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Pregnant and head cold


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One of my best friends is 7 months pregnant at the moment. Everything is going well, except last week she caught, like, the worst cold in the history of EVER (I KID you not) and well, since she's pregnant, she's not allowed to take any medication.

Which absolutely sucks for her, but it provided me with some really nice observations for you guys to enjoy. ;-)

My friend is 29, very feminine, slender, with dark blond hair, a really cute nose and a pretty face. She still very petite, but well, you can definitely see that she's VERY pregnant.

It started last week. We met as usual for our coffee date where she told me that her nephew had been there for a visit and that the poor guy had been awfully sick with a terrible cold. She told me she was fine herself, 'just a little headache'. I was instantly worried and ordered her a tea and told her to go to bed early (I can't help it - ever since she's pregnant, I feel incredibly protective and just want to ... you know, take care of her the whole time. XD She makes fun of me, because I insist on carrying her stuff and open the doors for her and so on, but well...)

The next day we didn't meet, but she texted me that she "might be coming down with something, since she her throat had started aching and she felt really sore". I told her to stay in bed, stay warm. etc.

The day after that we met again, because we had to do some Christmas shopping and I could instantly see that she was getting sick. Her nose had a slightly pinkish tint and she kept sniffling and blowing her nose and clearing her throat. I scolded her, because she was obviously not fit, but she insisted that we go shopping so we did. (I'm not arguing with a woman who is so pregnant that she can't tie her shows anymore). Obviously walking around for two hours in the cold weather, heavily pregnant and with the beginnings of a cold was NOT a great idea. I carried her bags which was good, because she obviously needed both her hands - her sneezes became more and more frequent and she kept blowing her nose.

I drove her home, but didn't scold her again, because she looked so miserable, being all sneezy and with her little red nose.

The next day I texted her and asked how she felt and she replied she might be "a little bit sick". I asked her about her symptoms and she replied "mostly sneezing and a sore throat, nothing too terrible". I didn't quite believe her, because she's one of those girls who keep insisting everything's fine when it's clearly not. But well...

The next day she called me and man .. she sounded just awful. I was honestly shocked, because she was SO congested and her voice sounded really rough. And she asked me if could go to the drugstore and buy her some medicine, because "I cad't breathe through by dose, it's terrible" and something for her cough. She had a wet sounding, rattling cough, that sounded as if her whole chest was congested, too.

Obviously I went to the drugstore and asked for something, ANYTHING she could take, but they kept telling me no, because she was pregnant. I felt really bad about it, so I bought her some tea and some cough drops and drove to her.

And man, she was really sick. When she opened the door I instantly hugged her, even though she told me "Do, dod't, you dod't wadt to catch that..." because she looked so sick.

Which is even worse, when you look also REALLY pregnant.

She was really pale and her nose was almost cherry red. She kept sniffling and sneezing and coughing and I felt so bad for her, because she obviously felt miserable. She wanted to make me coffee or tea or something and I admit I went a little bit crazy then and there, because I told her no, absolutely not, and convinced her to lie down and let me take care of her.

At first she was resistant, but she must have felt honestly terrible, because soon she agreed to go to bed (which otherwise she would have NEVER). I made her take her temperature and she was running a fever. So I spend my whole afternoon with her, making her tea and pampering her a little.

One time she cried and apologized (it might be the hormones or the cold, not sure) for being a bad hostess, but I just hugged her and told everything was going to be okay.

Her boyfriend came home later in the evening and I left (he's very sweet and was obviously really worried about her and he thanked me for being there, when he couldn't - he just has a lot of work to do). I promised to return the next day.

And I did. So we spent the next few days in her room - she freezing, sneezing and coughing, (she also completely lost her voice for one day) and me making tea and soup, hugging her when she felt like crying, taking her temperature and bringing her tissues after tissues.

She thanked me, like a billion times, but here I can admit ... I loved it. ;-)

I felt honestly bad for her, but I loved taking care of her. And she's usually so calm and composed and I loved how she became a sneezy, feverish mess within a few days. She was all vulnerable and clingy, and SO sick and SO heavily pregnant - and honestly ... it was amazing taking care of her.

She's much much better now, only still a little sneezy.

Well ... you all can guess what happened next.

I woke up this morning with a sore throat. ;-)

I'll keep you posted.

(Well, if you're interested...)

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Oh yes keep us posted..and that has to suck..being sick with a cold and seven months pregnant..whoa!

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Great, Great, Great Obs!!! Completely fell in love with this scenario! I feel so bad for that poor woman! Though, I would have loved to be in your position! I'm just getting over a cold now, but I was no where near death, like she was! Poor thing! I just had a congested nose..and still do.... But loved reading this! Hope you keep us updated with your sick-status. Feel Better!

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