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Math midterms sneezes


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I'm in the middle of my math midterm, (thank god it's the last one) and 3 people sneezed. The first was my friend, let's call him O, the second was a girl, C, and the third was another girl, L.

My friend O is from Belize. He is tall, normal in body, darkish brown eyes, black hair (which is always a mess) and wears glasses. He doesn't wear those cool, big stereotypical nerdy glasses, they are thin and rectangular. So the first time he sneezes it sounded like "GACHO" kinda loud but no ear shattering. I sat right behind him so I saw nothing. He sneezed twice but not periodically. It was random throughout the period.

The second person was C. She is African American, black hair with braids, chocolate eyes, and relatively short. Her sneezes are almost feminine stereotypical. They are extremely high pitched and sound like "Itchii". Everyone blessed her but also giggles.

The last one was a girl, L. I didn't see who did it but it sounded like "Hacho". Not loud at all but audible. This one I found particularly funny because after she sneezed everyone blessed her except this one guy who said "No". It was kinda funny. I'll call him W. W is usually very funny and likes to be dramatic and make a joke out of everything. Too bad he isn't coming back next semester..?? ....

Hope you guys enjoyed! This is my first observations post :) comments are appreciated!

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Finals sneezes are ridiculous. At my school, we're all in the gym together (like at Hogwarts). Every five minutes there's a sneeze or cough. It's nearly impossible to write an essay on the political infrastructure of the Gupta and Roman empires with people sneezing all around you.

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