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Article about Men vs Women when sick


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I hide my sicknesses and try not to show symptoms, or make a big deal about it. Then my dad catches it and acts like he is dying, stays home from work, makes HUGE and ear-achingly loud coughing fits and sneezing...

It. Drives. Me. Insane.

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This was really interesting~

I can relate to some of those comments. When I get sick, I always feel SUPER awkward about talking about it. And when I do mention it to my boyfriend (ONLY HIM, because everyone else is smothering/intolerable), I'm always worried he thinks I'm a whiny weakling xD. He told me once that I can be a little whiny sometimes, so I now live in fear of being even more so @.@... xDD

Yeah, social rules when sick are confusing and annoying things.

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Tho it is cute when the guy tries to b tough and goes in the kitchen with a blanket wrapped around him and trails behind him..awwww so cute... but yeah i dont like when people try to make a contest of who's sicker? Like no...


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