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Hey all, nice to meet you! This is my first ever sneezefic but have been a longtime lurked.

Comment if you want, I'm not one of those who only continues if they get reviews. I usually write to please myself.

That said, I hope you like it ;)


Chapter 1


Emma sniffled and swiped a ragged tissue under her reddening nostrils for what felt like the 1000th time that day. She'd woken up with what felt like the worst cold she remembered, despite only feeling slightly stuffed up just the night before.

She coughed jaggedly and turned back to her folio. A Fine Arts major at one of the most prestigious art schools in the country, even so much as a badly-needed nap was out of the question at finals time.

She rummaged frantically in her backpack for more tissues as the familiar burning itch welled up in the back of her sinuses, almost without warning. She quickly abandoned that idea as she clamped both hands quickly back to her face.

"Huh-kshew! HASHOO! Heh-KSHEW! Eh-eh-SHOO! Choo-ha-ASHOO!" Vaguely she registered a hand on her shoulder and someone pressing a handful of tissues on her but could only nod her thanks as the desperate, congested sneezes kept coming. "ACHOO! Eshoo! KSHEW! Mmph-heh-shoo!"

Finally, the sneezes tapered of and she gave a deep, gurgling blow into the handful of soggy tissues, registering her surroundings as she took in the concerned face of her fiance, Ethan.

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I like the way you spell out the sneezes, it's always interesting to see the different ways people do it because it describes what they hear. I'd be curious to see how you'd describe a cough if you're so inclined.

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