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At the Piano (M, dust)


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Here's my attempt at a big sneezes story centered on a male character. I really enjoy stories with large build-ups and sneezes, but I've noticed that most of them are with female characters. After writing this, I'm thinking the concept probably works better with female characters, but here goes anyway! smile.png


Hunched over the piano, Evan furiously scribbled note after note of his latest composition. The workroom was filled with small stacks of music: drafts, stray ideas, discarded sonatas. Inspiration had grasped him earlier in the morning, and now, past lunchtime, he was still writing the music that flowed into his mind.

Rays of sun shone through the western window, illuminating one side of Evan’s sculpted face along with certain stacks of music. More importantly, they illuminated the billows of dust that swirled through the room. Much of the room had not been touched in months, so it was filled with the irritating particles.

Evan’s head was too deep into his music to notice, but with every breath he took, he inhaled more and more dust. He wasn’t set off too easily by dust, but if enough of it got into his nose, he would erupt in huge, uncontrollable sneezes until he left the area. His nose was like a ticking time bomb: it was slowly accumulating dust, and as soon as it exploded with sneezes, he would have to leave the workroom and abandon his composition for the rest of the day.

With his current musical composition going so well, Evan was determined to stay at work until late into the night. However, upon thinking this, his mind began to wander. He noticed the very slight tickle in the back of his nose and began to think: would he start sneezing and have to leave before his work was finished? Just thinking about it made his nose itch more. And thinking about the itch in his nose, Evan realized his nose was itching even more. Before long, Evan became sure he needed to sneeze!

Still, he made every effort not to. His nose began to run slightly, leaving a tickling trail in his nostrils. He rubbed firmly at them, which helped to quell the tickling sensation in his nostrils, but didn’t do anything to abate the itch deep in his nose. As soon as he stopped rubbing his nostrils, the itch quickly spread back to them, burning even more strongly.

Hehh!” Evan couldn’t stop his breath from hitching at the sensation. “Heh…huhh…oh g-god-hhHH!

He sniffed loudly to try to contain the sneezes before realizing that he was only drawing more dust into his nose. Immediately his hands flew to his nose to stop the fast-approaching sneeze.

Hihhh! Huh…hehhh…ugh…heh…hihh….” Again and again, Evan came to the brink of exploding and was barely able to hold back by furiously rubbing his nose. His nostrils flared wildly, trying to take the breath that would lead to a sneeze.

In his effort to restrain the sneezes, Evan mistakenly kicked out one foot, knocking over a pile of music and sending clouds of dust into the air right in front of him. With the sunlight shining through, he could see the mass of dust lingering before his nostrils. Evan tried his best not to breathe through his nose, but his breath was already hitching uncontrollably, drawing particles into his waiting nose.

HUHH! Hihh!...hih!...hehhhh!...HIHHHH!...UHHHHHH!” He couldn’t stand it anymore. He had to sneeze!

HUHHHH!...HUHHHHHHHHHH!...HEHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Gasping as the dust tickled his nose beyond belief, Evan sneezed!

HUHHHH-IIISSSHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! HEHHH-IIISSSHHOOOOOOOOO!! HEHH-EEESSSHHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Evan’s sneezes exploded all over the room, stirring more piles of dusty music and sending more particles into the air.

HUHH-UUSHHHHOOOOOO! ISSHHOOOOOO!” He clamped down on his nose, desperate to be able to keep working on his music.

HEHHH!! HUHHH! HHIHH…huhhhh…hihhh…heh….heh...huhh...” After a series of frantic breaths and false starts, his breathing slowed to normal. Relieved that the tickle was gone, Evan immediately bent down to continue working as quickly as he could before he started sneezing again.

Little did he know that the tickle wasn’t gone for long. It immediately returned in full, making him feel the sneezier than he could have imagined!

HUHHHHHHHH-IIIIIIISSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” Unable to turn away in time, he sprayed his work thoroughly.

HHHIIIIISHHHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!! HUHHSSSHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! HUHHH-IIISSSHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” He got up and ran out of the room, sneezing the whole way.

Maybe it was time for some dusting.

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Aww, that was pretty cute! You're right, long build-up stories do tend to be more about female than male characters, so this was appreciated. Maybe you should consider pursuing other situations while adding your own twist, it seems to be your thing!

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I love build ups !. :) definitely a story worth reading c:. Really well described sneezes and stuff :) love this story.

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