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Oh wow. I'm still in shock after today. So one of my best friends ©, has caught a terrible head cold. I drove her to class this morning and immediately she warmed me that she would be sleeping in the backseat. Now usually C is drop dead gorgeous, and always made up. She has mid length, wavy black hair, extremely pale skin, and a really nice full figure. Her nose is slender and slightly upturned right at the tip. Now this morning, she had no makeup on, and just looked downright miserable. She slept on the way to school, but asked me to turn up the car heater even though it makes her nose run. (of COURSE I WILLw00t.gif )

SO, the day went on and finally in the afternoon we had a class together!!! She walks in and slumps her stuff down.

"Ug. Cadt I just go hobe already." Followed immediately by the wettest sniffle I had ever heard.twitchsmile.gif (btw this was an art class so we talk the whole time!)

My other friend V asked "Whats wrong?"

"Ib sick....Hey are there ady tissues id here?" she sniffed back her runny nose again. She found a box and sat down next to me. We went on painting when all of a sudden "HehItichiew!"GAH. It was the wettest most girly perfect sneeze of my entire life.

"aw bless you C" I cooed. Then V ruined the moment "Thats disgusting C" I could've punched her, but C laughed it off.

She blew her nose multiple times, and later sneezed another double. "heh.. HehItichiew! ITichiewww!" we even had this glorious conversation... "

C:"I think its cute when people are sick sobetimes. Like they are all helpless add sdiffly. Its cute!"


THEN she got to a point where she started starting at the ceiling lights and moaning. "uggg! my sdeeze is stuck!....heh................eh..........Ug this is crazy!"

Class ended and i was driving her home. We were driving when she started sniffling A LOT. "Do you have ady tissues? or like a dapkid or sobethigg?" she was so so sooooo stuffy. I handed her a bunch or napkins from the glovebox

"thadks.....eh...ITISCHIEWW!"she sneezed wetly into the napkins. "Yes! finally! that tickle lasted forever!"


I cant wait to see if she is still sneezy tomorrow. Also nervous because she sneezed right on me twice despite covering...OH WELL ;)

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Aw fantastic obs :)

Man I wan to get sick! I know it's stupid but I agree with what C said, it's kind of cute in a helpless way. Not that I want to be helpless, just taken care of a little bit :P

Let us now what happens tomorrow and if you get sick too! :D

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Oh god I wish I was there! And I wouldn't mind, if she sneezed on me few times.. :D Let us know about progress of your cold, you can't escape such good one.. :D

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because she sneezed right on me twice despite covering...

You just can't beat a sneeze that is too big to be contained by just mere covering! And there tickle that lasts forever...? Sneezing perfection :D

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That stuck sneeze? Lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky…

Thank you for sharing!!!

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Thanks for the replies!! My poor friend is still a sniffling mess:) Not so much sneezing anymore but more congestion and blocked nose. She did loose her voice though!

Worried because I'm starting to get a slight sore spot in my throat.............

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