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Thank You PuddinPop!


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I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to Puddin, for being such a sweet, funny and all-round lovely person. Thank you for always making me smile! Also thank you for being so lovely as to read through my Secret Santa and encouraging me to post it when I was so nervous! You're the sweetest, and I'm sure I'm not the only one around here who thinks so! Thank you so, so much for being you, Puddin! :hug:

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You are absolutely lovely and a nice and fun person to chat with, my dear fellow hermit. :hug:

All kudos more than deserved and seconded. ;)

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It only seems like a year and 19 days since you joined the forum.....and in that time you have very quickly established yourself as a popular, friendly, helpful part of our community. Everyone who comes into contact with you thinks that you are awesome and that speaks volumes for your personality.

And thank you for being a great friend to me too! :hug:

So yes, massive kudos to our very own (Yorkshire)Puddin!

(and thanks to MaiMai for starting this thread!)

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To PuddinPop, Christmas queen and all-round lovely person. It's lovely to have you here. So glad you signed up.


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Seriously, you guys :cryhappy:

I'm so amazed that I got my own thread! When I saw it, I didn't stop smiling for about 30 minutes :P

I love all you guys so, so much, as well as this forum! I may not have been here for as long as many of the others, but all of you have made me feel so welcome and accepted and I just love you all to death!

I was going to write a response to each of you, but I think I'll just PM you all instead :P


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I adore my puds! Seriously, thanks for making this newcomer feel at home here and in general. You have this incredible knack for friendship... which is not an easy thing to come by these days! Also thanks for sharing minipuds with us - the pair of you brighten all of our days. You're also an incredibly committed staff member who truly cares about what goes on here. Thank you!!!!

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We aaaalll luvs Puddin! ^_^ (... I'm really tempted to put "naughty"-emoticon here, but let's keep this serious, for once).

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@PL you are so wonderful, you have made my maternity leave so much better having you to talk with ^_^ and you are welcome to be spammed with pictures of Mini Puds any time! Thank you for being a wonderful friend to me and being the one I can rant all my problems to! Love you :heart:

@Mala...... :naughty:

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Puds is the GREATEST! <3 I'm so happy I've got to spend more time getting to know you this year, fellow newbie mod :hug:

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I wub.png you SO muchly I can't even say. hug.gif

Thank you for being you!

My biggest wish for you for this new year is that you will come to see how absolutely incredible and lovely that you are. :wub::hug:

Now... more spamming of the mini- straight away :whip:;)

Oh... and :naughty: for good measure

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I heard a rumour on the super grapevine that there was a topic in the kudos section for Puds. If anything was going to bring me out of retirement then it was this for me to add my two pennies worth!

Aside from echoing all of the good sentiments above I would like to add that you have been a great friend to me personally and helped me out so much recently with wonderful advice that has proved invaluable.

Berks like me who have been here for a million years yet contribute nothing greatly appreciate all of the great work you do here (along with others of course).

Forum or no forum I have a wonderful friend for life.


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You're so lovely!

Thank you for being so supportive when I needed help!

Chatting you up on Omegle was so fun! :naughty:


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