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Ok guys. This is my first go at a real story, so go easy on me please.

I used a prompt from tarotgal's meme:

John Winchester can't have his eldest son suffering from pollen allergies...not if he wants to be an effective hunter!So, John purposely over-exposes Dean to the thing he's allergic to, trying to "cure" him of his ailment.

The only problem is, prolonged exposure can create an allergy induced asthma attack...



It was yet another day of training for the Winchester boys. Today they would be practicing throwing knives in their favorite clearing in the woods. Well, John and Sam's favorite clearing. Sometimes Sam would go there alone – he liked looking at all of the flowers. It made him feel at least a little more normal. Unfortunately, Dean's always had this terrible pollen allergy. Most days he could hide it pretty well from John, who would just tell him to quit being such a pansy and to not let his surroundings get the best of him. However, today was different. The pollen count was soaring, and Dean was not sure how long he could hold his symptoms off in the clearing. As John led the boys through the winding path, Dean anxiously scrubbed at his nose. Sammy gave him a worried glance but said nothing. He could feel the itch growing, slowly but steadily, crawling like tiny ants inside his nose. As he grew in proximity to their final location, he couldn't take it anymore. "IXXNGTT!" He stifled a sneeze as quietly as he could. Sam leaned over and whispered,

“Dean, you okay?” Sammy knew about his allergy, but didn't say anything to John at Dean's request. Dean just looked at him and gave a brief nod.

John showed them a few advanced throwing techniques and then told the boys to go at it. Dean's first few throws went alright, with just a handful of suppressed sneezes here and there. He almost hit the middle of his target every time – which was pretty impressive when you're desperately trying to stave off an allergy attack. Dean walked towards his tree to retrieve his knives, unfortunately the ground around it was covered in wild flowers, but if he held his breath he thought he would be ok. Just as he knelt down to pick up the knife that had not stuck in the trunk, a breeze blew through the clearing. The sudden influx of pollen was too much for Dean's already abused nose to handle. He fought valiantly against the itch, but failed. "Heh... hih... HETCHIEWW! HATCHOO! HANXXGT! HA-NGGT! HE-NGGT!" The sneezes bent him over at the waist with the force of them. Pretty soon Dean lost his balance and found himself sitting in a cluster of flowers, the impact of his fall sending clouds of pollen towards his face, which didn't help his situation at all. He started sneezing rapid-fire towards the ground, and looked for all the world like he was never going to stop. "Hatchoo! Het-chiew! Hagnxxt! Heh- Hetchoo! Ha-tchieww!" John looked at his eldest son in awe. He wasn't sure how an allergy this severe had escaped his notice for 18 years.

Meanwhile, Dean's sneezes were getting more desperate by the minute. It wasn't until he gasped for air in preparation for his next fit that John sprung into action. He rushed to the tree, and picked Dean up by the armpits, and slung his arm over his shoulder. He nodded for Sam to grab his other arm, and they began to make their way out of the woods, Dean sneezing all the way.

“Da-atchieww! Dad, I-hih, I-hetchoo! HANGXXT! I can hih-achoOO! Ex-hih.. explain.”

John did not reply.


Ok! Part 2 soon to come I think!

Comments and suggestions totally welcome. smile.png

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Ok! Here's part 2______________________________________________________________________________________________ Later, when they were all back at home, an embarrassed Dean had locked himself in his room, and Sam was worried. He knocked on the door.

Dean, can I come in?”

y-yeasshhoo! Yeah, Sammy.” Sam heard the lock click, and gently stepped in.

How are you feeling?”

Terrible. D- hat-chieww! dad's gonna be pi-heh.. pissed.”

Dean, it's an allergy, no one can get mad at you for something you can't control.” Dean gave Sam a look,

“Atchiew! Dad can.” and in his heart, Sam knew it was true.

Meanwhile, John was doing his research, looking for a cure. He needed a way to get rid of his son's allergy, because how could Dean be an effective hunter with a weakness like that? He had read online that a person could overcome an allergy by extended exposure to the allergen. The article said that if the body was always around it, then it would get used to it, and stop producing the allergy symptoms. John decided it was worth a shot, but he needed a plan. Like any allergic person, Dean would try and get away from the allergens, so John would need to make sure that there was no way out. And it needed to be in a confined space, or else it might not be potent enough to work. The only way that this was going to work, is if Dean was not expecting it at all. John went to his older son's room, cringed at the sound of a muffled sneezing fit, and knocked.

Dean! Dean it's alright. Don't worry. I'm not mad at you.” Dean blew his nose, looked at Sammy, who shrugged, and opened the door a crack.

You don't have to lie, dad. I know a hunter is not supposed to have stupid weaknesses.”

It's true Dean, but there are some things that just can't be helped.” He smiled at his son. “Come here.” Dean sneezed a double into his dad's shoulder, and felt that something was off when his dad hugged him like that, but he wasn't going to complain. It had been a long time since John had shown any affection, and he would take what he could get. ______________________________________________________________________________________________I'm going to try and finish part 3 this afternoon, so stay posted! smile.png

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Late that night, John Winchester set out on his mission. He was going to fill Dean's room with the flowers from the clearing before he woke up, and then lock the door from the outside. Dean would have no choice but to come face to face with his problem and overcome it. He took a basket, some shears, and some string, and walked to the clearing. He carefully cut the flowers and tied them into small bundles until his basket was full. Then he headed back to the house. Around 6am, he quietly snuck into his older son's room, and got to work, placing the small bouquets around the room, first in the corners, so as not to bother Dean's nose too quickly, and then working his way inward, until he was putting some on the covers around a sleeping Dean. Dean took a sharp breath and rubbed his nose, and John knew it was time to go. He rushed out the door, and locked it from the outside, just as Dean woke up with a mighty sneeze.

Ah... ASCHIEWW! HA..HATCHOO! HETSHOO!” Dean's nose was on fire. He looked around the room through streaming eyes. He sat up, knocking pollen from the bouquets around him. How did they get there? “Heh... Hatchoo! Atshieww! Asshh! Ash!Ash!Ash!Ash! AschoOO!”

John listened to his suffering son from outside the door.

It's for your own good, Dean!” he shouted through the door.

Da-Ahchoo! Dad! W..Atchieww! Hetch!etch!ehtch!etch!EtchoO! What's go- he- Hetchiew! Going on?” Dean choked out through the sneezes. Soon Sam woke up and heard Dean sneezing his head off, he padded out into the hallway where all the commotion was, and saw John standing outside of Dean's room.

What's wrong with Dean?”

Don't worry Sam, I'm helping him.”

What did you do? Because it looks to me like helping him would involve going into Dean's room instead of letting him sneeze to death.” Sam pushed past his father and barged into Dean's room. He was shocked at what he saw. He felt anger bubble up inside him, and decided to leave Dean for a minute. He stormed back into the hallway.


It'll help hi-”


Sam rushed back into Dean's room to help his suffering brother, only to find him struggling for air on the bed.

S- ashh! Sam... ashh! Ashh! He... help.”

Sam ran to his brother. God, his dad could be such am idiot. He picked Dean up as best he could and supported him as the two stumbled out of the room. Each breath Dean took rattled dangerously in his chest.

DAD! Start the car. Dean's having an asthma attack.”

Sam, Dean doesn't even have asthma-” he took one look at his son's splotchy face and ran out to the vehicle. Sam worked as fast as he could to get Dean into the impala, and as soon as the door was shut, John peeled out of the driveway. Dean looked like he could faint at any moment, and the sneezes were ruthless. For goodness sake, couldn't his body give him a break, he can't even breathe, and his body is still desperately trying to rid itself of the pollen. Dean's eyes rolled back into his head and Sam grabbed his face.

Hurry dad! Dean! Dean! Stay with me!” he slapped his brother a few times to keep him conscious. “Dean! That's it, breathe in, breathe out.”

When they finally got Dean to the hospital and breathing again, Sam turned to his father.

What were you thinking?!”

Sam, I'm sorry.”

Don't even give me that. You almost killed my brother, and for what? A harmless allergy? You go in that room and apologize to him right now! You have no idea what you put him through, do you!?!”

Sam pulled John into Dean's room, where he was breathing with the help of tubes and machines. John just sighed. He stroked his older son's hair out of his forehead, and Dean opened his eyes to look at him.

Jesus. I'm so sorry Dean.”

Dean just shook his head and went back to sleep.


Ok this might be it, because I'm not sure where to go from here. I hope you liked it! smile.png Comment if you have further ideas.

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Great story, the ending makes me a little sad though lol. I always felt sorry for dead the most when it came to john being an ass-dad. Please continue if you can causes its really good. :)

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This is great. Sam's tirade at is dad defending Dean is so perfectly perfect. You got him exactly right!

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Awwwwe Dean :( poor thing . This is like a really good spn fic :) . I really love this story, especially the worried Sammy part :)

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Gosh this is so good and the characters are just perfect. I love that Sammy has to worry about Dean because he knows their father won't and it's just so good. Awh, I feel so bad for Dean. It actually hurts me that he knew something was wrong because his dad acted like a parent. Like, sure, just stab me in the heart, why don't you?

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