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A Kitten for Christmas, a Klaine Fic––Secret Santa for greetingsfromboston :)

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So, not really sure how I should start off this introduction. But I guess it should start with HAPPY HOLIDAYS GREETINGSFROMBOSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So you’ve probably guessed by now that I’m your secret santa! :) I wrote you this little fic as a present. Hope you enjoy it.

This takes place in Blaine’s junior year and Kurt’s senior year at NYADA. They live in an apartment off-campus. Oh, and this happens in December. (Much appropriate. So time respecting. Wow.). Told from Kurt’s POV (something I’m experimenting with ;) ). So, here it goes!


It was Blaine’s idea to get a cat, not mine. I was completely against the idea of having any kind of domestic animal in our apartment. How could anyone forget the great hamster crisis last year, when Blaine had offered to take care of his friend’s disgusting little rodent and the damn thing had escaped its cage and gnawed on all the wires of our electric appliances? I, for one, certainly did not forget that day.

But then again, who could say no to Blaine? He was so...perfect. And whenever he made a request, it was hard to deny it. So that night, when he’d brought up the subject for the millionth time, I finally caved in.

“Fine. But you’re taking care of it. And you’re paying for its food, and cleaning out its litter box, and trimming its claws, and...” Before I could go on, Blaine leaned over and kissed me, cutting me off.

“Anything else?” he asked, grinning. I sighed.

“Don’t treat it like you treated Jeff’s hamster.” Blaine laughed, hugging me so tight I couldn’t breathe.

“We’ll consider it your Christmas present.”

So that was how I found myself at the animal shelter at 9 AM on a bitterly cold day, because Blaine said that he “couldn’t wait”.

Blaine was gazing longingly at the little kittens in the cage.

“Look, Kurt! Aren’t they just adorable?”

“Are they as adorable as you told me I was right before my first Sectionals with the Warblers?” I asked playfully.

“Of course not.” Blaine discreetly laced his fingers with mine. Suddenly, he snapped his head to the side, burying his face in his elbow.

“Hg-ngxsht’uh! He-ishhuh! Ishh!

“Bless you!” I laughed. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah.” Blaine sniffled. “Sorry. I must be getting a cold or something.” He rubbed at his eyes. I frowned. Were my eyes playing tricks on me, or did Blaine’s eyes look slightly red? I shrugged, assuming it was because of the cold weather.

“Find what you’re looking for?” asked a sales clerk from behind us. Blaine grinned and pointed to a little gray fluffball, rolling around in its cage.

“That one.”

As the sales clerk proceeded to remove the kitten from the cage, I noticed Blaine sneeze silently into his elbow. Blaine usually didn’t sneeze that much, not even when he was sick. And if he was just starting to get a cold...I looked worriedly on as Blaine listened to the sales clerk’s instructions on how to take care of the kitten and hoped that whatever Blaine had come down with, it wouldn’t be too bad.


“So what should we name it?” I asked Blaine, who was sitting on the couch with the new kitten.

“It’s a she,” he said, laughing as the kitten rolled around in his lap. His laugh soon disappeared as a hazy, glazed-over look appeared in his eyes.

Hengtschu!” He leaned forward.

“Bless you.” I sat down next to him, placing my hand on his forehead. “No fever yet. Are you feeling okay?”

Huh...huhh...Heishh! Yeah, s-sohh...Hishhuh! Ishh! Oh by God...” Blaine’s voice suddenly became congested. “Sorry.” He rubbed at his nose as he gently patted the kitten in his lap.

“What are we naming her, then?” I asked, still aware of Blaine’s pallor and reddening nose.

“I duddo.” He sniffled. “I haved’t thought aboud id yuhh--yehh...HE-ISHUH’TSHUH!” Blaine sneezed so loudly the little kitten scampered away, hiding under the couch.

“Ugh. Damb id...I dod’t kndow whad’s wrodg with be! I cad’t stop sdeezidg.” He pinched the bridge of his nose, sniffling.

“Maybe you’re getting sick, like you said at the pet store,” I suggested.

“Yeah, baybe...hetsh’uh!” He grabbed a tissue and blew his nose.

I looked around our living room: in just a matter of hours, it had managed to become completely covered in cat hair. This was going to take hours to clean...

Suddenly, it hit me. I looked back at Blaine, who was snuffling into his tissue, his eyes red and watery. I watched as the little kitten poked its head out from under the couch, and as Blaine sneezed again into the tissue.

Heh...heh’ISHU! Ish!

“You’re allergic to cats!” I blurted out, facing Blaine.

“Whad?! Do I’b dot!” He blew his nose again, apparently only setting his nose off again. His eyes fluttered shut. “Hegnxt! Hetshh! HEISHH!

“Yes, you are. It all makes sense.” I rested my hand on his forehead to verify my theory. “Yep. No fever. Only sneezing, runny nose, red eyes. Definitely allergies.”

“You’re kiddig b-be...HEISHuh! *sniffle* You’re kiddidg be. I cad’t be allergic to her.” He gestured towards the cat.

“Oh yeah?” I grabbed one of the pillows on the couch and handed it to him. “Press this against your face. And try not to sneeze.”

Blaine did so, and immediately I could tell the sensation was too much for him. Burying his face into the pillow, he erupted into a fit.

Hetshk! Hegnxt! Heishh-ISH-ISHHoo! Hengxsht! Hegtch’uh! HEISHH! *sniffle*” Blaine lifted his head wearily from the pillow, and I smirked.

“Ogkay, fide. I’b allergic to cads. You were righd.” Blaine grabbed a tissue and blew his nose, rubbing at his eyes. “But what are we going to do about...hish! her?”

“I don’t know, baby. I don’t think we can keep her if she’s making you this miserable.” Blaine sniffled sadly. We sat in silence for a moment.

“How aboud this.” Blaine turned to face me. “We keep her for a week. Ad I tagke adti-histabides. Ad if id’s just...hehgnxt! Hetsh-uh!...*sniffle* too hard we’ll put her up for adoption.”

I thought about it. Blaine had wanted this kitten for so long. I sighed.

“Fine. We’ll have her on a trial basis.”

Blaine smiled brightly, before turning away from Kurt and sneezing into his elbow.

Hehkshh! Hegnt’uh.”

“Bless you.” I pressed my lips to Blaine’s. “And merry Christmas.”

The End.

I really really hoped you liked it. :xmastree:

Happy holidays!

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Aw, SapphireStream, this is SO cute! I love, love, LOVE this! Blaine was just so cute with his kitten and the sneezes! The sneezes were spelled out so well! And Glee?! All of my favorite things mushed into one. I am so happy! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Merry Christmas to you, too!

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