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If you could choose one person....


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If you could choose one person to be extremely sneezy (only around you) who would it be? (Fictional or non fictional). And why? On the flip side who is one person you would want to never sneeze around you again?

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Hmm... I feel the need to answer all parts of this question, haha

Real life: My boyfriend. He's relatively sneezy, but it would be super awesome if he sneezed only around me more :)

Fictional: I would die for more sneezing in the animes I love (too many to name, haha)

Never sneeze around me again: MY MOM. Ughhghiehgnosdfiejmkds it's SO GROSSSS

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Ohhh so many choices... ok...

Real person:........i guess my guy friends.

Fictional: coughdickgrayson...WHAT? W-who said that!?! :shock: :shock:

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Real life: I would have to say my guy best friend, S. I've only heard him sneeze once and it was the most hottest sounding sneeze ever! I wish I could spell it out but I heard it a long time ago. He knows about my fetish, and he tells me he sneezes every day but he never does around me! I would love for him to be sneezy around me. :)

Fictional: Elder Price from the musical The Book of Mormon. I would prefer if it was from the actor Andrew Rannells, who is a gift sent from heaven. The character is so adorable and sassy and I would imagine his sneezes to be pure beauty. I would sell my soul to hear a bunch of sneezes from him.

Person I would not want to hear: my entire family. Period.

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Can I please only contribute to the person I DON'T want to hear section... One of my best friends. Holy crap, her sneezes are HORRIBLE, literally make me shudder in disgust. She sneezes like "APCHEWWW" but 5,000 times more disgusting then you probably imagined that. Spit everywhere, never covers, it's a horrible noise... and afterwards she has this panicked look on her face and makes such a big deal about sneezing. YUCK.

(as you can tell I've wanted to rant about this for a long time)

ps. I wish more males sneezed around me :(

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This is hard for me lol. While I like when my SO sneezes, it also sometimes makes me jealous cus I want to be a part of it too! Lol. So I might choose like my best friend. I wouldn't have to be around them endlessly like I am with my bf, but when I wanted some sneezy time and a friend, I'd have the best. I'm not really turned on by sneezes in a way that if I see someone sneeze, I'm lusting for them. It's more like... The way cuddling for me would be. Sometimes I want to just be left alone, sometimes I want to cuddle someone, sometimes I want to be cuddled, and I don't think it has to be all that sexual...

Fictional character... Ummm psh I don't know. Practically anyone in a show that I like would just be amazing.

Someone I never want to see sneeze... My family ugh, especially my dad. Bleh

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Real life: my next door neighbour. I have heard him a couple of times, but I'd like to experience more :P

Fictional: ...Daryl Dixon qp1lp4.gif

Never sneeze again: my step dad. *shudder*

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Real person: one of my guy friends..he has like the cutest stifles i've ever heard in my life.

Fictional: oh man there's a lot...well since my mind is on the hobbit i'd go for Kili :P

Never sneeze again: MY ENTIRE FAMILY.

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Real life: Well, there's this one guy I know... He just transferred to my school, so I haven't had the opportunity to hear him sneeze yet.

Fictional: LeviLeviLeviLeviLeviLevi you get the point, from Attack on Titan. As my icon and signature show, he's my fave.

Never Again: If I had to pick just one... my mom. She sneezes ALL. THE. TIME.

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Real life: JARED PADALECKI <3 <3 <3

Fictional: ...Sam Winchester :blush:

Never again: It's difficult choice choosing one person from my entire family, but I'm gonna go with my Mum, because she never freaking covers and it literally makes me feel sick.

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Real Life: any of the number of girls that I like in school. I've heard/seen some of them sneeze already and they sound pretty cute.

Fictional: There are a lot, but if I had to pick one, I'd say Princess Shirahoshi definitely.

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A fictional person I would have to say either Sherlock Holmes or James Bond (played by Sean Connery). Both of those characters seem like they are so uptight that a good sneeze or ten would really be good for them!

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