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So another obs from my boyfriend who had a heck of a weekend first of all I never actually described him, he is a stocky 6'3 with short but curly red hair and a large bulbous sort of nose with large nostrils, his nose is proportionate to his face though and looks very good on him.

Anyway here are my obs, on Friday night we were at his house and his allergies had been acting up all day because of his two yorkies so there had been a few sneezes here and there but the most memorable was this: he was laying with his head on my lap looking at the tv out of the corner of his eye. At this angle I could see his whole face without him knowing I was watching him sniffle (he doesn't know about the fetish) when I see his large already pink nostrils twitch, he sniffed heavily but that must've only made it itch more because he he inhaled sharply and his nose twitched a very visible twitch again before he squeezed his blue eyes shut and sneezed one huge HEEHHSHHOO into a tissue. What really got me going though was that I playfully cupped a tissue over his nose like a mom would to her kid and he actually blew into it. That might gross some people out but I'm so comfortable with him I thought it was the cutest thing that he let me take care of him like that.

Second obs came from my house where we have a dog and two cats so it's a nightmare for him. Here goes, he was sitting behind me while I was doing my hair and I saw him draw a quick breath in the mirror so I turned to look at him and he sneezed three big sneezes into a tissue then sat back but I could tell he wasn't done, he had a deliciously slack-jawed pre-sneezy face. Feigning obliviousness I asked him "another babe?" to which he nodded and geared up for another "Heh HEH heshhoo Hushoo Hushpht" into his tissues. He looked so good and so helpless there, I thought it was noteworthy.

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