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Summer night fit (my first ob, long)


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Hey guys! I always thought the idea of self obs would be strange, but I really enjoy reading self obs from others so I thought I would share.

This was from over the summer when my boyfriend and I went on a road trip to a few different states to visit some family and celebrate my Aunt’s wedding...

So we were staying the night in my brother’s little house that he’s renting. I was sleeping in the living room on an airmattress. My boyfriend and I were up late playing video games and my allergies were being ridiculous haha. I’m embarrassed by sneezing out loud, so the whole time I’m just stifling like a ninja, in the beginning, he can’t even tell I’m sneezing because I’m totally silent lol xP So not easy for me to spell haha, but it’s more like I kind of jerk and sometimes make a small “ngt” sound if it’s too strong for me to suppress completely. I never have any rapid fire attacks, so It’s all just stifles, anywhere from 1 to 10 with a second or two in between.

Then my nose is running like craaaazy, and I’m embarrassed and trying to just like rest it on my knee that’s curled up to my chest so that he won’t notice xP but I’m sniffling constantly haha, so he notices and asks if I need some allergy medicine and goes to get me some along with some paper towel cus there are no tissues around haha. So I thank him and try to just squeeze everything out of my nose because I’m too embarrassed to blow my nose in front of him xP

A little while later, we’re just talking, I’m laying on my air mattress and he’s kind of propped up on the floor by my mattress. I’m scooted back so my head is laying on shoulder and his arms are around me. I start getting the tickle again haha, so I’m just laying on his shoulder and holding my nose while stifling so I don’t sneeze on him haha xP He thought it was cute and was using his shirt to wipe my nose, which was super messy and I didn’t want him to get his shirt all gross so I pulled back. He went and got me a bunch of pieces of paper towel, and I totally drenched them just by wiping my nose on it, and was still sneezing stifles xP I was so embarrassed haha. So he went to get more and I had all these wadded up ones that were totally drenched and he reaches for them to throw them away and I’m like “No they’re gross!” to warn him. He wraps them in a dry paper towel and throws them away and announces that we’re out of paper towels. So I asked him if there was any toilet paper in the bathroom, the paper towel was making my nose soo raw...

He brought the whole roll lol. He said “You should blow your nose, maybe it would help you clear everything out.” but I said I didn’t want to do it in front of him lol. I admitted that stifling so much was making my head hurt, and he handed me a big piece of tp and said “next sneeze, don’t hold it in, just use this and let it all out” haha xP I was like “No, I don’t want to wake anyone up.” So I just continued to stifle... But he kept telling me to at least try to blow my nose, so I went into the bathroom to do it :P

And eventually allergy medicine started working and it got much better. His shirt was soaked with my snot xP yuck. I apologized about it and he took it off and put on a clean shirt. He handed me the one he'd been wearing and told me I could use it as a tissue and then hugged me and went to bed haha :P All that night and the next morning I was so stuffed up haha. But got better once we left my brother's house that afternoon.

So that was probably my “most embarrassing sneezing fit” moment. And also one of the only times my boyfriend took care of me at all :P He usually wants to be the one being taken care of rather than the caretaker, which I don’t mind that much, but I sometimes wish he would be this caring all the time :P

Anyway sorry for being so long, and that I’m not very good at writing and can’t make it sound all captivating like a lof of you are SO good at doing :) It was pretty embarrassing for me, but I look back on it and remember how sweet he was :P He’s never like that now lol. So it’s a good memory :)

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That's good observation...a little gross...but still good!

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That's good observation...a little gross...but still good!

Uuuugh I know. I was so embarrassed. Rereading this I'm kind of surprised I had the balls to post the details lol xP bleh

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