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Secret Santa for ickydog2006(charmed


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Secret Santa for Ickydog2006(I swear this is who I got I think someone wrote another story for her.)

So this is who I got for my secret Santa (I'm sticking to it.)and she request some Charmed Cole and Phoebe love and that's what I'm doing.

Cole had been having a rotten day. Luck just didn't seem to be on his side. First his alarm didn't go off so he was late for work and was yelled at by his boss. Then he spilled coffee on his favorite tie(the one Phoebe had got him for his birthday). To it all off he felt like he was coming down with something. Today was just not going his way today. To make things worst Phoebe was coming over for lunch. He was sure he looked awful. Going into the bathroom he observed his appearance with disgust. His face was sickly pale, except for the unhealthy flush that dusted his cheeks and put the whole thing together his nose was starting to turn a light pink color. Grimacing at himself in the mirror he decided to try out his voice," Your dot sigck you cad't be sigck." But even the small vibrations from his voice irritated his sensitive sinuses, and he launch into a thick Messy congested fit,"heh-Heh-HAHESHOO ih - ih- hih- itcheiw hih-tisheiw." The first one completely un stifled, and the others only half stifled. He groaned blowing his runny nose into his handkerchief going back to his office. His secretary informed him that his lovely wife was her. He moaned dreading this moment,"Sed her id."


Okay first story posted on here hope it's good and that the recipient likes it. Sorry not much sneezing, building up a plot. I intend to continue. If I don't you all have the right to hunt me down. Kay bye.

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Yay, so excited to see the beginnings of this. The secret santa fic for me you've seen popping up is one done for the 2010 exchange I think.

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