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Hubby's allergies...


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So my guy gets pretty bad allergies in the fall, I guess it's ragweed that gets him or something.

He's average height, with gorgeous brown eyes, a long-ish straight nose and brown hair. Picture Ashton Kutcher, and that's basically him. <3

He knows about my fetish and this fall that just passed was just heavenly, because he started letting me induce him. Since he's super sensitive already because of his allergies, it doesn't take much to get him sneezing.

I would use a bobby pin and gently twist it around inside his left nostril (which always works better than the right one for some reason).

Every time, his eyes get so teary and his face instantly goes into a pre-sneeze expression. Eyes half closed, mouth a little bit open, and his nostrils literally twitch. It's amazing.

When he finally sneezes, it's always really wet. It can sound like "Hhh-tsshhh!" or "Hh-tchoo!"

If his allergies are acting up sometimes he'll sneeze 4 or 5 times just from one tickle.

I feel so lucky. <3

I hope you like him as much as I do!!

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IDK why there are no responses to this topic yet but my guess is "sudden teleport to bunk". :D

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I just discovered this! That sounds amazing! Does he have spring allergies, too?

This is going to sound extremely evil, but...

What if you took a piece of ragweed (or whatever else he's allergic to) and induced with that? twisted.gif

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What a cutie!

It's so sweet of him to let you tease his sneezy nose.

You should induce him with allergens, but ask him to hold it back biggrin.png

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Wow! I wish someone would let me induce them.

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