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In response to SenBeret's prompt in her own meme (shared at the bottom)


“Pehh… Peppermint.”


It’s amazing what you forget about a person, even in a couple of years.

It was Sam’s attempt at an explanation, hovering in the bathroom, with his nose wrapped in bundle of toilet paper. He’d leant over and spat in the basin before he continued. “I guess you stopped buying my toothpaste,” he laughed. “Hh-hh’HHH!” His breath halted in chest and he blinked, scrubbing at his face with is wrist, toothbrush still in his free hand.

“Uh…shit. Yeah, I guess we just got whatever was cheapest.”

Dean didn’t even remember making the change. Most likely they spent the first few months searching the aisles for some orange or mild spearmint crap, before they realised there was no point in protecting a set of delicate little nasal passages that had taken themselves off to College. It’s been a long time since he’s had to hunt out peppermint replacements.

“You want me to go to the store?”

Sam had sniffed and shaken his hair out of his face. “Nah, I’ll do my best with this and we can pick up something when we’re out.”

He pulled another stretch of paper from the roll and used it to pinch shut his nostrils as he attacked at his gums with the tooth brush. He made it to about thirty seconds before he gasped and curled in on himself, one hand supporting him against the basin while the other clung to his nose.

“HhhNnKk! HuhhHNnnTt! HppPTTH!”

He leant over the bowl and spat out the toothpaste in a hurry.

“HuuhHuHHESSHeh! EhhHUhhhTCHYEW! TtHhUhSHUH! Urgh. Okay that’s clean enough for today.”

Fucking weirdo.


Dean could always remember running around after a Black Dog in Alabama in mid October. The rain had been falling in fucking sheets, and the pair of them had stumbled at the end of the day into this hippy chick’s living room literally dripping. Sam, who had woken up that morning with a runny nose to begin with, was so bunged up it was tough to understand him, with this bitchy cough that wouldn’t stop once it had started.

This girl, Samantha or Sarah or something. Blonde. Hot. These long ribboned braids running right down her back. They’d rescued her sister, and she’d made sure they had towels and first aid kits and hot drinks after. She’d brought Sam in this medicinal crap without asking.

“Peppermint tea,” she announced, setting it down. Sam leaned back and twitched his nose reflexively. “Try it, seriously, it’ll make you feel better. Great for coughs and congestion.”

Sam just rubbed at his nose and murmured a stuffed-up thank you.

“You want some coffee Dean?”

“Sure,” he shrugged. “That’d be great.”

Sam rolled his eyes when she headed back into the kitchen and unfolded a wad of tissue from his pocket.

“Dude, you have to tell her.”

“It’ll be finde.” He blew his nose ineffectually and took a sip, pressing a knuckle against his nostril with a grunt of discomfort.

“Here you go.” She breezed back in to the living room with a coffee and a pot of sugar for Dean. Dean winced as Sam creased up his face, obviously uncomfortable.

“Hhh…HHhh… Huh’HUHuhAHHtChCHYEW!”

The girl set the cup down in a hurry. “Oh God Sam, bless you.” She hurried over with a box of Kleenex and Sam somehow managed a nod of thanks as his eyes leaked and his breathing jerked uncontrollably.


Maybe it was because he was ill, or whatever, but in years, Dean had never seen Sam have a reaction like this. He leant into his brother when the girl went running for more Kleenex.

“Sam, seriously.”

“HEHpTSCHchyew! TSCHyewww! PPttCHyeww!”

“Tell me you’re at least going to hit that.”

“ESCHH! EtCHHH! EhHSCHYEW! Yuhhh- You know I think I’m actually a little less congested… HuhhASCH’SHYEW!


Sure, Dean had used it to his advantage. A couple of times, actually. His favourite was at a gas stop in the middle of a prank war.

“Half-price candy with every gas purchase,” Dean had announced. “You want one?”

He had thrust a bag of toffees in his brother’s face and tried not to smile as Sam unwrapped one.

His brow furrowed as he chewed, and he brought a fist up to his mouth.

“HhHPTchCHUH! “ He sniffed. “Ugh. I think these are mint toffees, Khh’HhhATCHAH!” Sam rubbed at his nose with his wrist. “Are these assorted toffees?”

“I guess,” Dean answered, popping a toffee into his own mouth as he started the car.

“ThhSCHuhhhh!” Sam sneezed into his cupped hands. “TSCHHuhhhh! HuuhSCHUHhh! HEPT’TSCHUH! Ugh! God!” He wiped his nose on his wrist and sniffed, filing in the glove compartment for a napkin. “EhhhUSHCHHshyew! Shit.” He spat out the toffee into a folded paper cloth. “Ugh. If I try to eat that I’m just gonna keep on sneezing.”

Dean leaned over from where he sat in the driver’s seat. “Wanna try another?” He offered, with a grin. “Hey, it’s like Russian roulette.”

Sam grinned and took another toffee. He pinched at the bridge of his nose and his face instantly fell.

“HKKkYEW! TCHSHYEW! Huhhh…HuhhhTiiSCHHH! Shit!” He rubbed furiously at his nose and frowned, taking in the situation. “Uh, Dean… is it a bag full of mint toffees?”

Dean met his eye for a split second and that was apparently all it took.

“Damnit, you… ESSHH! ESHHH! You fucking bastard!”


“Peppermint!” Lisa suggests, hair kinda swishing back behind her shoulders as she turns around to Dean, face all a-fucking-glow. She’s looking at air freshener for this fancy-ass gadget they have, that will switch from one fragrance to another. “Peppermint will feel really Christmasy!”

“Sure. “ Dean tells her in return. “Sure. No reason why not.”

It’s funny what you miss about a person.



You know how mint makes some people sneeze? Yeah. Give that to Sam.

(spearmint gum, toothpaste, candycanes, minty ginger lemonade, peppermint holiday coffee and hot chocolate... that minty eucalyptus humidity in a sauna... mojitos... minty chapstick... mint tea... medicinal mint oil... mint air fresheners... mint mint mint mint everything!)

You could do one long fic or a bunch of little snippets of his experience with it. Maybe (probably) Dean thinks that it is super weird also. And kind of hilarious.

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Dean leaned over from where he sat in the driver’s seat. “Wanna try another?” He offered, with a grin. “Hey, it’s like Russian roulette.”

FASDSJHFSPOIAUHRGIUPSD! I can totally picture him with that smirky little grin of his! And a slightly taken aback, surprised look on Sam!

OMG. Can't stop grinning like an idiot and rereading this. Awesomeness!

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Awe sneezy Sammy. My my , the forum has made him a phoetic allergic mint-sensitive mess :) I love it :) . I really love this fic :)

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My my , the forum has made him a phoetic allergic mint-sensitive mess

Here to take full credit for the mint part... totally my fault... not sorry at all...

(SO I know I left you a long long list on LJ but I keep rereading this one and it's still amazing...)

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I'm sooooo behind on commenting. I just realized I never plopped my two cents down on this one. As usual, you bring a simple LJ prompt fic to a whole new level. The whole story woulda been great without the bit at the end, but adding it? Well, now it's, like, incredible. The way you describe Lisa, with her swishy hair and how she'a sll fucking-a-glow, mad me just sit here and nod my head and agree that geez he needs to dump her. Then Dean makes that killer connection, that reminds me of the other fic you wrote from all three POVs, and it was like....SLAM! XOXOXOXOXO

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