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Secret Santa For Midnight88! (drrr, Izaya)


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Hey, Midnight! I hope you enjoy this little something. It's been a while since I watched Durarara!! but I tried to hit as many of your "likes" as possible, so I hope that makes up for any inaccuracies. :) This was fun to write (Izaya is my favorite character, too) and hopefully fun to read!






“My my! Bless you.” Shinra leaned his cheek against his palm and smiled down at Izaya, the manipulative genius of Shinjuku, who was currently lying prone on his couch. “I’m a little surprised to see you here. You haven’t broken any bones, have you?”


“Fortunately, no,” replied Izaya, scowling. “But I think Shizu-chan may have something nasty coming his way anyway after throwing me into that fountain.” He rubbed at his nose carefully. No doubt it was sore, judging from its bright red hue.


Shinra laughed. “As usual, the fact that you provoked him means nothing, I guess.” He plucked a tissue from the side table and dropped it on Izaya’s lap. “I’m pronouncing it nothing more than a cold. Drink some orange juice and try not to terrorize anyone for a few days.”


Izaya left the tissue where it was, glaring up at the ceiling with red-rimmed brown eyes. His face was framed by the fur edging of his hood, which was pulled low over his dark hair. “Easy for you to say. I have a lot of meetings coming up this…. Thih-” If anything, he scowl deepened, and he lifted a hand as if to fan his face. “Ih… Eh… Ffff… Ehk-tchuu!” The sneeze lifted him from the couch slightly. “I have meetings and I can’t show up like this; it’s bad for my reputation. So give me something stronger than orange juice, ne~?”


“I don’t have anything that will magically make your cold disappear! If you want cold medicine, why don’t you just buy some Nyquil from the konbini?” Shinra left the living room and started rummaging around in the closet for his jacket. “Celty and I have a hot date tonight and she’s coming home to get me in five minutes. Go back to your own place before she sees you and gets annoyed. Shoo!”


“You have the worst bedside manner…” But Izaya got up and headed for the door, zipping up his coat on the way. He shoved his hands in his pockets. “Tell my perfect deliverer that I’m going to need her to swing by tomorrow at… Hh.” He paused, a blank look coming across his face. “Hh… hh…” His eyes slid shut. “Hih…”


Shinra shook his head. “I can tell her that, but I don’t think she’ll understand it!”


“Sh- hih! Shut up… Hh- Hehk-tchuh! Ugh.” Izaya sniffed heavily. “Send her after three.”


“It’s up to her, but I’ll ask. Maybe. Now go, go!”


Izaya shook his head, but opened the apartment door and headed down the hall, just stepping outside when he heard a ghostly neigh down the block. He stepped up his pace a bit. Shinra was often the spoonful of sugar he needed to get Celty to listen to him, especially now that they were getting along, and in his current condition he needed all the help he could get. Weird as that help was. Well, there was no accounting for taste. It was one of the most interesting things about humans.


He didn’t feel particularly up to musing about Shinra’s supernatural love life at the moment, though, not with the way he was feeling. He crossed the street, face turned down away from the cold wind. It was nearing the end of the year and the news was even saying it could snow in a few days, the first time since last January, though it never lasted long. Well, hopefully he would be able to go to ground before then anyway, if he could get these meetings over with. He decided to take Shinra’s advice and headed into the next Family Mart he saw, rubbing his hands together to warm them.


As soon as he stepped into the warmth of the konbini, his nose started running. Unsurprising. Unfortunately, he’d run out of tissues that morning and hadn’t thought to grab any from Shinra. Frick. With a grim smile, he tried to ignore the tickle, sniffling slightly as he strode toward the medicine aisle. The store was full of other customers who, for the most part, paid him no mind. He was sure that if any of them recognized his coat, they would suddenly become incredibly interested in their groceries and leave him alone.


Of course, he was not so lucky as to go completely unmolested. His phone, the one used for gang business, started ringing just as he reached the decongestants. One hand on a package of pills, he answered it, trying to sound as normal as possible.


“Hello~ What can I do for you? Uh huh… Uh huh.” He squinted at the package as he listened to the gruff voice on the line. “That sounds like it could work out. I’ll just have to contact a certain art dih- dealer…” Oh no. No no no. “But I’m sure hih- he’ll be ih-interested.” If this wasn’t the worst of times. Izaya quickly put the medicine back on the shelf and started rubbing his nose, which only seemed to be getting itchier the more he tried to stop it. “There are a fih- few pieces that wh- hh… hih- will suit your needs! I’ll call hh him for you and pass on your info!”


He snapped the phone shut and immediately focused his attention on the imminent sneeze building in his sinuses. Although his breath was interrupted every few seconds, it didn’t seem to want to go anywhere. “Eh… hh… hih- hh! Hhhh…. Heh… hih!” God, this was ridiculous. He pulled down his hood even further to mask himself, because he did not need to be drawing unwanted attention, and tried to get things moving a bit with the ticklish trim, lightly brushing it over his nose. That seemed to help a little, at least. “Hh… Hh…. Hh!”


“Sir, are you okay?” A concerned konbini employee had come up to him on the left, her hands held up almost placatingly. “Are you having trouble breathing?”


Humans could be very troublesome when they wanted to. Izaya shook his head and tried on a wry smile. “Thih- thank you, but no. Ih- hh – It’s just a sneeze.” With one last sharp breath, he brought a hand up just in time to catch it. “Ihk-tscuhh!” Then, desperately, another. “Ehttschuuh!” What an ordeal. Now his head was starting to hurt… “I’m fine. Why don’t you just ring me out, ne?”


Five minutes later, he was back out in the cold, a bag of necessities in hand. Luckily, he wasn’t too far from the train station and could hop a ride to his apartment without too much trouble. Hopefully, with a good dose of painkillers and some antihistamines he would be all set for his business appointments in the upcoming few days. He wondered, idly, if Yagiri would be willing to run a bath for him for when he arrived at home…


Stepping onto the train, he gave her a call.




It didn't end up being romantic after all, but I hope that's okay! You can imagine what happens when he gets home? XD

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Gweeeeeeeee~! I love the headcannon of Izaya's sneezes taking forever <3

How cute >w<~ This is well done! Great little story, and I bet Midnight will love it! Good job, LeapYearKisses~! <3

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Hey, it's been a long time since I read anything by you! I still love your writing style. I only kind of know what DuRaRaRa is about, but I'm glad that the subject is Izaya. That last part was really cute, with the hood and the employee! You wrote this for someone else, but I think we all enjoyed reading it just the same. Thanks!

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@A Red Nine: Thank you! Yes, I've been lazy and busy and not writing anything. .___. I am glad that there are still those who like my stuff, though! You are, as always, too kind. :)

@Midnight88: I'm so glad! :D Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays!

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