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So, this weekend my boyfriend (I've done a few obs on him, 6'3", blonde, lean) and I threw a huge dinner party-- the kind where it took us weeks to prepare. For the past few days, he's been pushing himself ridiculously hard; no sleep, lots of prepping, working 12 hour days. This... seems to have caught up with him.

The day before the party, we were out all day buying shit and setting up, and he literally could not. Stop. Sneezing. Like, we couldn't go five minutes without a fit, and I was rendered pretty much incoherent about three hours into it.

At one point (btw, he knows about the fetish), I straight up said to him "YOU NEED TO STOP". He was all, "Stop what?" I said, "You know what." And he was all innocent and shit. Approximately thirty seconds later, another "hrrESSHHuhh" I said, "THAT. You need to stop that, we have things to do." He thoroughly enjoyed this, and said, "Ohhh, sneezing?" I said, "Yes. That." (I can't say the word out loud. Damn mental block..) He smiled and asked, "Is it making you horny?" I said, "You know it is. Stop." "I can't help having to sneeze!"

This went on for awhile. Eventually, he sneezed three times in a row (something he raaaarely does), and says, "God, I must be allergic to something." (GNNUUHHH)

The next day, the day of the dinner party, he went to work and when he came home he was super tired and out of it and still sniffly and sneezing a lot. At one point I asked, "You okay?" And he nodded a bit. "Just been feeling a little sick today," he admitted.

All in all, it was a very, er, exciting weekend for me. Hope you guys enjoyed... I know I did ;)

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Wahh, "poor" you biggrin.png

Hahahaha I know, I felt like a spoiled brat for complaining about him having a ridiculous fit, but somehow it always happens when I can't jump him. I'm frustrated! ;)

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