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Sophie's Criminal Minds Drabble Thread - Updated 8/23/14


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Hey everyone, I decided to start a Criminal Minds drabble thread since I love this show so much and I wanted to treat you guys. Also I won't have a list because i don't want to be held to certain topics, I'll just name them as I go on.

#1 "Off"

Spencer sat looking at the file in his hands on the jet. The team was going to Austin, Texas for six murders of the same type of girls. Reid suddenly had a strong urge to sneeze so he pinched his nose shut to push away the feeling.

"Hgnx-iew!" Spencer half stifled a sneeze.

"Bless you," Hotch said.

"Thanks," Reid whispered.

"Are you feeling alright Reid? You seem to be acting a little off." Hotch asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. This case kind of... freaks me out." Spencer struggled to find the right words.

Everything with the case was normal, it was he who was not feeling the best.

"Are you sure?"

"No," Reid confessed with a sigh.

"You can sit this case out if you want." Hotch offered.

"No, the team needs me." Reid objected.

"Fine, do whatever you want but if you decide to sit this case out then you are able to do so." Hotch finished.

#2 "Relax"

"Huh'PSH'iew!" Hotch sneezed into his cupped hands.

"Bless you, Aaron," Beth said.

"Thank you, excuse me."

"Why don't you just relax today instead of going in." Beth suggested.

"No, I need to go in, the team needs me." Hotch objected.

"The team can handle on their own. You know Morgan and Rossi will keep them in line."

"Fine, but only for you."

#3 "Okay"

An exhausted looking Spencer Reid walked into the conference room and sat down.

"Are you okay?" JJ asked her pale friend.

"Yes," Spencer said quietly.

The truth was that he felt like a brick had been slammed into his head and his nose filled with cotton.

"Huh-Hgnxt!" Reid stifled a sneeze.

"Bless you," JJ said.

"Thanks," he replied.

"I just hope you're going to be okay."

"I will," Spencer confirmed.

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I'm happy that I'm able to encourage you to write a fic Amberlight, trust me, it's easier than you think.

#4 "Dust"

A big clump of dust flew off the old book as JJ picked it up. Immediately an intense itch overcame her nose. She was allergic to dust but didn't want to say anything since they needed to get this case done. A person's life was more important than her allergies.

"Huh'PSH'iew!" "Huh'PSH'iew!!" Two harsh feminine sneezes tore out of JJ.

"Are you okay, agent Jareau?" Hotch asked.

"I'm f-f- Huh'PSH'iew! Huh'PSH'ieew! fine." she struggled to say through the sneezing.

"You don't seem like you are."

"You may have an allergy to dust since most allergens don't affect the human body until there is direct contact. And you didn't start sneezing until you picked up the dusty book." Reid inputted and JJ internally gave him a glare.

"Agent Jareau, are you allergic to dust?" Hotch asked firmly, looking for an honest answer.

"N-no- Huh'PSH'iew! maybe, fine, yes."

#5 "Stubborn"

Hotch sat at his desk with his head in his hands. A brutal ache made his head its home. Emily walked into his office and he put his serious mask back on.

"Are you okay, Hotch?" Emily asked with a genuinely concerned look on her face.

"Yes," Hotch cleared his throat, "I'm fine."

"Okay, JJ wanted me to tell you that we're meeting in the conference room-" Emily was interuppted when Hotch turned in his chair to sneeze.


"Bless you,"

"Thank you, excuse me. Go on," Hotch apologized.

"I was saying that we're meeting in the conference room in ten minutes." Emily took one good look at her boss. His face was pale and nose slightly tinted pink.

"Are you sure you're okay, Hotch?"

"I said, I'm fine." he protested.

"Stubborn." she mumbled out loud not realizing it.

#6 "Once in a life time"

"Garcia, we need you to look up women that have been to the restraunt named The Big Peach in the last 48 hours." Reid said.

"That would be 45." Garcia replied.

"Look up women who were born in the 80's to- Huh'PSH'iew!" Hotch turned to the right and sneezed into cupped hands. "I'm sorry, excuse me. Women who were born in the 80's to early 90's."

"Bless you," Garcia and Reid said.

"There's 12, I'm sending the list to your tablets now." Garcia answered Hotch's question.

"Thanks, Garcia," Reid said.

"Oracle out." Garcia hung up the phone.

Reid looked up and saw his boss with his mouth slightly agape.

"Huh- Huh'PSH'iew!" "Huh'PSH'iew!!" Hotch sneezed twice more into his elbow.

"Bless you, are you okay?" Reid asked, even the genius knew that Hotch never sneezed, he was always so controlled.

"Excuse me, I'm fine."

"But that's not like you, you never sneeze. I've worked with you for eight years and I've never seen you sneeze once." Reid objected.

"I eventually have to, you know it's a normal bodily function, Spencer."

"Fine, suit yourself." Reid mumbled quietly.

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#7 "Suspicions"

Hotch's suspicions of his youngest agent being sick were getting stronger by the minute. They were practically confirmed when he sneezed a wet double into his steepled hands.

"Huh'PSSH'iew!" "Huh'PSSH'iew!"

"Bless you. Reid are you feeling okay?" Hotch asked with a concerned expression noticeable from a mile away on his face.

"Yeah," Reid said with a slightly congested voice.

Spencer rubbed his pink tinted nose then got back to geographical profiling. He soon felt the stubborn tickle fire up again and pinched his nose shut.

"Huh'PSH'iew!" "Hgnxt!" "Hgnxt!" "Hgnxt!" Reid stifled the last three sneezes almost silently.

"Bless you, Reid,"

"Thanks," Spencer said quietly and sniffled repeatedly.

Reid leaned over the desk and pulled two tissues out of the box. He blew his nose quietly and threw them away. Reid saw the look on his boss's face and murmured, "I'm fine,"

#8 "Flowers"

Hotch and Reid were at a crime scene in a backyard garden. A woman was brutally murdered in her backyard at eleven o'clock at night. Reid was bent down looking at the woman's body when an unpleasant tickle formed in his sinuses. Hotch looked down at Reid when he heard the young man sniffle a couple times but dismissed it. Reid turned to right and sneezed into his cupped hands.

"Huh'chiew!" "Huh'chiew!" Reid sniffled and rubbed his nose afterward.

"Bless you," Hotch said.

"Tha- Huh'chiew! Thanks," Reid replied sheepishly.

"Are you okay?" Hotch asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine, just allergies." Spencer confessed since he knew better this time than to lie to his boss.

#9 "Mystery"

Emily felt a strong itch come over her sinuses, her breath hitched quietly and her eyelashes fluttered. She held her breath for a couple seconds at a time to try and keep the itch at bay. But as most times the itch blossomed into three harsh sneezes that she directed into her elbow.

"Huh'PSH'iew!" "Huh'PSH'iew!" "Huh'PSH'iew!!"

"Bless you," Morgan said, he was with her to hear the autopsy report.

"Thanks," Emily replied while sniffling.

The dreadful itch came back to cause more trouble and Emily pinched her nose shut.

"Hgnxt!" "Hgnxt!" The stifles were almost silent.

"Bless you, are you okay?" Morgan asked.


#10 "More"

Hotch was getting ready to leave the office for the night when he suddenly heard yelling, the voice shrieking in panic. He pulled his gun out and slowly walked out of his office and into view of the bullpen to find someone still there. One of his agents was asleep at their desk and in the middle of a full-ledge nightmare... Reid. Hotch put his gun away and walked down the stairs into the bullpen. He gently shook Reid while calling his name and Spencer jerked awake. Reid's panic slowly stopped as Hotch's face came into focus.

"What's going on?" Reid asked while running his hands through his hair.

"You were having a nightmare." Hotch clarified.

"i'm sorry, I- Huh'PSH'iew! "Huh'PSH'iew!!" Reid sneezed wetly.

"Are you feeling alright, Reid?"

"i'm f- Huh'PSSH'iew!!" Spencer sneezed so suddenly that he could only direct the sneeze towards the floor. "Sorry," he apologized sheepishly and rubbed his nose.

"Bless you again. How are you doing, Reid?

"I'm fine, it was only a nightmare. You know it's not uncommon for someone to have nightmares." Reid explained.

"It seems like it's more."

"It's not." Spencer snapped.

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Love them so much! Especially the last one...poor Reid. Hotch is soooo sweet- sounds like a good beginning to another story :) You are amazing as always!

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Thanks for the comments, I appreciate them so much. Also if you didn't know, I made a story about the number 10 drabble "More" . The link is there for you.

#11 "Question" (Has some spoilers if you haven't watched season 6 or beginning of 7.)

Hotch sat staring intently at his youngest agent while he poured out his feelings about Emily's "death." Hotch felt a small surge of sympathy for Reid, the young man just figured out that he had been lied to about his friends' death.

"Huh'PSH'iew! Huh'PSH'iew!!"

"Bless you, Reid," Hotch said politely.

"Thank you," Reid mumbled.

Hotch had a lot of questions about how Reid was feeling and physically was one of them. But Hotch only kept his mouth shut to avoid further anger.

#12 "Unbelievable"

"Huh'PSH'iew!!" A harsh sneeze echoed from Hotch's office.

"Did I just hear what I thought I heard? Someone must be in there besides Hotch." JJ said to Garcia.

"I don't know, I think it's only Hotch." Garcia replied.

"I'll go see, I have to tell him about the briefing anyway."

JJ was walking towards Hotch's office when she heard another two loud sneezes.

"Huh'PSH'iew!! HUH'PSH'iew!!"

JJ stepped in front of the slightly open door and saw her boss's back to her, his breath hitching desperately.

"HUH'PSH'iew!!!" Hotch sneezed forcefully, bending at the waist.

"Bless you," JJ said, surprised at seeing her boss sneeze. It was something that she had never seen before.

Hotch turned around quickly with a look of regret on his face.

"Thank you, excuse me."

"Hotch, are you feeling alright?" JJ asked skeptically. She was unsure of how he would react.

"I'm fine, what did you need?" Hotch quickly changed the subject.

"Oh, sorry, um we're having a briefing in ten minutes."

"Huh'PSH'iew!!Excuse me, okay, thank you JJ."

"Bless you," JJ said and walked out of Hotch's office.

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Aww...these are great! Loved that last one in particular.

Would you like that one to be a story?
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Aww...these are great! Loved that last one in particular.

Would you like that one to be a story?

I'd love it if you wanted to write a story around that prompt. Hotch is my sneezefic drug of choice drool.gif .

If you're ever interested in doing a story swap you can PM me :)

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I like these drabbles a lot <3 although I've never watched Criminal Minds . But yeh these are great to read , I can imagine these although I've never seen the show :) so Yeh that's a good point. I can paint a picture in my head of the Drabble :)

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I only have one drabble for you today but I wanted to get at least one up since I haven't updated in a while. I hope you like this one.

#13 "Perfume"

Reid stared at the security video footage on the screen in front of him. He was staying behind with Garcia because of his heroic action. Spencer paused the video and focused his eyes on the ceiling light above him when a tickle formed in his sinuses.

"What are you-" Garcia started but was cut off when Reid sneezed three times into his elbow.

"Huh'PSH'iew!! Huh'PSH'iew!! Huh'PSH'iew!!!"

"Oh, bless you, my sweet genius." Garcia said.

"Thanks," Reid sniffled and rubbed his nose.

"Huh'PSHH'iew!! HUH'PSH'iew!!!" Two additional sneezes tore through him quickly which Reid could only direct towards his lap.

"Bless you! Are you feeling alright, my pet?" Garcia asked.

"Thank you, I have a question, are you wearing a new perfume?"

"Yes. Kevin gave me it as a present this morning."

"I think I'm allergic to it." Spencer stated while sniffling repeatedly.

"I'm so sorry, Reid."

"It's alright, you didn't know."

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"Bless you my sweet genius".


This one is my favorite so far :)

Belieber you are amazing! Thank you so much for your wonderful writing! And as always, can't wait for more!

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Again I'm so sorry for the wait and that I only have one for you today. Life can sometimes be a terrible thing, but I found enough time to write one. Also if you have any suggestions for any drabbles you'd like to see please tell me.

#14 "Comfort" (Will have spoilers for season 8 if you haven't seen it yet.)

Light flooded into the room through the little space between the closed curtains. Another day had officially started for the world but another day brought more misery for one lonely and depressed Dr. Spencer Reid. He had lost his dear sweet Maeve and he wasn't ready to face the real world yet. All he could do was hold the book she gave him tightly while laying down on his couch in silence.

"Spence, please let us help you." JJ knocked on the door while begging. Instead of no response JJ heard two harsh sneezes instead.

"Huh'PSH'iew!! Huh'PSH'iew!!!"

"Bless you. Spence, please let me." JJ heard some congested coughing and a bit of shuffling until she heard the lock open. She was met with a sight that made her heart ache. Reid's eyes were bloodshot, his nose tinted pink, and his hair was messy.

"Oh, Spencer," JJ cooed softly.

All Reid did was pull JJ into a comforting hug while tears dripped down from his eyes.

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Again I only have one, I swear I'm extremely sorry for these slow and short updates; there's been a lot of things going on in my life lately and I've had my mind off of writing. I'll probably have more for you tomorrow but I hope that this one is enough for right now.

#15 "Concern"

Sudden loud beeping cut through Spencer's restless sleep. He sat up and ran a hand over his face and sighed deeply. This was going to be one fun day. At work the rest of the team looked at him with concern etched on their faces, except one... Hotch. He didn't even catch a glimpse of Reid yet, until now.

"Reid-Reid." Hotch called his name firmly.

Reid's head snapped up quickly to look at his boss. "What?" He asked dumbly.

"Did you hear what I said?" Aaron then noticed how pale his youngest agent was and his eyes softened a little.

"No, I'm sorry. Can you repeat it?"

"I asked if you could see a pattern in the geographical profile." Hotch clarified.

"Uh... no, not yet." Reid answered quickly.

"Reid, can I talk to you outside for a moment?"


They went outside the room and Reid had guilt written on his face.

"Are you feeling alright, Reid?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Spencer lied.

"Are you sure? You seem unfocused, like something's bothering you."

"Nothing's b-b- Huh'PSH'iew!! Huh'PSH'iew!!!" Reid sneezed suddenly into his cupped hands.

"Bless you. Do you want to take this case off to rest?"

"No, I'm fine," Reid objected.

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Hey, I'm extremely sorry for the wait. I have been really busy with everything and things have been stressful and I've just had a lot going on so I had no motivation to type anything up and I'm really sorry about that. But this time I have three drabbles for you this time.

#16 "Gift"

Aaron Hotchner was walking through the bullpen when he heard a distinct feminine sneeze come from the conference room, then another, and another, there had to of been at least seven. He made his way over to the room and saw Garcia's back to him, she was blowing her nose quietly.

"Garcia," Hotch called her name.

She jerked slightly, he had scared her a little bit. Turning around she asked, "Yes, sir?"

"Are you feeling alright?"

"Yes, I-I was given flowers this morning by Kevin, not knowing I was allergic to them. I've been like this for the past half-an-hour." As if to prove her point she turned away sneezing twice into her hands.

"Huh'PSH'iew!! Huh'PSH'iew!!"

"Bless you, I hope this attack stops. I just wanted to make sure you were okay."

#17 "Divorce"

Hotch sat in in his office rubbing his temples. A throbbing ache had settled in his head overnight. Everything in his world lately had been going in a downward motion. Haley had just divorced him since his job had gotten in the way, he wasn't able to see his son as much, and Gideon had left with no explanation but a letter signed to Reid. he wasn't expecting problems like this to erupt. Aaron was pulled back into reality when there was a knock on his door. he cleared his throat and said, "Come in," The door opened opened and Morgan walked in.

"Hey, Hotch, I was just going to drop- are you feeling alright?" Morgan stopped in the middle of his sentence when he caught a glimpse of his boss. Aaron was pale and his nose had a pink tinge to it.

"Yes, I'm fine, continue,"

"I was saying that I was going to drop off my-"

"Huh'PSH'iew!! Huh'PSH'iew!!!!" Hotch sneezed twice into cupped hands.

"Bless you, are you sure you're alright?" Morgan asked again.

"Excuse me, yes, I said I'm fine." Hotch muttered in a firm tone, leaving no room for any further discussion regarding his health.

#18 "Alarm"

Spencer could feel the stares on him as he walked into the bullpen... late. JJ felt bad for her friend, everyone was treating him like he had died and came back to life again. But one thing that worried her was the dark rings underneath his eyes signifying that he didn't get much sleep.

"Hey, are you okay, Spence?' JJ asked sweetly.

"Yeah, my alarm didn't go off for some reason." He replied quickly.

Hotch came out of his office and informed, "Conference room in five minutes."

"Spencer, did you get any sleep last night?" JJ asked concerned.

"Huh'PSH'iew!! Huh'PSH'iew!!!" Reid sneezed into his elbow.

"Bless you, answer my question please."

Everyone started going into the conference room.

"Sorry, we have to go." Reid answered then went straight up the stairs to the conference room leaving JJ alone.

I hope you like them!

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Love them! You are very talented! I adore the spencer reid ones best! (but that's not because of your writing...he's just my favorite! You write each character very well :) Thank you so much for these!

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Aww...sweet! I loved all three of these. I love Garcia and Hotch in the same fic. They're such opposites; it's fun to watch them interact with each other.

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