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The Power of Suggestion


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I think this is the first fetish story I've ever written down. I'm more of a non-fiction writer than a fiction writer, but after enjoying so many wonderful stories over the years from the community, I wanted to give something back. I hope you enjoy.

Sorry. Did I freak you out? Maybe I shouldn't have told you.

What? No!

You look… worried.

Oh. No. Not about that. Well, yes, but not you. It's just I don't—

Feel comfortable?

No. It's fine. I mean more than fine. It's kinda cute and innocent. It's just that I don't really… do that.

What? Really? You mean you never have?

Well, almost never. I mean sometimes, but it's so rare…

That's okay.

No it's not okay. You were so great about my… you know.

It was nothing.

Maybe to you, but it meant a lot to me and I want to do the same, but I just can't.

Seriously, don't worry about it.

No, I want to, it's just that I almost never do, and I want to but I don't even know if you'll ever even be there when I—

Okay. Just stop for a minute.


So you're saying you'd like to, but you don't think you will, is that right?


And you're saying if you could then you would, right?

Sure, but—

So let's try something. Just think back to the last time it happened.


Think about how it felt just before you did it.

Oh, that's easy. Almost every time it seems to take forever. It always starts with this prickling in my sinuses that just goes on and on and I just wish I could—

Excellent! That's good! Now close your eyes and just focus that feeling. Imagine it's happening now. Just concentrate on that spot.

Okay, I'll… Oh! It's almost real!

Good! Good! Just keep focusing on that feeling. Let it continue. Maybe even see if you can get it to build slowly.

It's always slow. It takes so long to… Oh! It's getting stronger!

Now imagine what happens next.

Well, I… ooh! That's really tickling! I usually stop what I'm doing and wait for it to… ah… to let it… ah… ah…

Just focus all your attention on the feeling…

I know… I… I always do… be… ah… bah… because it feels so good if I ca… cah… can finally… eh… hah… heh…… HEH… Hit-CHEW!

Look at that! You did it!

Oh my god! How did that happen?

The power of suggestion.


To be honest, I wasn't sure if it would really work, but it was worth a shot!

Wow! I'm going to try it on my own. Don't say anything. I'm going to see if I can do it again.

Okay. Are you sure?

Sure I'm sure. I just need to… ah… Hmm… oh! Ah… ah… AH… HEH…

Hey! It's working!

Damn! Now it's gone. Don't say anything. You break my concentration!


It's okay. I'll try again. This time shush!

Mmm mmm.

You goof. Okay. I… eh… ih… Whoo… This is hard. It's… oh! It… ah… hih… hah… hih…hih…hih… HUR-ACHOO! Ah… ah… hat-CHOO! eh… eh… hih-hih-hih Achoo! HaCHOO! Ah… Hah-ESHhhhhiew!!!

So… was that okay?

Wow… Yeah. I, uh, don't think you have anything to… to worry about.

Well, you taught me how to do it. Thank you, honey! I feel much better now.

I… it… Believe me. It was my pleasure!

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Oh, wow, what an interesting way to write! I really liked this! I love how it was dialogue dependent, and we never really find out who these people are~

Makes me focus more on what's happening, rather than who's doing it~

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This is amazing! Yum, such wonderful sneezes. :3

It's a really unique way of writing. I really like it~! :D

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Thank you, BlackScatter and CuteSneezeGirl. I'm so pleased that you liked the style! I had a lot of fun writing it -- putting in a bit of mystery and trying to stretch the readers' imaginations.

And I'm glad you liked the sneezes. It was much more difficult for me than I thought to try to keep them interesting. I need more practice! mf_type.gif

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Ooh wow! how unique! I feel so involved. I can almost see it happening! And you never even say what anyone looks like i just can! How excellent! Wow many many ups for this writing, it was so good to read!!

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