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Yoga class (f)


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There's a woman in my yoga class, probably mid-late 40's. Tall, dark hair. About a month ago she came into class with a pretty bad cold.

She sneezed within the first minute."Ktttshoooo". Very wet, sounded like she sort of was trying to hold it in but couldn't. Then about 5 minutes later she sneezed again. She continued sneezing for most of the class. She finally got up and got a tissue but that still did not stop the sneezing. She was also sniffling profusely for the majority of the class. Almost every few seconds. Even at the very end when we were supposed to be laying in silence she couldn't help but sneeze.

The next week, she sneezed AGAIN within the first couple minutes of class and then said in a very tired voice, "Ugh I thought I was done with this." She continued to sneeze the same way for the rest of the class again.

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Well yoga has suddenly become a whole lot more appealing to me :lol: Seriously, how did you manage to focus on your class for the remainder of the session? And I can only imagine what the contortion of yoga could do to someone with particularly violent sneezes... :)

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