you bight get sick yourself, right?" asks Cindy. "Of course not! You know very well I never get sick. Now take a sick day and go home to bed" orders Alina. "But I Ha Ha Tshoo *sniff* I have do sick days left this year. I spedt it all durig cold add flu seasod last widter Ah A Tshioo!" says Cindy as she sneezes again into the remains of her tissues. "Don't worry- I'll cover for you. I'm sure we'll be able to work something out. You are clearly in no condition to work today. You should go home before you get sicker" says Alina. "Thh... thadk you so buch Alida. I probise I'll bake it up to you Ha Ha HitShoo, Ha Ish Ha At Choo"! This time, Cindy's tissues are already reduced to mulch, so she has no choice but so sneeze openly into the air, sending the mist flying straight in the direction of Alina's face. The live video freezes, and the mist from Cindy's sneezes is seen clearly on screen. "Don't worry about it, just go!" Alina says while waving her hand in front of her face, half signaling Cindy to leave and half trying to get the sneeze spray away from her face. Cindy then leaves, her gurgling nose blows echoing throughout the hallway.

The next scene shows Mila in the studio again. "The first part of our show is over. Now we go to the really interesting stuff. We will wait and see just how long it takes Alina to admit she's sick" says Mila. "The screen then shows Alina again, working alone at her desk. The live video then fasts forward to an hour later, as one of the accountants walks in, greeting Alina. Alina sniffs lightly as she replies and an arrow indicating towards her face appears on the screen. Another fast forward and another secretary walks in and starts talking to Alina. "Did you fidish the report for Bister Adabs?" asks Alina in a slightly stuffy voice. A close- up on her face shows her nose is already a little pink. "Yes, I finished it last night" says the other secretary. "Say, are you alright? You look a little pale and your voice is a little stuffy" she asks. "Yes, yes I'b fide" Alina replies quickly, failing to hide the congestion in her voice. "Alright.... if you say so" the other secretary doesn't sound convinced, but she knows Alina would never admit being sick, so she doesn't push it. Alina is aware of her mistrust but knows further argument will only force her to speak more, thus making the other secretary more aware of the congestion in her voice. "Would you excuse be for a bobedt? I have to go to the ladies roob" says Alina after some time. "Sure. Go ahead" the other secretary replies. Alina rushes to the bathroom to blow her nose, which is by now filled with congestion. At first, she tries to be as quiet as possible, but when she notices it doesn't help her stuffed up nose at all, she decides to give her nose a series oh honking gurgling blows. The ruff toilet paper makes her nose raw and bright red and she also starts to feel a tickle in the back of it. The cameras focuses on her face, which starts to twitch. "Hu Hu He" her nose starts to wiggle as she tries to fight the inevitable sneeze. "Hu Ha He Hu Hu Tshoo! the sneeze finally comes out, wet spray covers the bathroom mirror. The live video freezes again and the writing "The First Sneeze!" appears on the screen, in the same snot- green letters as the title. Alina sniffs heavily, but it only makes her nose tickle even more- "Hu Et Shoo, Et Shish, Hu Tshoo! she sneezes three more wet sneezes into a wad of toilet paper. She gives her nose a few more gurgling blows, in a futile attempt to clear it, before going back to her desk. "Are you sure you're O.K.?" the other secretary asks her when she comes back. "I told you- I'b fide!" Aline replies harshly. The video fasts forwards again, stopping every now and then to show Alina sniffling, her sniffles becoming louder and wetter as time goes by.

"Hey, can you hand me a stapler from your desk? Mine is empty" asks the other secretary after a while. "Sure Hu... here you go Hu Hu Hu Hu Tshoo!" sneezes Alina into the crook of her elbow. "Gesundheit. You don't sound too good- first you were sniffling and now you're sneezing. Maybe you should go home and rest in bed?" the other secretary suggests. "It's just ode sdeeze, dothig to worry about. There is absolutely do deed for be to go hobe add rest id bed He Hu Hu TshiShoo, Hu Ish, Hae Tshoo!" Alina's sneezes are becoming harsher, louder and wetter rapidly. "O.K. .... If you say so" the other secretary mumbles. The hours go by in fast forward, and the video stops in growing frequency to show Alina sniffling, blowing her red nose and even sneezing every ounce in a while. Every time the other secretary suggests she should go home and rest, Alina waves her off. "Ha TshiShoo, Ha Eh Tish, Hu Tshoo"! It's afternoon and Alina sneezes another wet triple into a tissue, and then blows her nose in wet gurgling blows into it. "Look, I Don't care what you say- you are clearly not well. It's only human to catch a cold every now and then. I had a bad cold last month, a lot of other people in the firm had colds during the past few weeks and I heard Cindy called in sick today. You already arrived early, you can leave early as well. Just go home before you get really sick" the other secretary tells the sniffling Alina. "Yes, Ciddy did call id sick this bordig. Baybe there's sobethig goig aroudd. You dow what? I thidk that's edough work for ode day. Cad you cover for be for the rest of the day?" asks Alina. "Of course. Now will you please go home and get some rest?" asks the other secretary. "Yes, I thidk I will, thadk you. I'b sure I'll Hu Tshi, Ha Tisssshhhhoo! feel better by toborrow" says Alina. When Alina exits the building, she is approached by two men holding cameras. "Excuse us miss, do you have a cold?" they ask her. "Yes, but why do you ask?" asks Alina. "You caught this cold as a part of a new reality show called 'Catchin''. The purpose of the show was to give you a cold you won't be able to deny. Your co- worker Cindy volunteered for the show and we infected her with a cold virus genetically modified to infect only you besides her. Now, would you please turn to the camera, say your name and admit that you have a cold?" the cameraman asks. Alina is shocked, but she is finally ready to accept her defeat. She turns to the camera and says "By dabe is Alida add I have a Hu Tshissshhhoo! cold". The live video stops and the studio is showed on screen again. "That's all for tonight. Join us next week for another show of Cathcin' " says Mila and the show ends.


I hope you liked it. More to come soon. Also, I have several scenarios for the next parts, but you're more than welcome to suggest some of your own (as long as it doesn't involve male sneezing. Sorry).

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O.O That sounds like the BEST show ever! XD I love the buildups. And the idea. And... OKAY, ALL OF IT. Please continue! <3

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  • 1 month later...

In case you thought I've forgotten about this story- I haven't. I simply didn't have the time to write some more lately, and when I did have the time I didn't have the energy. But none of this matters now, because here's part 2 (I decided that you must've figured out how this whole "reality T.V." concept works by now, so I won't be describing things like fast forwards or pauses unless I absolutely have to):

Part 2- The Cold Next Door:

"Hi. I'm Mila Henderson, and welcome back to Cathcin'. Our volunteer today is Ashley. Ashley lives in an apartment building down town. During cold and flu season, sickness spreads throughout the closed compound like wildfire, but the is one tenant in this building that never seems to get sick. Her name is Marnie. Ashley says that Marnie is actually a very nice person, and that she does all she can to help her sick neighbors, but Ashley thinks that it can't be possible for someone to never get sick". "I mean, it's only humane. Everyone must get sick once in a while, it's just natural" says Ashley's image on the screen. Ashley is in her mid 20's, medium height, has wavy long dark hair, stunning blue eyes and a long sharp nose. "Sine they are neighbors, Ashley had no problem finding a sample of Marnie's DNA for us" says Mila. "We made a special virus and sent it to Ashley's apartment. Now, let's see if Ashley can get Marnie sick like every one of us":

The sky outside Ashley's window is cloudy and grey as she opens the package, takes out the small vial and inhales it's substance. Before long, she starts rubbing her nose every other minute. The sniffles are next in line, and they are frequent and wet. She sits in her small living room with a box of tissues at her side, grabbing one every few minutes to wipe her nose with. Every once in a while, she blows her nose softly, the sound getting wetter and louder as time goes by. Her nostrils soon get a bright shade of pink. Finally, she starts to feel the inevitable tickle in the back of her nose. Her breath starts to hitch and she lifts a finger to her nose, sniffling quickly- "Heh Hih". She takes a few more shallow breaths and then- "Hi Tshoo"! Her sneeze is delicate, with a very girly finish. She sniffs a few more times, wiping her nose with a crumpled tissue, but once the sneezes starts it's difficult for her to stop- "Hei Tshoo, Tshoo, TiShoo, Ha Ayei Tshoo"! Her sneezes end with a high pitched sound, almost a scream. Before long, her whole nose gets a deep shade of pink from all the sneezing and the blowing. Her nose blows becomes very wet and gurgling, and it's hard to believe such a delicate girl can produce such sounds. When she finally goes to bed, by now- with a slight case of coughing, there is no doubt that she is contagious enough for the next day.

"He Tshoo, Hi Tshoo, Hi Tshooee!" Ashley sneezes herself awake the next morning. "Hi, it's be. I'b sorry, but I wod't be able to cobe to work today- I have a cold, add I wouldd't wadt to get adyonde sick" she announces on the phone. "He Tshoo, Ha I Tshoo! Ow"! The sneezing hurts her head a bit, and she makes herself a cup of tea to ease her miserable feeling. After some time, she hears the sound of someone opening a door of an apartment down the hall. She's sure it's Marnie, so she leaves her cup on the table and swaggers dizzily out the door to the hallway. She sees Marnie locking her door. When Marnie turns around she's shocked at the sight of the sickly looking Ashley. "Jesus Ashley! What happened to you?!" exclaims Marnie. "Hey Bardie. I'b a little udder the weather, so I thought I'd go out add *cough cough* get byself sobe sick day supplies *sniff*" says Ashley. "In your nightgown and slippers?" Marnie raises an eyebrow when she notices Ashley isn't exactly dressed to go out. "You're right. Silly be. I'll go back id add Tshoo Hi I Tshoo! chadge" says Ashley, sneezing two quick uncovered sneezes as she does. "You're not going anywhere looking like that! Tell you what- I was just about to go to the store myself, I'll get some stuff for you and you can pay me back when you're feeling better" says Marnie. "He Tshoo! Ugh! I dod't thidk you should get idside by apartbedt right dow, I bight be codtagious" says Ashley, wiping her snotty nose with the back of her hand. "That's fine. My immune system is pretty solid, so I'm not afraid of a little germs" says Marnie. "Are you sure thats O.K. with you? Dod't you have thidgs to do?" asks Ashley. "My shift doesn't start 'till the evening, so I have plenty of time. Now go back inside before you get sicker. I won't be long" says Marnie. "Thadks Bardie. You're Hi Tshoo! a life saver" says Ashley with one final uncovered sneeze, and Marnie leaves.

That's it for now, sorry. I'll try to write the rest of it ASAP

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This is perfect. :D

You describe sneezes so well! Especially in the second paragraph... *o* Please write more! <3

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Thanks for the comments. Here's the rest of part 2:

"Hi Tshoo, Hi Tshoo, Hi I Tshoo, Tshoo"! Ashley is sitting on her couch succumbing to yet another fit of girly high pitched sneezes. She pulls a tissue from the box on her table and gives her red nose a few wet gurgling blows. She then hears a knock on her door. "Who is it?" she asks. "It's me, Marnie" says Marnie from the other side of the door. "Cobe id Bardie" says Ashley. Marnie comes in with the supplies she got for Ashley- a few boxes of tissues, some orange juice and some meds. "Thadk you so buch Bardie. It's so dice of you to Hi Tshoo, Tshoo, I Tshooee!" bridg be all of this thidgs" says Ashley as she sneezes helplessly again. "Hold that thought. I'll be right back" says Marnie. She walks out the door and returns a few moments later, carrying a big pot. "What's that?" asks Ashley from behind the tissue she blows her wetly into. "Some of my special home made chicken soup. It's a vital supply for a sick day" replies Marnie. "I'b sure it's delicious, add that it sbells good two, but you did't have to go through all that trouble for be" says Ashley. "It's no trouble at all. I like to help anyway that I can, and you look like you could really use some help. I just want you to feel better. Here, let me pour you a bowl of hot soup" says Marnie. "You're the dicet deighbor a persod cad ask for" says Ashley as Marnie hands her a bowl of steaming soup. The fumes from the soup tickles Ashley's nose, and she quickly puts the bowl down, but doesn't have enough time left to cover her fit of sneezes, which hits Marnie straight in the face- "Hi Ishoo, Iiishoo, Tshoo, Iiishooee"! "Bless you, poor thing" says Marnie. "Oh by gosh Bardie! I'b so sorry! I sdeezed all over you" Ashley cries out. "Don't worry about it. I told you- I have a very strong immune system" says Marnie. "Either way, I dod't thidk you should spedd bore tibe aroudd by gerbs. You've already dode so buch for be. You should leave dow before you Hei Tshoo, Hi Itsh, Hi TshiShoo! *sniff* catch this" says Ashley. "Are you sure you're gonna be O.K.? You seem pretty sick" asks Marnie. "Yeah yeah, I'll be fide, dod't worry about be. Thadk you for everythidg Bardie" says Ashley. "You're very welcome. Let me know if you need anything else" says Marnie before leaving.

As the day go by, Marnie does some house works before her shift at work in the evening. Marnie is in her late 20's medium height, with medium length curly brown hair, big brown eyes and a round nose, slightly larger than normal. During that afternoon, she starts to sniffle lightly every now and then. As the sniffling increase, as night falls, she starts to rub her nose with the back of her hand every once in a while. It's cold outside when she goes to work, and she shivers lightly under her coat. Her sniffling increase further during her shift at work, and her co workers comment on the sniffling and on the fact that her nose starts to get a slight shade of pink, and asks her if she is well. She keeps saying she's fine, although a slight congestion slowly starts to build up in her voice. During her shift, she is forced to go to the bathroom several times to blow her nose. Her blows becomes increasingly wetter and honking, but they do little to keep her nose from running. Near the end of her shift, she starts to feel a little tickle in the back of her nose, but she somehow manages to keep her nose under control long enough to avoid sneezing in front of her co workers. On her way back home from work though, the gusts of cold wind causes her to lose the remaining control she had on her nose so far, and she succumb to a fit of harsh wet sneezes- "Ha Et Shoo Et Shoo Et SheshShoo"! When she finally gets home she sneezes again- "Et Shoo Ha Et Shoo"! She rubs her temples as she starts to feel a growing headache. She gives her nose a few gurgling blows and goes straight to bed.

"Iye Shoo, Tshoo He Tshoo!" Marnie sneezes herself awake the next morning. "Aw! By head!" she mumbles to herself as she coughs a little and blows her nose. She does her morning routine and eats some breakfast before she decides to go over and check up on Ashley. "Hi Tshoo, Hi I shoo, Tshoo Hi TshiShoo!" Marnie finds Ashley in bed, sneezing into a tissue. "Hi Ashley. How are you *sniff* feelig today?" asks Marnie, trying to hide the congestion in her voice. "I'b a little better, but you dod't seeb too good yourself- you're dose is red add you're voice soudds differedt. I thidk you Tshish, Ishoo! cought by cold" says Ashley. "Do. It's dothidg, just sobe dost id the air or sobe.... Ha Et Shoo! *sniff* sobethidg" says Marnie, failing to stop a harsh sneezing. "Cobe od!! You really expect be to believe that? You're stuffy, sdiffely add sdeezy, the sabe way I was yesterday. You're obviously sick, add it's O.K. to adbit it- everyode gets sick odce id a while" says Ashley. "I'b tellig you- I'b dot Ha Et Shoo Et Shoo Et SheshShoo! sick. I should probably go sobewhere less dusty" says Marnie and then leaves. She tries to soldier on through her growing sickness, but after a few hours she finally cracks and decides to go to the store for some sick day supplies. The filming crew walks up to her when she gets out of the building and then, accepting her defeat, she turns to the camera and says "I'b Bardie add I cought a Ha Ha Et Shoo! terrible cold". "A terrible cold indeed" says Mila. "Join us next time for another show of Cathcin'".


I hope you liked this part. Stay tuned for more parts

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I was gone over Christmas and New Year's and I missed this gem of a story. Superb work, I really like it.

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;u; This. Is. Amazing.

Such amazing contagion, and so well described.

Please write more!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thank's everyone for all the comments.

missyv99: Anything? That sure sounds tempting. You should be careful when you say that *evil grin*. Since you mentioned it, I'd really like to see you continue your Christmas fic, or maybe a new fic with female sickness, sneezing, stuffiness and contagion.

Anyway, here's another part. I'm not sure I'll be able to complete it all in one time, but I'll try to get it done soon:

Part 3- Double Trouble

"Welcome back to 'Catchin'" says Mila. "This week we have a very special show, since we have two volunteers. Our volunteers today are Anabel and Christina, two college sophomores". As seen in the pictures on screen, Anabel is medium height, with long brown hair and brown eyes and a cute, slightly freckled nose. Christina is tall with wavy long dirty blond hair, green eyes and a long, slightly upturned nose. "These girls share a dorm apartment in college with another girl, named Melody" continues Mila, and a picture of Melody appears on screen. Melody's height is slightly above average, she has long curly light brown hair, dark eyes and a beautiful nose. "Colds tend to spread quickly throughout campus during winter, and both Anabel and Christina have had their fair share, but not Melody. The girls remember times where one of them, and sometimes both, were sick and spreading their germs all around the dorm apartment, but somehow Melody remained unaffected. So, the girls decided that they should both volunteer to our show, not only so they don't have to decide which one of them would have to suffer for the cause, but also to increase the chances of Melody to get sick. I wouldn't be too worried if I were them though. Our special virus always does the trick" Says Mila.

Back at the dorm apartment, the girls decide that one of them should get sick first, so it wouldn't seem too suspicious. They flip a coin and Anabel looses. Christina watches as Anabel inhales the vial. "How do you feel?" asks Christina. Anabel opens her mouth to answer, but then her eyelashes flutter, her breath hitches and "Hhhhhhh Ha A Shoo!" she sneezes openly. "Eww! Say it, don't spray it!" Christina cries out. "I'b sorry. Woah! This thig sure works fast. I'b all stuffed up all of a sudded" says Anabel. "Hey Christida, cad you hadd be a Ha Eshoo! *sniff* a tissue?" asks Anabel after sneezing again. Christina hands her a tissue, disgusted by the wet gurgling sounds that follows as Anabel blows her nose. "Dod't worry- it's odly codtagious to Belody, rebebber? You cad't get sick udless you dridk your vial" says Anabel. "Seeing you like that, I'm having second thoughts" says Christina. "Oh do you dod't! We said were doig this together, add you cad't back away dow Ah Ah Etshoo, Shoo, Ha A shoo! says Anabel as she sneezes, a triple this time. "Alright, alright! But we also said that Melody has to see one of us sick first, so she wouldn't suspect. She should be here in a few hours, so you'll have to make it alone by then" says Christina. "Alright, but she better cobe sood- I dod't dow how buch lodger I cad take this" says Anabel before giving her nose another set of gurgling blows.

A few hours later, Melody enters the apartment and finds Christina and Anabel sitting in the small living room. By now, Anabel's nose is very red and inflamed with mucus, and her eyes are puffy. "God Anabel! What happened to you?!" exclaims Melody. "I'b Ha Eshoo! sick" replies Anabel. "Yeah,no kidding. Christina- are you sure it's a good idea to be so close to Anabel while she's so sick? She's probably contagious" Says Melody. "Well" replies Christina "we all live in this small apartment, so I'm pretty much bound to catch this anyway, right"? "I disagree" says Melody. "I never caught a cold from either of you, and we've been living together for over a year now. It's just a matter of being hygienic if you want to avoid getting sick". As they're talking, Anabel blows her nose for what seems to be the millionth time that day. "Wow Anabel, you sound really awful" says Melody. "You have do idea. I cad hardly breath through by dose, but at the sabe tibe it doesd't stop ruddidg add I'b codstadtly Hu Eishoo, Hehh Shoo! sdeezig". Melody is appalled by the snotty mess that is Anabel. "I'm going to rest for a while. I suggest you both do the same" she says. Throughout that after noon and evening, Anabel is sneezing and coughing all over the apartment, but Melody, who tries to stay as far away from Anabel as possible, doesn't show any signs of illness. That night, Anabel and Christina decides it's time for phase B of their plan, and Christina inhales the substance of her vial.


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Please Please more, I'm dying here!!!

No need to die. You're doing a good job with stories yourself.

Anyway, here's some more:

"Hi Tshoo! Ow bad" Christina sneezes herself awake the following morning. She barely has time to think when another sneeze takes a hold of her- "Hei Ushoo"! This one is much more powerful, and it makes her sit upright in bed. As she gives her nose several gurgling blows into some tissues from her nightstand, she hears a very familiar sound from the next room- "Eshoo, Shoo, Ha Eshoo"! It's Anabel's second sick day, and she doesn't seem to get any better. "Have you seed Belody this bordig?" asks Christina, flinching when she notices how stuffed up her voice sounds. "Do. She bust've gotted up early to go to class. I guess we'll just have to wait for her to cobe back" says Anabel. She then blows her nose wetly into several tissues, and Christina echoes her.

A few hours later, the girsl are sitting in the living room, sneezing their heads off. They don't bother to cover of course, since they want to increase the chances of Melody finally getting sick. "Eishoo He Tisssshhhoo"! Christina's sneezes are getting harsher and wetter, while Anabel is having fits of desperate tired sneezes- "Tshoo, Hu Shoo, Eeeesh, Ha Eshoo"! When Melody finally comes back, she finds the girls sitting in a pile of used tissues. "I hate to say 'I told you so', no wait- I don't. I told you you'd get sick Christina" Melody scolds the red nosed girl, who replies by sneezing openly into the air- "Hei Tshoo, Hi Tishoo"! "I think I'll stay in my room for the rest of the day, if you don't mind" says Melody as the other girls blow their noses. "Actually, Christida got sick because she tried to help be feel better yesterday" says Anabel, "but dow we both fee hee He Eshoo, Tshoo Ha Eshoo! *sniff* feel terrible add we could really use sobe help. Could you at least bake us sobe tea before you go to your roob"? "Alright, but after that I want you to leave me be- I don't want to catch this" says Melody. "Tha He Tshioo! thadks Belody" says Christina. As Melody goes to the kitchen to make the tea, she hears her sneezing twice more- "Eishoo, ETishoo! Ouch! All those sdeezes hurt by throat". "Yeah, bide too He Tshoo Ha Eshoo!" says Anabel. The sick girls are both blowing their noses when Melody comes back with the tea. The girls thank her, but after a few moments the fumes from the tea starts to tickle their noses and- "He Ashoo!" "Hi Tshoo!" they both release huge uncoverd sneezes straight in Melody's direction at the same time. "Could you at least cover your sneezes please"? asks the disgusted Melody. "No wonder you got sick so fast Christina. Anyway, as I said- I'm going to my room now. Please don't disturb me. Get better soon". Melody locks herself in her room and the two sick girls exchange mischievous looks. Melody has no idea that while she was gone the two sick girls didn't confined themselves to the living room, but took the time to wander in her room, sneezing and coughing all over the place. "He Ishoo, Tshishoo"! "Ha Shoo, Tshoo, He Eshoo"! The girls' mischievous looks turns into another two simultaneous sneezing fits, but they don't care. They know that no mater how hard Melody tries, she can't escape this cold...........

More to come ASAP. Stay tuned.

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