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Shigure - Fruits Basket (Secret Santa for Spoo~!)


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I got Spoo~ for my Secret Santa this year happy.png

I have never seen Fruits Basket, but I know that it's something that you really like, so I tried my best to make this for you!

I hope his likeness isn't too out of character!

Merry Christmas Spoo~!


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Oh. My. Goodness. Me.

This is absolutely perfect. SPOO IS GOING TO LOOOOVE IT! AND I DO TOO!

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SHI-GUR-E! :cryhappy:

Ahhhhhh! Talk about a total blast from the past! yay.gif Fruits Basket was my life for so many years, and this...this is just the sweetest most awesome thing ever. I love that pervy dog! (I know that must sound so strange to you, because you haven't watched it laughing.gif ). But wow, Puddin'. It means so much that you'd draw (YOU CAN DRAW??) something you're not familiar with just for the sake of making me smile, which you have! I can't stop smiling, actually.

hug.gifhug.gifhug.gif x 1,000! Thank you soooooo much. heart.gif

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Gure-San! :wub:

I unashamedly admit that to this day Fubaru is probably still my favourite Manga/Anime. This is lovely! And I think you got his character down just right, actually! Casual, not particularly concerned with the potential for spreading germs, unrestrained. Oh yes :D Yuki would be so disgusted :laugh:

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Ok, ok, ok I just need to say that the position that hand is in is absolutely beautiful. I have never been able to get that one position to look right, and I am very impressed. This whole this is beautiful and I love it!!! <3 <3 <3

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Look at teh pretteh. :wub:

Good hair, wonderful hand (maigh you guys she knows the secret of drawing hands :omg: !!!)... nice background... sweet spelling...

Wonderful job! :D

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So, it's taken me a while to get around to this :sweatdrop:

Everyone, thank you so sl much for your kind words! I was so apprehensive about posting from an anime that I don't know well, but all your words just made me feel good about it :P

And Spoo... I'm so glad you like it :hug: and of course you're welcome :P it was a lot of fun to draw, so I didn't mind not being familiar with the fandom at all :D:heart:

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