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“In conclusion, we cannot afford to continue this department. It’s decline of sales are a– affec– affecting–” I pause, flashing her half a smile. “Sorry, I need to sneeze.”

I feel my breath hitch. “Ha...” I rub my nose, trying to satisfy the itch in it. But it doesn’t work.


“Bless you,” Caitlyn remarks. Suddenly, a strange expression crosses her face. Her nose twitches cutely. She blinks, followed by a sharp intake of breath.


My eyes widen. A... sneeze?

“Hih... HIH...”

And then...


My eyes widen, my mouth dropping open. It’s a perfect sneeze, beautifully vocalized.

Caitlyn blinks. Her cheeks are flushed, her nose slightly tinted red.

“B-Bless you,” I manage to stutter. It takes everything inside me not to faint.

“Sorry,” Caitlyn replies hastily. “I have a rare condition. When other people sneeze, I soon follow.” She blushes. "It's really annoying sometimes."

I nod, barely suppressing a smile. Then, realizing that she's waiting, I continue with my speech. But I can barely focus.

Because forget work, I have something more important in mind.

I’m going to catch a cold.

Sorry it’s short. I’m not really satisfied with this story. But anyways, TBC? :3

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